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George Pelgrim donates new bus to the elderly



With many things going on in the world, from geopolitics to climate change, it is easy to forget the individual people making a difference on a daily basis in our local communities. Today we’re happy to be sharing a story of how Mr. George Pelgrim has donated a brand new bus to “The Home Away from Home Taking Care of The Golden Age”, and the senior citizens living there.

Today the foundation has more than a hundred people working to make life a little easier for the elderly, and provides a great community service that benefits not just the people living there, but also their families, as well as the people working for the foundation.

Initial fundraising

The project was first put into motion back in 2017, where the foundation started fundraising for a new bus. Originally they contacted local businesses to ask for their support, and slowly the worked their way up to an impressive $4,000. But then Hurricane Irma came along and changed things on St. Maarten, and the fundraising efforts faded out due to more urgent things.

Once the aftermath of Hurrican Irma was winding down, and people resuming a semblance of their regular lives, a new life changing indicent took place. Covid-19. Once more, fundraising for the bus took a back seat, with the focus now being shifted on helping people affected by the global virus.

But all things that are worth doing, are worth doing right. And so The Golden Age foundation stayed patient, and once the wave of Covid-19 ebbed out, they resumed their efforts on fundraising. In this wave of fundraising, they got in contact with Mr. George Pelgrim. He had already a long track record of philanthropy and providing for the local community in St. Maarten, and from there things moved fast.

With the added contribution from Mr. George Pelgrim, as well as the other generous sponsors, finally the foundation reached their goal of being able to afford a new bus for the elderly living at the Home Away from Home. The foundation plans to use the bus for excursions into nature, for outdoor activities and even various errands when the seniors have the need to go somewhere far away.

“We are thankful for people like Mr. George Pelgrim, who do great things for our community.  St. Maarten is a small island, but it’s full of people with big hearts.  St. Maarten should be proud when things like this happen” – Samuel Lake.

The partnership between The Golden Age Foundation and George Pelgrim will only get better and continue to do bigger things on St. Maarten.  According to the foundation’s president Patricia Flanders, the official presentation ceremony of the brand new Toyota Bus will take place in May 2022.  Members of the press and other sponsoring partners will be present at the event to witness the official unveiling of the new bus.  George Pelgrim has arranged for the bus to be wrapped, displaying the logos of the other sponsors who contributed to The Golden Age Foundation.

“I am so happy to be a part of such a worthy cause.” – George Pelgrim

If you would like information regarding The Golden Age Foundation, or to make a contribution, please call 520-2136 or send an email to

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