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Ghost Mannequin Photography: A Whole New World of Product Photography



Product Photography

Good quality product photography is what makes or breaks an eCommerce business. While all product photography is important in promoting the products, ghost mannequin photography is by far the most important type of photography that many apparel businesses simply cannot survive without.

Why Ghost Mannequin Photography So Important?

Fashion brand owners need to promote their clothing items in order to make sales. Nothing is being sold in cyberspace without some sort of digital promotion. There are few different types of digital promotion that businesses use to make sales. Some of the widely used ones are search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, cost-per-click marketing, social media marketing, etc.

Some companies use one or two methods of promotion to drive traffic to their business site. Other companies use all the digital promotion methods in the book. The latter ones have a big advertising budget so they don’t mind spending handsomely to drive traffic to their site.

Regardless of the method used, product photography is a must. There are two types of clothing product photography. These are fashion model photography and the other is ghost mannequin photography. Well, there are few other types technically but they are the widely used ones.

The reason, why ghost mannequin photography is so important, is because of the cost. Typical model photography costs a fortune that average small businesses can’t afford to utilize. Invisible mannequin photography therefore a lifesaver and in a lot of cases a business saver.

How Do You Create Ghost Mannequin Photography?

Professional photo editing is needed to create ghost mannequin photography. This is not simple everyday photography that anyone can shoot with their iPhone or camera phone. No point-and-shoot camera is used to do such photography. While it is possible to use virtually any camera to do the photography by principle, only professional photo editing and professional photographer with professional cameras are used in doing ghost mannequin photography.

There are professional photo editing companies offering this specialty service. Clothing business owners usually hire these companies for their invisible mannequin photo editing service. These companies are highly skilled in doing what they do. They offer their services to business owners and other companies that service the eCommerce industry.

Finding the Right Professional Photo Editing Company:

You can find a professional photo editing company with a simple google search. In fact, you will be overwhelmed with the number of search results searching for the term “professional photo editing.” not all companies are alike and offer the same level of service, however. You must practice due diligence in hiring a company to work with.

Talk to them, see they offer a free trial so that you can try out their service. Trying out the service first hand will allow you to judge the edit quality yourself and see whether this company will be a suitable fit for you. In case if something turns sour in the process of communication and trial, you can always ditch that company and find a better company of your choice.

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