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Fb and AliExpress Dropshipping Middle are some examples of free product search instruments. Additionally, we’ll overview the highest-paid product analysis instruments, together with Adspy, Bigspy, Minea, and Winner Pulse.

These instruments will provide help to discover the correct product in your area of interest. They filter and make it simpler to establish the merchandise which can be most worthwhile for you. Are you considering promoting online but not sure what product to sell?

Struggling to find the right product for your niche? This article is for you. Product research can be a tedious and time-consuming step in setting up an online business. You can’t launch sales campaigns or optimize your store if you don’t have a product to find.

The product you select will determine the steps you take next. There are plenty of tools available to help you efficiently complete the product search with minimal effort. They vary in price, performance, and ease of use. We’ve carefully selected the best product research tools on the market.

This article will help you pick the right software for you and will show you how to identify the winning products to sell. Here are some free tools you can use to find winner products:


Dropshipping products are most popular on Facebook. You can still find winning products with good research, but it will take some time. Scrolling through Facebook’s news feed to look for ads is the first way to find good products. You can set certain criteria to make Facebook think you’re in another city. Facebook’s algorithms will only show ads that are specific to this city.

This method has several drawbacks. You won’t see many ads and it takes a lot of time. Facebook’s algorithm shows each user’s ads based on their interests.

The second method involves searching for keywords that are commonly used in dropshipping, such as “Buy Now,” “Get Now,” “Free Shipping,” “Free Delivery,” and “Buy Now…”

You can search the Facebook search bar to find these keywords and filter them according to your requirements.

AliExpress Dropshipping Center

AliExpress’ dropshipping center is a great product finder and has been one of the most popular tools in eCommerce for years. This tool allows you to see which products are the most popular on AliExpress within a certain timeframe. This tool also allows you to see information about the top-selling countries for these products. This will help you identify the countries that are already saturated with the product, so you don’t waste time selling the same product there. You can sort products using the filters in the tool. They will allow you to sort them according to delivery times, prices, types, delivery source (free delivery or paid delivery), and many other criteria. It’s a great free tool to research products even if you don’t have a lot of time.

Google Trends

Google’s tool allows you to track the trends in a particular niche over time. You can search a niche using Google trends to create a curve that tracks the search history for the keyword in the Google search engine over time.

A rising curve is a sign that you are researching the niche and can start selling products in this area. Pay research tools can help you find a winning product: The best product search tools, as described in the previous chapter, are tedious and time-consuming.


All e-merchants and drop shippers now use Adspy Tools to do product research. Adspy tools will allow you to spy on social media networks and gather all ads. Simply connect to the Adspy tool you prefer, and then select a product that meets your criteria to choose a winner.

No more scrolling through endless social media news feeds. There are many product search tools. They all share the same working principle but differ in their performance and pricing.

We will now review the top product research tools: Dropispy, Minea, Bigspy, Adspy, and Winner Pulse.

Dropispy ranks at the top of our list of the best product research tools. Dropispy makes it easy to find a dropshipping product that is a winner. Its price is affordable for all budgets. The app costs less than $30 per month, compared to the average $100 for Adspy.

This app is great for beginners. Dropispy has a huge library of high-potential products. To find the right product, you can use the filters. Dropispy’s “Store spy” feature allows you to analyze your competitors’ stores. To gain valuable information about the Marketing Strategies of big brands, you can analyze their stores.

Minea is our number two product research tool. Minea is a great tool that can help you find the right products quickly that you can dropship using dropshipping. The ability to search by country makes it easy to find trending products in one place and then sell them in another. Minea is easy to use and costs less than $50 a month. The tool’s performance makes it very affordable.

Bigspy is a product research tool that we can’t include without Bigspy. This tool, which is just as comprehensive as Dropispy or Minea, gives you access to a database that contains thousands of ads from various platforms.

These include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as Admob Yahoo! and Pinterest. You can filter results according to type, store, and keywords, just like the product search tools. You will be able to access all features of the platform with a $99 monthly subscription. 24/7 customer service is also available to you.

Adspy is undoubtedly one of the most effective product research tools. It works in the same way as other product search tools. Adspy gathers ads on Facebook and Instagram. Adspy doesn’t collect any one type of ad. The app’s algorithms track every sponsored post on Instagram and Facebook. Logging into the app will allow you to use filters to show only the advertising categories that meet your marketing strategy requirements. You can use the Gender filter to only see ads that are specific to women’s products if you own a store. This will save you time during your research. Adspy costs $149 a month.

Winner Pulse, a 100% French tool that simplifies product research, is only a few years old. Winner Pulse gives you a global view of each product for each ad. You can see the product’s trend on Amazon, AliExpress, and other online shopping platforms. This will allow you to easily identify high-potential items that are already on sale. You can access the entire tool library for €24.99 with the basic version. To find the right product, all you have to do to filter is to use filters.

Two main methods to research a dropshipping winner: the paid product research software and the free product research software. Facebook and AliExpress Dropshipping Center are some examples of free product search tools. Additionally, we will review the top paid product research tools, including Adspy, Bigspy, Minea, and Winner Pulse. These tools will help you find the right product for your niche. They filter and make it easier to identify the products that are most profitable for you.

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