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How can Find People and Photos by Searching for Their Name



During the holidays or a trip abroad, it may happen to meet people whose name we only remember and whom we want to contact online, perhaps on social networks or other telematics channels. Often this person has little information and cannot be contacted by phone or email due to lack of information, shyness or simply because of lack of desire or laziness. However, the fact remains that a certain curiosity remains to find out more about this person and in today’s world, there is no better way than to use the tools made available on the Internet.

In the guide below we will show you which online sites we can use to people search and photos by searching for their name, although not all is plain sailing like a few years ago: things have become difficult again for reasons of privacy laws (which in fact makes it almost impossible to find a person who does not have a public profile or a profile with permissive privacy settings).

In all other cases, it is very unlikely to find information about someone using nicknames or false names on the internet, who does not post personal photos, who does not write on any blog or who has little web activity. Nevertheless, trying to see what information and what pictures you find of yourself, a friend, a co-worker, a relative or a girl you have never met, could be a good way to waste 10 minutes browsing the web.

The social network Facebook is a good starting point for finding people whose name and surname we only remember. With a little luck, we will have a shortlist of candidates and, if there is a photo of the person, we can recognize it and send the friend request. Things become very difficult if the name and surname are very common, if the person we are looking for has inserted a fake photo or an avatar, but we can narrow the searches if we know at least the country where the person we are looking for was born, since on Facebook the only information that is always public and accessible is the name, surname and country of birth.

To start the search, we write the name and surname of the person and scroll through the results. Much more fun is to search for a person on Google images to see which photos have been posted by this person or by some of his friends who have “tagged” him in some social network.

The site, once the name and surname has been entered, will search for all the names that match, showing as results the websites where the name appears, the PDF documents where the name appears, all the avatars, images and photos used on various social networks as a picture of my profile.

The site also supports the search by nickname or nickname; you go to find all those who think they remain hidden on the internet for the mere fact of using a pseudonym, which is often always the same. Once the site is open, you can use it to find friends or acquaintances using your real name, username, location, job, school, and interests. The results are accurate but the search is not too deep, often leading to inconclusive results compared to searches on Google, Facebook or Webmail.

Did we take a picture with the person we are looking for? In this case, we can get help from the search engine Tin Eye, specialized in reverse search (i.e. starting from an image). The service will allow you to find the person we are looking for (or someone who looks a lot like us) by cutting his face from the photo, we took.

This does not mean we cannot try anyway! Let us arm ourselves with patience and try to enter name, surname and place of birth in all the search engines seen above, to reduce errors and find (with a little luck) the person we are looking for. If we were brave enough to look up the phone number but we don’t remember the name we can add the contact on WhatsApp or use tools to find a person’s address and name from their Italian phone number and vice versa.

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