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Gold-backed Crypto Currency EXGold backed by Gold Mine

Adeel Mehmood



Crypto Currency

EXGold has been created to always be worth 1 gram of gold. As it is tradable on exchanges as well as by the gold mine (s) directly, EXGold will not change against the amount of gold per token. Gold itself does fluctuate in value, EXGold will also fluctuate in value against the gold itself, maintaining 1 EXG = 1 gram of gold.  Acquiring gold digitally is not a lot different than the way most people buy and hold gold value today. Where most have a piece of paper showing the amount of gold they hold, EXGold has digitized the process as well as made it more secure. 

Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

EXG was developed to capitalize on the growing niche of stable coins thanks to its innovative and digitized protocol. EXGold mirrors the value of its real-world counterpart. This relationship is immutable, which means that an EXGold token will always be worth and tradable for the value of one gram of gold.

According to Eduardo Espejo Merino, the president of Sipan Gold. “We see the benefit of having a true Stable cryptocurrency backed by an asset like gold. Everyone understands gold’s value. We have the gold, and being able to be part of securing Digital Gold excites us. Being the first supporter of EXG is an honor.” 

EXG is based on the Ethereum protocol, EXG offers frictionless portability and inherent scarcity, with a maximum token supply of only 5 million. EXGold will offer a fair and secure incentive structure with programmable smart contracts and NFT’s. EXG at the time of this article is available for trading on Uniswap as well as on Probit exchanges.  The developers of EXGold are working to make EXG a potentially leading asset when it comes to a stable currency and a safe haven for long-term holdings.

How do stablecoins work?

Most of the popular stable coins maintain their price because they are backed with reserves of fiat currency. In other words, the entity that is creating the stablecoin guarantees 1:1 redemption of the stablecoins in exchange for the underlying currency, although this process usually comes with a fee. EXG’s value is against the stability of gold. Which in our opinion is a better option than a USD coin as there is still the possibility of an increase in value.

Why is EXGold beneficial?

As Gold does fluctuate but minutely, and as a whole over the past 10 years gold has been increasing in value as a great long-term holding investment. Common practice has been that a 3rd party holds the gold in a vault and the purchaser holds the gold paper certificate. EXG has not only digitized this process but the gold mine itself holds the gold until EXG’s liquidation request.

EXGold has also announced that they are going to be launching a Gold NFT. NFTs are the new HOT digital commodity that has been in the news. EXGold says they are going to be offering Gold NFTs in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

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Why You Would Need Professional Photo Editing Services for Your Ghost Mannequin Photography

Mudassar Hassan



ghost mannequin photography

You might be wondering, what in the world is ghost mannequin photography and why would someone require professional photo editing services for it?

We all know what a ghost is. Well, not really. But we think we do. By definition, a ghost is something we believe exists but something we cannot see with our normal vision. Some people’s brains are wired in different ways and they claim to see ghosts as their brains and eyes can perceive things in a different dimension. The theory has some scientific backings but still highly controversial. That’s however is a different discussion. Our topic for today is the ghost mannequin.

Think of a ghost and think of a mannequin that is used for displaying apparel products. Now if you make the mannequin a ghost, you will not be able to see the mannequin anymore but the actual clothing that is displayed on the mannequin will still be there. Now what you have is an apparel product on a mannequin, but the mannequin is not visible. That’s what invisible mannequin clothing photography is.

Why Professional Photo Editing Services?

The process of creating invisible mannequin photography is very complex. An average clothing photographer will not be able to do it as she or he is skilled in taking pictures. Might not be trained or skilled in high-end photo editing and retouching. Due to the complex nature of the photography editing that takes to go through the process of editing the clothing images to come up with ghost mannequin photography, it only makes sense to use professional photo editing services, more precisely ghost mannequin service to get the editing done.

Another reason why you need ghost mannequin service is because of the volume of work. An individual will not usually need this type of photo editing. There is no need for it for any individual. It is the clothing company, branding company, commercial agencies that require such editing which they use for product promotion. For this very reason, typically dozens and sometimes hundreds of images are editing for ghost look per batch. This huge volume can only be handled by a professional photo editing services company.

Why You Need Ghost Mannequin Editing?

A clothing company needs some type of product image to promote the product. It has been a common practice to use fashion models to display clothing items which is one of the most efficient and productive ways of displaying the fashion product. While it is the most efficient method of apparel product promotion, only top brands can utilize this method due to the high cost associated with it. In an attempt to promote the apparel products efficiently by keeping the cost low, smart innovators came up with ghost mannequin photography that displays the fashion products creating a visual appeal. This ghost mannequin image has a 3D look, outlines the special features of an item, attracts attention and thereby boost sale. Yet, at all times, keep the cost most affordable for even the smallest apparel product seller.

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Ecommerce Photographers Are Using Cut out Photo Background to Improve Product Appearance

Nayar Malik



Ecommerce Photographers

There is an old saying that a picture says a thousand words. This cannot be any truer when it comes to eCommerce product photography. It is true that consumers lean towards brand names when it comes to making a purchase decision. However, no purchase decision is being made without a product image. Consumers need to know what they are buying and need to get a feel for how it will look on them. To create that visual appeal, eCommerce photographers are using cut-out photo background services to improve the look of the product.

How Cut Out Photo Background Improves Product Appearance?

A professional eCommerce photographer is highly skilled at shooting product photography. That’s what he or she does all day long and that is to shoot product images. Even with the state-of-the-art studio setup and a high-end top model digital SLR camera, product images will not come out as perfect as intended. No matter how good the image looks at a glance, it will never be ready yet for commercial use.

Why? It’s because the eCommerce platform is a whole different beast. It has some specific requirements that a photographer or a brand owner needs to adhere to in order to make an image suitable for publication. Sometimes clipping path service provider will need to be availed in order to get the images ready for product websites or product catalogs. By cutting out the photo background, product is now a standalone product that can be blended into any platform of choice.

What Happens If Clipping Path or Cut Out Background Is Not Used?

Without the use of a clipping path or cut-out photo background, the image is loaded with additional elements that are not needed for commercial purposes. if a clipping path is not used, the product will have a background and other additional elements that are not needed for product promotion.

For example, a small product can be shot on a table or within a lightbox. By removing the background, the table or the lightbox side walls or background can be eliminated. If they are not eliminated, the product will show the table or the lightbox in the image which is not professional to post on the website like that.

Say a flower vase image is taken on a table. The image will show the table along with the background in it. There might be other furniture, people walking behind it, maybe some construction materials or a step ladder by the staircase. These elements that are unwanted will make the product image virtually unsuitable for commercial use. If the background is not removed, this image cannot be used for commercial product promotion.

Small Investment for a Big Gain

It doesn’t cost too much to get the background removal or to cut out the background. An offshore company can do it for less than a dollar for a simple image or within one to three dollars for images with moderate complexity. This can be considered as a small investment that will produce more product sales and boost company profit. It is only common sense to follow this process if someone wishes to promote a product in a professional manner.

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Running A photo editing services Company is Not a Child’s Game

Mudassar Hassan



Running A photo editing services Company is Not a Child’s Game

Some things are best to be left alone for professionals. When children try to do jobs that are designed for professionals, no good can come out of that. Same goes with photo editing services or cut out photo background jobs. It takes professionals to service the eCommerce industry and these professional level services can only be done professionally by professional companies.

When a Child Tries to Do Adult’s Job

Well, nothing good can come out of it. That’s for sure.  If you need surgery, you go to a surgeon. Going to your neighborhood pharmacy and talking to your pharmacy technician or even the pharmacist will not do you any good. For this very reason, there are hurt specialists, lung specialists, divorce lawyers, or accident and personal injury lawyers who are specialized in their respective fields. Going to a dentist, even though is dome kind of doctor, will not do you any good for your liver problem.

When it comes to photo editing services, only a professional company can do a top-quality job. If you work with unprofessional people or no-name mom-and-pop shop, you will not get professional results, let alone quality service.

Importance of Working with Professionals for Your Cut Out Photo Background Job

There is a reason why someone is called a professional Its because that person or that company is specialized in doing what they do and that’s the only thing they do. If you are an eCommerce product photographer and need your product photography edited or retouched, require cut out photo background for your product images, you must elect to work with a professional company. You simply cannot go with bunch of wannabie retouch studio run by kids.

When I say kids, I literally mean it. There are teenagers these days running photo editing company, and they fancy calling their one man show a “company”, aspiring to be a retouch studio owner one day. While this is an excellent dream and I fully support the venture, it’s just the fact that those so called “companies” run by kids will not be able to handle eCommerce volume, let alone the quality standards it demands.

How to Know Who Is the Professional in the Field?

In case if you are wondering, how to figure out who is the actual professional in the industry, just use your common sense. When someone quotes you $0.20 for clipping an eCommerce product image, you run like there is no tomorrow.

Just imagine that! How in the world a professional company having to pay for commercial office space, paying employee salaries and other benefits, covering all business-related expenses, can afford to work for $.20 per image? No mater they are in a developing world, truth be told, that doesn’t even cover the expenses of reputable service providers.

If they are offering that price, then they must be cutting corners somewhere. Such as using magic want to do their cut out photo background job that only takes seconds compared to good five, ten or even twenty plus minutes to do manually. Or they might be dying to get a few businesses to build their portfolio and will not be able to keep up with the level of service and delivery deadline you demand.

Long story short, buyer beware!

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