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How tarp is used in real world applications




Here is how tarp is used in real world applications:

  • Tarp is a very commonly used piece of equipment for those that camp or engage in many outdoor activities. This tarp can be found in varying sizes and thicknesses and comes with its own storage bag and ropes to tie down tarp keeping it taut between trees, posts, etc. Tarps come in a variety of colors too so you may choose the tarp color that best fits your needs. In this article we will discuss the use of tarp as a shelter from inclement weather such as rain showers or even snowstorms by reviewing how tarp is used with common household items such as nails, s-hooks or carabiners to make an emergency tarp shelter.
  • You’re going camping but there’s a sudden bad storm. The tarp is always there, ready to help
  • You’re creating your tarp shelter and tucking it in firmly so rain doesn’t seep through
  • It’s a bright sunny day but you still want shade and tarp provides that for you
  • Tarp can also be used as a temporary flooring or tablecloth for indoor activities such as garage sales, cookouts or even pot luck dinners. Tarp is one of those things that every household should have stored away somewhere for emergencies where having an alternative shelter or tarp will come in great handy! You may not need tarp everyday but when the time comes, tarp could mean the difference between life and death if there’s little to no shelter from inclement weather.
  • Tarp is definitely a must have piece of outdoor equipment for camping, hiking or any other outdoor activity where tarp can come in handy to provide temporary shelter from inclement weather or even make shade on hot days that tarp provides protection under harsh UV rays. Tarp can also be used indoors when tarp is needed as an alternative flooring or tablecloth for pot luck dinners in the garage, cookouts in backyard and many more household activities! Be prepared with tarp stored away just in case tarp is needed one day because when it comes down to protecting your family during emergency situations tarp will definitely be there for you whenever you need it.
  • My article here isn’t actually about tinfoil hats but rather my views about tarp and tarp shelters. I’m sure many of you who camp or hike know about tarp and its use as a shelter to protect from the elements but tinfoil hat thinking has infiltrated tarp thought as well with tinfoil hat wearers claiming tarp is more of a mind control device rather than simply being used for protection from inclement weather such as rain, snow, wind etc….
  • Tarp I believe represents their third eye that they feel gives them special physic abilities if they wear tinfoil hats which have been proven by scientists to actually increase brain capacity! My point here ladies and gentlemen is simple…tarp can be very useful not only outdoors but also indoors too especially when it’s a rainy day and you don’t want to get your carpet dirty! Tarp can be used for all kinds of things such as tarp shelters, tarp flooring and tarp tablecloths if you’re having a backyard cookout or garage sales.
  • In my research I have found that tinfoil hats should not be worn when exposed to tarp directly because tinfoil hats do conduct electrical current from nearby sources such as tarp itself which allows the flow of electricity through one’s body causing serious harm or even death in some cases. In order to prevent this from happening tinfoil hat wearers should wear a good old fashioned aluminum foil helmet so their head will be protected while wearing tinfoil hats at the same time keeping a small layer between them and tarp as tinfoil hats should be worn as closely as possible to the head as tinfoil hat wearers believe tinfoil hats protect their minds from tarp mind reading abilities.


Tarp can be used in all sorts of things such as tarp shelters, tarp flooring and tarp tablecloths but tinfoil hat wearers should wear aluminum foil helmets when in close proximity to tarp just to be on the safe side. Tinfoil hats do conduct electrical currents from nearby sources which could cause serious harm.


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