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Foshan Wanjia Window and Door Co. Ltd-The Leading Windows and Doors Manufacturing Company Across the Globe



Engineers, planners, interior designers, and contractors must take a lot of things into account when designing or constructing a residential or commercial building. Their main focus would be the proximity of the building to other structures, easy accessibility for owners, customers, and employees to get in and exit in case of a fire, and building aesthetics, to name a few. Among numerous other things, the doors and windows of a building will be one of their top priorities, which is the prime focus of Foshan Wanjia Window and Door Co., Ltd as well.

Every activity in the construction industry is infused with an innovative mindset. Similarly, Foshan Wanjia Window and Door Co., Ltd are always searching for innovative and creative ways how they can cater to their customers better, from revolutionizing the window and door buying experience to enhancing their manufacturing operations.

Foshan Wanjia Window and Door Co., Ltd is more than just a window and door manufacturer. The main objective of the company is to produce as many high-quality, long-lasting, secure, distinguishable, and aesthetically pleasing windows and doors as possible. Their main focus is and has forever been on addressing the necessities of their clients. By manufacturing beautifully designed windows and doors of architecture, they not only make the place more welcoming and engaging but also add to their own business profile.

As windows and doors are one of the few things that people notice, they should be designed and manufactured with absolute proficiency, keeping the customer’s needs in mind. With skilled individuals and experience in the construction business, Foshan Wanjia Window and Door Co. Ltd aims to provide exceptional doors, door frames, and beautifully designed window frames for their customers.

Foshan Wanjia Window and Door Co., Ltd., which is a certified mid-to-high-end smart window and door manufacturer that combines sales, design, production, and independent research and development, was founded by Guoqiang Wan in the year 2012 with more than 300 employees.

In recent times, Foshan Wanjia Window and Door Co., Ltd has emerged as the leading manufacturer of windows and doors in China, as their products are also exported worldwide. It sells its products all across the world, including in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and the United States. Aluminum windows and doors, curtain walls, UPVC windows and doors, wooden doors, and sunrooms are the most popular products of the company. To provide the best customer experience, they accommodate a variety of OEM and ODM customer requests. The company also has a professional team of engineers, technicians, quality assurance, quality control, and sales personnel who make their transactions with customers worthwhile.

Wanjia has a modern production base that has followed the ISO9001-2015 international quality management system certification since its inception. Over the course of time, Wanjia has achieved EU certification, European standard certification, and American standard certification. The main products that Foshan Wanjia Window and Door Co. Ltd currently offers to its customers include sliding windows, casement windows, folding windows, tilt and turn windows, shutter windows, awning windows, skylight windows, sliding doors, folding doors, casement doors, spring doors, garage doors, and wooden doors, to name a few.

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic initially affected the construction industry across the globe, renovations and space expansions in numerous countries have helped the market recover quickly. In addition, the industry will move toward more cutting-edge products and materials thanks to the products that Foshan Wanjia Window and Door Co. Ltd offers. Due to their advantages, such as strength, versatility, low maintenance, high noise insulation, and resistance to moisture, uPVC windows and doors offered by Foshan Wanjia Window and Door Co. Ltd have also seen an increase in demand.

Through their expressive and distinctive style of windows and doors, Foshan Wanjia Window and Door Co. Ltd, as a manufacturer, strives to always provide their clients with the best windows and doors that complement their daily tasks. To sum it up, we can say that Foshan Wanjia Window and Door Co. Ltd performed their task exceedingly effectively by manufacturing and designing windows and doors that are safe, long-lasting, and low-maintenance.

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