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From Entryways to Bedrooms: Incorporating Shag Rugs into Every Room



Luxurious comfort of shag rugs in every corner of your living space can elevate your house interiors. Rugs in New Zealand made from the finest material are the perfect solution to adopt low maintenance and stylish home accessories. Shag rugs are made of layers, making them soft and plush; they are visually appealing and functionally comfortable.

Versatile Placement Of Shag Rugs

Shag rugs have plush comfort and softness, which can be placed all over your house. Shag rugs add elements of luxury and comfort together to elevate the overall experience of your home’s ambiance.

  • Entryways: 

To make a lasting first impression on your guest and family member, style shag rugs in vibrant or neutral colors on your entryway. Styling shag rugs with contrasting tones on entryways creates a stylish and welcoming ambiance. Try out oval, rectangular, or round shapes to enhance the feel of your entryway.

  • Living Room: 

To give your living room a luxurious finish, incorporate shag rugs throughout the flooring of your living room. Unique designs like diamond patterns, tribal patterns, and contemporary, neutral rugs can elevate the appeal of your living room.  Large-sized shag rugs in New Zealand can transform the look of your living room, along with providing additional comfort with its plush structure.

  • Bedroom: 

Bedrooms are the place where you rest; styling shag rugs of wool and jute can add to your comfort. Make your Bedroom look More luxurious and comfortable with plush comfort and softness of shag rugs. Experiment with colors and patterns that compliment your bedroom interiors. Miss Amara Shag rugs in New Zealand have a variety of options to style your Bedroom.

  • Dining Room/Dining Area: 

Color coordinate your dining area interiors with elegant shag rugs. Shag rugs can add visual aesthetics and texture to your plain dining area. Shag rugs are also very easy to maintain, making Shag rugs in New Zealand a perfect choice to Create a luxurious vibe in your dining area.

  • Kids Room: 

Add a layer of softness and comfort to your kid’s room. Kids tend to play on the floor, study or do activities on the floor, and place an eco-friendly and visually appealing shag rug in your children’s room. Children often spill things or bring dirty shoes; shag rugs are easy to clean, and neutral shag rugs can camouflage the dirt, making it an excellent way to provide comfort and style. 

  • Bath Room: 

Elevate the experience of your bathing by incorporating a shag rug with absorbing material. It will make your bathroom experience luxurious and enriching. Placing a shag rug with beautiful patterns and styles on the hard tiles of the bathroom will add extra comfort after bathing.

  • Home-Based Office Area: 

In this era of working from home, many individuals have set up small offices at home. Placing neural or contemporary-style rugs at your home office will elevate your working experience. Create an ambiance of sophistication infused with comfort by using shag rugs in your home office setting.

  • Study Room: 

Neutral rugs in New Zealand made from fine material are the perfect way to improve concentration, muffle sound in the room, and sit or walk comfortably on shag rugs. Rugs are an easy way to add comfort to your study room.

  • Back Yards: 

Indoor outdoor shag rugs can be used indoors or for outings or picnics as well. Shag rugs can be used in your backyard to lounge freely and sunbathe in the comfort of your home.

Easy To Maintain Shag Rugs 

Shag rugs are known for their Luxurious appeal along with being easy to maintain floor cover for busy households. Shag rugs in neutral colors and various patterns can be styled according to your house’s interiors. 

  • Vacuum Cleaning: shag rugs can easily be cleaned daily with Vacuum clearness. Shag rugs have large fibers, and some of their fibers may loosen out, but that’s perfectly normal with shag rugs.
  • Easily Washable: Shag rugs with easily washable material reduce your task of getting professional cleaning periodically. Just clean the spots superficially and put your shag rug in the washing machine to be used again.
  • Spot Cleaning: It is a good idea to clean the spills or spots on hand to prevent dirt from settling. Grab the area with a spot, wipe excess liquid, and wash the affected area with detergent. That’s it, your shag rug is ready to style your home again.
  • Beating And Dusting: dusting your shag rugs every day can help you get rid of deep-settled dirt and dirt. Beating and dusting is an effortless way to keep your shag rugs clean.


Shag rugs are made from fine materials like wool, polypropylene, jute, etc. These materials are highly resilient, making Shag rugs a perfect option to be used for styling every corner of your house. The plush structure of shag rugs provides extra comfort along with its alluring visual appeal. Miss Amara Has Shag rugs specially designed to suit different areas of your home; check out your favorite shag rug now!

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