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How Many Rounds in Boxing



In 1983, the Mexican José Sulaimán, then president of the WBC, decided to reduce the number of rounds from 15 to 12 in bouts for a world title. Bouts are typically fought in the ten to the twelve-round range, although four rounds fights are common for less experienced fighters and sport group boxers. In addition, professional bouts of two or three rounds take place, especially in Australia.

But how long is a men’s boxing round?

How many rounds are there in a Boxing match? Boxing matches for world titles have 12 rounds of 3 minutes with a 1-minute break between each round, keeping the fighters fighting for 48 minutes, of which 36 are fighting using high-quality boxing gloves. Fightx was born from the need on the part of the Fitness sector, and the sector needs a Multi-Brand company that can offer the same prices as the manufacturers, with the same guarantees, and with the best experts to offer the best of each firm. It is said the best of each manufacturer with all the guarantees and at the best prices.

At this point, how long does a boxing round last?

In the case of scores, the games can last up to approximately 36 minutes, in which case the 12 rounds of boxing are constituted, thus each one lasting 3 minutes. So what is a round of boxing? Each of the rounds of a boxing match: the match ended in the second round by technical KO.

What are the most quality boxing gloves hold 12 rounds?

Many brands and manufacturers provide boxing gloves, but if you want high-quality gloves which hold 12 rounds, they are fightx gloves. World boxing fans understand that these gloves have quality and the lineage to box in all spheres and terrain. These boxing gloves are made up of high-quality material and are human-friendly.

How Many Rounds in Boxing according to World Boxing Council (WBC)?

According to the World Boxing Council (WBC), when it comes to amateur boxing, children’s fights will be 3 rounds, lasting 2 minutes each round. The same rule applies to female boxers between 18 and 32.

Most people ask how many rounds in boxing for beginners? At the beginning of their career, boxers usually start with four rounds; from there, they go up to 6, 8, and up to 10 rounds per fight.

To be a good boxer, these conditions must be met: a combination of agility, speed, precision, strategy, endurance, power, and a pair of suitable boxing gloves. Fightx is the largest distributor with its Brand and Multi-Brand of Semi-Professional and Professional machinery. Its mission is to equip and condition your business to be the best. For this, we want to offer each customer the product they want at a competitive price, providing the best user experience. At a professional level, the most frequent injuries are located in the head, neck, and face, such as cuts, bleeding, blows to the eyes, concussions, and hemorrhages. With professionally made boxing gloves, you can prevent yourself from all kinds of hand injuries.

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