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How can I migrate to Cheap VPS hosting in Malaysia or Singapore?



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VPS – Virtual Private Server

A VPS is a virtual machine used as a service by web hosting companies and provides you with a dedicated server resource. It is an isolated virtual environment on a physical server owned by the VPS hosting provider.

However, its reliable feature, even with a shared physical server, makes it cheap VPS hosting compared to dedicated hosting. Each VPS has its Operating System and reboots separately. VPS can be Windows or Linux Based as per client requirement.

For a VPS, the user has complete control and root access to the server, enabling it to customize its website. Flexibility and up-gradation option are the main attraction to going for a VPS. It is a private server, whereas private means what it implies. Your server is reserved for you only.

VPS is a cost-effective solution for dedicated servers to avoid shared hosting. You get better performance, reliability, security, and a predefined amount of resources such as CPU, RAM, Disk Space, etc.

What is the preferable VPS in Malaysia or Singapore?

While choosing a server location, the first thing that matter is which location you want to target your audience; through technological innovation, VPS hosting is accessible even with an internationally located data server.

However, some countries have communication or access restrictions for websites and applications. So it is advisable to use Malaysian VPS hosting or VPS Singapore to avoid these limitations in these locations.

Therefore, people search for cheap VPS hosting options in Malaysia and Singapore. Suppose your business is located in Malaysia, or you want to host your business website in Malaysia or Singapore.

In that case, it is preferable to use Malaysian VPS hosting or vis-a-vis. Location-based VPS hosting is mandatory to reach the maximum local audience.

To affirm your sincerity with the Singapore community for business, VPS hosting in Singapore or nearby is essential because the distance of your server adds a lot to the website hosting experience, like speed, uptime, etc.

Malaysia VPS has the potential for scalability, which can add more resources according to the requirement of an application. In addition, it provides you with the best tools for developing and running your business with reliability and security for your websites.

Migration plan for Quality features

Many international web hosting companies provide cheap VPS hosting in Malaysia or Singapore these days. While choosing the best VPS Singapore Linux and Windows, you should wisely scan the features.

One of the leading providers is Navicosoft, which provides VPS hosting at a cheap rate with exclusive quality services. You can see the exact price and service plan for cheap VPS Malaysia and Cheap VPS Singapore, for the following qualities:

  • III-tier dedicated and monitoring data centers.
  • Highly secured hosting facility
  • The top-rated smoke detection system
  • Optimum temperature to fulfill temperature requirement for data center
  • Low latency connectivity
  • Inter-connected data center for local and international connectivity

Navicosoft is devoted to providing essential VPS functions with cPanel, competent hardware, 5Mbp Uplink, dedicated resources, scalability, and 24/7/365 technical customer support.

Its state-of-the-art data centers offer seamless scaling and ideal optimization to our websites. Moreover, it facilitates hardware testing and efficient storage power and traffic with no firewall port blocking.

All these qualities and conveniences are available with Navicosoft at the minimal expense of $6 per month. For a growing business catching the VPS hosting in Malaysia or Singapore, the given facilities are more than enough for this price.

Ready to Migration for cheap VPS Hosting in Singapore or Malaysia

With growing online business and traffic, the website requires increased space and resources, which may not be possible in shared hosting. On the other hand, investing in a dedicated server is unaffordable.

Migration to VPS hosting is the best solution. Whenever or wherever you can migrate to the cheap VPS hosting solution. If you are an already cPanel user client of NAVICOSOFT, Migration is just an email or call away.

It works shoulder-to-shoulder to assure international growth for your business. You can flexibly and quickly switch to VPS hosting by subscribing to any suitable cheap VPS plan offered by Navicosoft.

Even if you are not a Navicosoft client, you can still avail of its excellent service of VPS hosting in Singapore and Malaysia through paid migration service. The rest is up to you, whether you move your data and application to VPS and configure it to DNS.

A scalable environment of Navicosoft allows the up-gradation and de-gradation to your satisfaction. You can upgrade your entire Malaysian VPS account or CPU, RAM, SSD, Disk space, and bandwidth.

Navicosoft facilitates cheap VPS hosting for its local and international clients. You can make payments through PayPal, bank transfers, credit cards, Bitcoin, and crypto for cheap VPS hosting in Singapore and Malaysia.


Malaysian VPS is necessary to entertain web hosting in Malaysia and VPS hosting for a business website in Singapore. Navicosoft is the only web hosting company with a 5-star customer rating that provides cheap VPS hosting for both states. It is a reliable VPS hosting provider allowing versatile feature and facilities for its clients to facilitate their business growth.

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