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Gold-backed Crypto Currency EXGold backed by Gold Mine



Crypto Currency

EXGold has been created to always be worth 1 gram of gold. As it is tradable on exchanges as well as by the gold mine (s) directly, EXGold will not change against the amount of gold per token. Gold itself does fluctuate in value, EXGold will also fluctuate in value against the gold itself, maintaining 1 EXG = 1 gram of gold.  Acquiring gold digitally is not a lot different than the way most people buy and hold gold value today. Where most have a piece of paper showing the amount of gold they hold, EXGold has digitized the process as well as made it more secure. 

Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

EXG was developed to capitalize on the growing niche of stable coins thanks to its innovative and digitized protocol. EXGold mirrors the value of its real-world counterpart. This relationship is immutable, which means that an EXGold token will always be worth and tradable for the value of one gram of gold.

According to Eduardo Espejo Merino, the president of Sipan Gold. “We see the benefit of having a true Stable cryptocurrency backed by an asset like gold. Everyone understands gold’s value. We have the gold, and being able to be part of securing Digital Gold excites us. Being the first supporter of EXG is an honor.” 

EXG is based on the Ethereum protocol, EXG offers frictionless portability and inherent scarcity, with a maximum token supply of only 5 million. EXGold will offer a fair and secure incentive structure with programmable smart contracts and NFT’s. EXG at the time of this article is available for trading on Uniswap as well as on Probit exchanges.  The developers of EXGold are working to make EXG a potentially leading asset when it comes to a stable currency and a safe haven for long-term holdings.

How do stablecoins work?

Most of the popular stable coins maintain their price because they are backed with reserves of fiat currency. In other words, the entity that is creating the stablecoin guarantees 1:1 redemption of the stablecoins in exchange for the underlying currency, although this process usually comes with a fee. EXG’s value is against the stability of gold. Which in our opinion is a better option than a USD coin as there is still the possibility of an increase in value.

Why is EXGold beneficial?

As Gold does fluctuate but minutely, and as a whole over the past 10 years gold has been increasing in value as a great long-term holding investment. Common practice has been that a 3rd party holds the gold in a vault and the purchaser holds the gold paper certificate. EXG has not only digitized this process but the gold mine itself holds the gold until EXG’s liquidation request.

EXGold has also announced that they are going to be launching a Gold NFT. NFTs are the new HOT digital commodity that has been in the news. EXGold says they are going to be offering Gold NFTs in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system. It is the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator learn more about cryptocurrency visit Mit Bitcoin Geld verdienen

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Benefits Of Hiring Magento Development Company



The modern era is the era of technology. Nowadays, everyone is seen using technology. Technology has become the most significant part of life. Nowadays, an online presence is quite necessary. People throughout the world have started online businesses. The number of online businesses nowadays in the world has increased to a significant extent.

Magento development company is quite famous. This company is famous for having the best customization, stability, potential, and security. You can learn more at Magento Webshop. There are several benefits that you can have by hiring a Magento development company.

1.      Long term business strategies

The first and the most significant benefit of hiring a professional Magento Development Company is that the best developers design certain pans before entering the projects. They are famous for the best analysis of customers and competitors.

2.      Customer-centric features

The second most important reason and benefit of hiring Magento Development Companies are that they are efficient. They create the best consumer-centric features. The professional Magento Development Companies are seen publishing the best e-commerce website. These websites are built by focusing on the convenience of the customers. So the deployment of the best tools can help customers have a great experience. This is the biggest benefit of hiring Magento Development Company.

3.      Customized solutions

The third prominent benefit of hiring Magento Development Company is that they give customers the best and custom-built solutions. You can get a chance to review your plan regularly. You can ask for customization if you are not satisfied with their services. They always respect your opinions. The Magento Development Companies give the best store front-end and back-end features to the customers.

4.      Best quality assurance

Another significant benefit of hiring the professional Magento Development Company is that they ensure top-notch quality development. The best miniature aspects of your e-commerce website are subjected to symmetrical introspection to ensure the quality of services. Thus you and your company can have the best development services. The services are always up-to-the-mark.

5.      Timeliness 

One of the most significant benefits of hiring Magento Development Company is that they ensure on-time delivery. The Magento Development Companies have the best working staff. The staff is committed to its job, and the most professional developers continue the work. Therefore, they are capable of completing and delivering your projects on time.

6.      Best technical support

Last but not least significant benefit of hiring Magento Development Company is that they provide your technical support. You can have technical support 24/7.

You do not have to worry as Magento Development Company is always there to help you. You can access the best technical support team and access the most professional people to help and solve your problems.


The points mentioned above are some of the most significant benefits you can have by hiring Magento Development Company. As the demand for Magento is increasing rapidly, the number of Magento companies has increased day by day. The availability of a wide range of Magento companies, such as Magento 2, might confuse people to choose the right Magento company. All they need is to invest their time and choose the best and genuine Magento Company.

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Top 5 Female’s Clothing Wholesalers



If you have just begun your own women’s apparel shop, you may require some suggestions to aid you in finding trusted ladies’ clothing wholesalers or ready-to-wear wholesalers. And that is what you will figure out in this article – a few provided wholesalers of premium quality style ladies’ garments and wholesale clothing vendors.

Online ready-to-wear and also fashion wholesaler 

  1. China brand

China-brands is the China females’ apparel dealer system that uses drop delivery solutions and high-quality products at incredibly low prices. You don’t have to handle physical stock, delivering concerns, or item information. They will certainly do all the foundation. All you require to do is list your items on your online style shop. China-brands have a wide variety of wholesale women clothing items, including style devices, bags, natural leather items, etc. As for item research study, this all set to use dealer will certainly source your desired items from the industry and, as per your guidelines, ship the items to your clients.

  1. City goddesses

City Siren collections are taken on by big chain stores, stores, on internet-style sites. These ladies’ apparel dealers exist considering that 2003. And was developed by Thangarajah Kuganeswaran as well as Mina Melikova. Their expertise in ethics and advertising, and marketing has led to the rapid development of their service. City Siren’s online reputation as a ladies’ clothes wholesaler has been strengthened by the launch of its revamped commerce site. Their objective is to give a very easy yet exciting online buying experience.

  1. Parisian 

At Parisian, they are one of the leading female apparel wholesalers online. They supply a large range of outfits, skirts, tops, coordinating sets, leisure matches, one-piece suits, jeans, pants, blazers, knitwear, coats, and jackets. They take ideas from the world’s most elegant females and fashion designers to make their collections bestsellers. Their regular update of seasonal and trending designs will certainly update your range and keep your clients coming back. Because 2002, they have had the knowledge and sources to supply sellers and the self-employed with high-quality items that are exceptional worth for cash…

  1. Indian art is India’s biggest online style marketplace for small and average companies. The company supplies a platform and also devices to produce service contacts with professional customers that use it to find reputable and also affordable vendors. The firm has greater than 3,000 staff members in 55 offices throughout the country. offers products that make it possible for small and medium-sized organizations to generate company get in touches with (on the internet directories/ storefronts), develop reliability (3rd party validated depend on account) as well as utilize organization details (finance, info, exhibition, calls for tenders).

  1. Magnolia 

Magnolia Fashion Wholesale is a business-to-business (B2B) online fashion store giving retail consumers worldwide the most effective tool to keep efficiently. It is situated in Miami, FL. They help merchants by providing them with among the fastest and easiest to use global eCommerce platforms. At the same time, Magnolia Fashion Wholesale offers shoppers 24/7 access to a big collection of wholesale apparel to make sure that they can purchase the latest fads at the best rate.

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Cleaning company in Copenhagen



Cleaning company in Zealand with extensive experience

At Jacobsens Rengøring, we offer a wide range of professional cleaning services to both private and business customers throughout Zealand. With more than 10 years of experience with standard cleanings and special cleanings, we are a cleaning company that you can safely leave the task to.

No matter what kind of cleaning you want our help with, we organize it carefully according to the needs and wishes that you have. Of course, we are also happy to give our best, so you get a cleaning that is top-notch.

We can well understand if you would like an offer before choosing us as your Rengøringsfirma (Cleaning company). We are happy to prepare this for you both from a telephone conversation or a physical inspection of the task. We recommend the latter as it gives us the full insight into where to put in and what it requires of our staff.

Get an always clean home or business with a professional cleaning

Would you like to come home to a home that just always shines? Or where you should at least not take care of more than the daily cleaning? Or would you like more time for company activities?

These are just some of the reasons why many choose to have us stop by at regular intervals. Because not only are we more efficient at performing cleaning – we also like to do it while you are not at home, or while you have other duties at home that you are doing. The same applies in the company, where we adapt it to the employees’ working hours.

It’s great to come home to a home that always shines or to show up in an office where there is a long way between the dust and the greasy fingers. It also creates a much healthier environment, which provides more joy, energy, and fewer sick days.

If you, therefore, value cleaning as much as we do, but would like to be free to do it yourself, you are welcome to contact us.

Private cleaning – we remove zeros and make surfaces shine

Do you have a larger home that you can not afford to clean? Or does cleaning just generally not tell you that much? No matter how we turn it around, cleaning is unfortunately not to be bypassed. It’s part of living in a home – and unfortunately, it only takes time if the zero mean and the dust have to be completely killed.

But if you do not have the time or the surplus for it, you do not just have to give up. Because it is also possible to get help with private cleaning. That’s where we come in. Because we have a competent and skilled team available that can help you get through the cleaning at home. We are very professional and perform as well as plan it in very close collaboration with you.

We are very aware that locking others into his home to perform private cleaning is a very big matter of trust. For that reason, we of course also offer a free meeting, where we jointly find out how we can best help you.

The plan for the private cleaning with you is of course not binding and can always be adjusted if you wish.

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