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Homemade Facepack for Teenagers



Adolescents do not have much of an idea about skin care. However, at this age, such skin problems as acne, sun damage, dryness, dehydrated skin appear. If you take care of your skin from adolescence or follow basic skin care routine, your skin will remain flawless and glowing even with age. At this age, the skin still has a natural glow. Using too many products or harsh chemicals can easily damage the skin. In addition to following a simple skin care routine, home packs can be used to solve skin problems. So let’s not know, about 4 homemade face packs that work great for teenagers!

Why is it important to take care of teenage skin?

Teenage skin has some common problems, such as acne, excess oiliness, dark patches, suntan, etc. If the skin is not cleaned properly, the pores can be easily closed due to accumulation of dust along with the skin sebum. If you go out in the sun without sun protection, you will get black spots on the skin or suntan very quickly! Missing the basic skin care steps can exacerbate this type of skin problem. Properly cleansing the face from this age, moisturizing the skin, using sun protector means basic skin care should be started. At the same time, if you use the home pack of natural ingredients 1/2 day a week, the skin will be bright and soft. There is no substitute for homemade facepack as a solution to teenage skin problems.

What causes skin problems to increase at this age?
Naturally, teenage body undergoes a number of changes. Hormonal changes at this time also cause many problems in the skin. In the case of girls, the period starts at the age of 12-14 years. For many, the pores of the face become larger, the rate of sebum secretion increases, the skin becomes more oily, and blackheads increase. Besides, there is the pressure and stress of studying. Waking up at night, eating less water, malnutrition, eating too much junk food, walking in the sun, outdoor pollution – all these factors also affect the skin. These are the reasons behind the sudden increase in skin problems!

Skin care will be with 4 homemade face packs
1) Effective pack for acne prone skin
Acne is one of the common skin problems at this age. Acne can have serious psychological consequences, especially for adolescents. In addition to basic skin care, the use of natural face masks will greatly reduce the incidence of acne on the face. You need to make a face pack for acne prone skin-

Skin Cafe Acne Care Mask
Rose Water
Aloe vera gel
Mix these ingredients well and apply on face. Rinse well after 10-15 minutes. If you have acne on your face, just apply a little Tea Tree Essential Oil on that area. Of course, acne can dry out quickly. Skin Caf Acne Care Mask contains Multani Mati, Neem, Orange Peel Powder, Cowlin Clay and Turmeric. These ingredients are great for acne prone skin care.

Homemade Facepack-Skin Cafe Acne Care Mask for Teenagers’ Skin Problem Solution

2) Face pack to reduce excess oiliness of the skin
Multani soil is one of the most important natural ingredients for maintaining oily skin. Sebum production from the sebaceous glands of the skin may increase slightly at this age. So the face looks sticky or oily. To reduce the excess oiliness of the skin, you need to make a face pack.

Multani soil
Cucumber juice
The white part of the egg
Mix the ingredients very well to make a smooth paste. Now apply it on the face and wait for 10-15 minutes. Rinse your face with a splash of cold water. Then apply moisturizer. The pack can be used 2/3 days a week to solve the skin problems of teenagers. In addition to oil control on the face, stains and suntan will also be reduced.

3) Face pack to get radiant skin
Uptan has been used for ages to brighten up skintones. Teens face glow. Even then, if for some reason the face looks dirty and dull, you will get glowing skin using Uptan. Everything you need to make a face pack to brighten your skin-

Princess Glowing Face Uptan
Milk / tocadai
Rose Water
Mix the ingredients and apply on the skin. You can use it on face, neck, hands and feet. Leave it for 15 minutes and wash it well. Princess Glowing Face Uptan has effective ingredients for skin brightening including besan, turmeric, sandalwood powder. These natural ingredients work very well to restore the lost glow of the skin. You can apply this pack 2/3 days a week.

4) Natural face pack to remove blackheads
Teenage naturally exfoliates the skin. New cells begin to regenerate because of their ability to neutralize free radicals. After 12-14 years, the skin needs to be exfoliated so that dead cells, blackheads do not accumulate on the skin. You can easily get rid of blackheads with natural ingredients. Everything you need to make a pack-

Pomegranate Peel Powder
Milk and honey
Mix all the ingredients well and make a pack. Apply on face and wait for 5 minutes and gently massage. Massage for 2/3 minutes and wash your face thoroughly. Milk acts as a natural cleanser. Vedana peel powder acts as a mild and natural exfoliator. Helps to reduce blackheads, dirt, dead cells accumulated on the skin. And honey has moisturizing and anti aging properties. This pack works great for removing blackheads as well as retaining the youth of the skin.

Then you know, 4 face pack recipes made with natural ingredients in the solution of teenage skin problems! You can easily take care of your skin at home. Basic skincare is a must do. Also, if you use these packs, you will get the benefits very quickly! I always trust to buy authentic skin care products. There is an opportunity to purchase products online, and there are also two cosmetics outlets, located at Jamuna Future Park and Border Reserve. So far today. Take care of yourself, stay well.

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