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Guide to Southwest Low Fare Calendar-Full detailed



Southwest Low Fare Calendar

Southwest Airlines has been a go-to for a long time because of its inexpensive prices and usual extras, such as the incredible two free checked baggage provided to each traveler. We at Scott’s Cheap Flights are huge supporters of the airline, especially because it offers some of the cheapest fares to Hawaii.


Anyone flying Southwest for the first time may be taken aback by the fact that they can take any available seat. All seats are economy class, but those who pay more for “Business Select” can board the plane first.


We mention this a lot when talking about Southwest Low Fare Calendar (and sure, you will see it later in this piece), but it’s crucial enough that we’re going to stress it right from the get.


Southwest Airlines forbids any “automatic device, software, algorithm, or approach” from being used to extract data from their website.


Therefore, Southwest Low Fare Calendar will never be displayed anywhere but on the official site. This is because Southwest has forbidden it. The use of any technology OTAs uses to collect and display ticket information to you.


The good news is actually twofold. As a first step, this article will show you where to look on the Southwest website for the lowest prices available. And second, SCF makes it much easier to find Southwest Low Fare Calendar offers by including them in member emails.


Finding the Lowest Fares on Southwest Airlines flight Status


Because of our familiarity with online travel agency (OTA) sites, we often fail to realize that a major actor is absent from all these search results: the airline itself. A flight on Southwest Low Fare Calendar.


It has been made clear that Southwest does not provide its fares to OTAs or metasearch engines like Google Flights. Finding their low prices is easy; you just need to do a little digging around the Southwest boarding process website.


It’s also important to note that while most airlines publish flight work schedule up to 11 months in advance, Southwest Low Fare Calendar takes a somewhat different approach. They don’t have a hard and fast rule on how far in advance you may make a reservation. But the farthest future date is often around seven months out, and they update fares frequently in batches. The screenshots below show the search screen with the current date through which the Southwest boarding process is booking tickets highlighted.


When do Southwest’s discounted fares go into effect?


The Low Fare Calendar on Southwest Airlines functions similarly to calendar search features on other OTAs, displaying. A month-by-month calendar with the day’s starting price of plane tickets. Here, you can quickly find out which days provide the lowest round-trip ticket prices.


Bonus Points with Southwest


Southwest Accompanying Pass


Southwest Airlines flight status offers its frequent fliers a free (fewer taxes and fees) Companion Pass for every flight they book for an entire year, when other airlines may only provide one or two free tickets.


To receive this perk, you need to fly at least “100 qualifying one-ways” or build up 125,000 qualifying points in a single year. When you reach this tier, you’ll be eligible to receive the Companion Pass for the following calendar year, plus the remainder of the year in which you earned enough points to receive the award. Using a Southwest credit card, making purchases through Southwest’s website’s retail partners, and eating at Southwest partner restaurants. And booking non-air travel accommodations (such as hotels and car rentals). The Southwest Low Fare Calendar website is an additional way to accumulate points toward free flights.


You can designate your travel companion using your Rapid Rewards to account online or over. The phone once you have earned the Companion Pass. In order to utilize the Companion Pass, you must first purchase a ticket. Your next step is to go to “My Trips,” where you can locate the flight you just booked and select “Add Companion.” However, you will be asked to input your credit card information in order to cover the ticket’s taxes and fees.


You cannot change the name or other details on the Companion Pass between separate purchases of tickets. Each of your three modifications per calendar year will result in a whole new Southwest credit card.


Please keep in mind that the companion ticket must be the same as the purchased ticket. And that both passengers must check in at the same time. The Companion Pass card may also be required.


Travel to Hawaii on the cheap with Southwest’s award flights


In fact, Southwest’s famed inexpensive tickets aren’t limited to the mainland US; trips from California to Hawaii can cost less than 10,000 points (or about $200). Even better, once you’re there, you can use Southwest Low Fare Calendar inter-island flights southwest airlines to see. Even more of the islands for less than 5,000 points. Plus, if you have a Companion Pass, it’s a steal. When compared to JetBlue or Hawaiian Airlines, the prices of similarly situated tickets are notably higher.


Compiling Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards hotel points


Rapid Rewards points can be easily earned by flying Southwest, but that’s not your only option. Booking a hotel through one of Southwest’s travel partners is another simple way to rack up points. In addition to the Companion Pass described above.


Southwest Low Fare Calendar offers a wide variety of hotel brands. On its website, including Best Western, Radisson, Marriott, and Hyatt. Human trafficking southwest airlines also provide more choices through its relationships with and The number of Rapid Rewards points you can earn for a hotel stay is listed under the room rate on each property’s website. And there are sometimes specials that allow you to earn even more points.


Keep in mind that the room rates you’ll get through these affiliations may not be the lowest available. So if saving money is your top priority, do your own research.


Getting the most out of Southwest’s loyalty program


This post covered the best practices for making the most of your human trafficking southwest airlines Rapid Rewards points.


  • Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Low Fare Calendar. Where prices are shown in points rather than actual money.
  • It’s always a good idea to double-check the prices of previously booked flights to see if a better deal is available.
  • Spend money at Southwest’s affiliated stores, restaurants, and airlines to increase your point total.
  • If you want to transfer points to Southwest airlines, use a Southwest credit card or one of the Chase cards that works with the airline (but do the math before you transfer those points).
  • By upgrading to the Companion Pass, you can bring a friend along for next to nothing.


Summary of Southwest’s Low-Fare Calendar


Since Southwest fares are never displayed in search results on other OTA sites. the only place to look at and purchase Southwest flights is on the Southwest website. (And if you sign up for Scott’s Cheap flights southwest airlines, we’ll look for incredible Southwest discounts only for you.)


If you’re looking to save money on a Southwest flight but aren’t a Rapid Rewards member, having some flexibility in your travel dates will allow you to take advantage of Southwest Low Fare Calendar.


It’s always a good idea to double-check the cost of your journey, even if you’ve already purchased your ticket. Because most airlines allow you to make modifications. Or cancel your trip up to 10 minutes before your aircraft departs without incurring any additional expenses.


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