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Funny Things You Can Collect



Collecting things is very fun, and it is more of a personal activity since you end up collecting items that you treasure or something that you love. Some items that people collect are pretty weird, and when you ask why they gather them, they will tell you that they like the thing they are ordering, whether it is a cosmic book, a decorative spoon or stamps. Other people also end up collecting very weird things, and they gather them feverishly, and they do it for the money. But there are some things you can manage that will add value to you, and they are coins and baseball cards. People collect funny things like funny rolling trays which are beneficial to them only either for the aesthetic or just because they love how they look.

Some of the funny things you can collect include;

  1. Coke cans and bottles

You might be addicted to drinking Coca-Cola and never miss a day without taking it, but are you so obsessed that you may collect discarded Coke cans and bottles? This might be shocking, but some people do love ordering these particular cans so much that Coca-cola company devotes a section of its corporate blog to talking about rare coke bottles like the Hutchinson bottle, which was the very first bottle coke produced in 1890. Some people are too addicted to coke cans that they fill their homes and rooms with cans, but very few cans are worth the price.

  1. Gas station signs

If you are a fan of TV shows, you’ve watched a show known as pickers. In this show, people go around searching through other folks’ trash, looking for bargains they can find, polishing and cleaning them so they can look brand new and then sell them eventually. If you have noticed, most pickers love collecting old gas station signs, and this is because there is a market for old and vintage gas station signs. EBay also has a section allocated to old gas station signs. Many collectors of gas station signs usually display these signs and recreate their rooms, garages, or sheds. Even if most gas station signs are not worth the money, old gas station signs go for about $250 and $500.

  1. Happy meal toys

Happy meal toys are usually found in kids’ McDonald’s and tend to be breakfast because they are not strong enough. But some kids are obsessed with collecting these toys and end up selling them to happy mealers and earn themselves some cash.

  1. Milk bottles

Some people are obsessed with collecting milk bottles and It is pretty strange because they don’t have any colour but we won’t judge anyone because it’s what they like doing and it’s fun for them. Some people who collect milk bottles love collecting vintage bottles that used to be delivered from door to door, and as time goes on, it gets hard to find them, making it more fun when you talk about collecting such bottles. To make things even more interesting, there is a whole website dedicated to milk bottle collectors online. Even if vintage milk bottles are rare to find and make the hunting process fun, they are not worth a lot.

  1. Do not disturb signs

There are so many things you can collect when you travel. You could collect hotel towels, mini shampoo bottles and filer points. But some travellers collect the most weird things like do not disturb signs. Some travellers say that these particular signs remind them of all the places they have travelled to and the hotels they have gone to. Collectors who love collecting these signs end up posting them on their Facebook feed and Pinterest. This is weird to manage, but collectors say the don’t disturb characters are more tangible than passport stamps.


Collecting stuff is fun, and you can order anything you want, whether it has value or not, as long as it makes you happy. But don’t overdo it and make it an obsession because you fill your house with unnecessary things you have collected from various places. Whatever you like collecting, whether weird or something that has value make sure it is something you enjoy and something you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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