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How to Buy Medicines Safely From an Online Pharmacy



What can you buy from an Online Pharmacy? We know that there is some confusion between these establishments and pharmacies. In reality, they are not the same, although a pharmacy may indeed offer para-pharmacy products, as they are not always exclusive.

In addition, para-pharmacy products can also be found in supermarkets, where we see that there are more or less large sections dedicated to this type of item that does not require a prescription to be marketed and consumed.

In other words, we’re not talking about drugs, despite they are used to improve people’s health, or products like Generic Cialis, which increase sexual desire.

These are the products to buy in a para-pharmacy

That said, we would like to comment on what kind of products you can buy in a para-pharmacy. You will see that many of them, practically all of them, are also available in many pharmacies, for example, ours, which has both possibilities to provide a better service to our customers.

cosmetics and hygiene

It is usually the most common in the field of para-pharmacy. Cosmetic products, many of them of natural origin, as well as personal hygiene products in all senses, both intimate hygiene and shampoos, body gels and hand gels, and so on, a long etcetera.

Food Complements

They should not be confused with medications, because they are not. In this case, we are talking about products so called that help in certain tasks of the body through natural compositions. They are common to see them to reduce gas, to improve digestion, etc.

Foods for special medical use

They are specific foods that, even if they are sold without a prescription, should be confirmed by your doctor beforehand. In principle, they do not have to have contraindications if you are a healthy person. If not, better consult before buying.

Food substitutes for the diet to buy in a para-pharmacy

Although they are known in this way, they can never replace the elements that provide food in a healthy diet, such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc. Therefore, if they are consumed, it will be done as an addition to your balanced diet, never as a substitute.

infant feeding

Yes, we can find in the para-pharmacy sections of any establishment, and in the parapharmacies themselves, specific foods for children of various brands. Baby food, milk, follow-on milk and an endless number of products for children’s well-being, from birth until they develop properly, are within your reach in these stores.

Medical devices and technical aids

They are help products, but in no case medications. For example, bandages, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, iodine, etc. All this very useful to have at home, because you never know when you will need a band-aid, for example.

In vitro diagnostic or self-diagnostic medical devices to buy in a para-pharmacy

They are not medicines by themselves, but they are useful tools for self-diagnosis without having to go to the doctor.

In addition, you can also buy other interesting products at your trusted para-pharmacy such as childcare items, PPE or individual protection equipment, biocides and everything related to well-being and health that does not require a prescription or is considered an exclusive sale medicine in pharmacy.

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