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How Can Medical Records Help in Car Accidents in Los Angeles?



If you are able to establish in court that the other party was responsible for the car accident, you will be able to get compensation for the catastrophic injury you sustained. To establish that, you’ll also have to provide several documents, like your medical records, to demonstrate the damages that you suffered due to the car accident. Apart from the financial recompense for the economic damages, you may also be able to recover monetary aid for the non-quantifiable losses like loss of wages and trauma. Get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible to understand your legal options. 

Process after filing a claim:

Once you are done filing a claim, the insurance company will go through each and every medical record that you submitted to support your claim in order to find any loopholes. You must already be aware that these insurance companies are notorious and will try to link your injuries to any previous conditions you may have. For this reason, you have to be as transparent as possible, and lying about anything could lead to the dismissal of the injury claim. To make sure no such thing happens, you can try to get the help of a professional lawyer.  

Calculating expenses:

Based on how much you had to spend on medical expenses and bills, the lawyer will do an evaluation and come up with a number for which you may file a claim. Not only that, the lawyer will also negotiate with the insurance company. In general, the medical records will include information on any hospital stays, follow-ups, doctor’s visits, physical therapy, and rehabilitation, the price of diagnostic tests and medical care, and any other costs related to the accident in the future.

Final thoughts:

Medical records are at the core of any injury claim and will serve as evidence of the injuries you suffered. As we have already seen, these records will also come in handy when your lawyer calculates and finds an estimate of how much you had to spend on treatment and medications. Apart from this, there are also other things that a lawyer can help you with, like gathering evidence and coming up with witness testimonials to support your claim for compensation. There is no reason for you to waste any time considering what to do, get in touch with a lawyer right away to get what you deserve. 

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