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How to get CBAP certified?



CBAP Course

Do you want to get a CBAP certificate? People having a CBAP certificate are in higher demand in the market. They also get more remuneration as compared to their counterparts who do not have a CBAP certificate. Getting a CBAP certificate is a step-by-step process. The path you choose to become CBAP certified depends on time availability, money, and capability. Though, the general process of becoming CBAP certified is the same for all individuals who aspire to clear the exam and get a certification. If you are planning to earn a CBAP certificate, you have to follow the steps given here in this article. Also, check out the Business analyst course for a career as a Business analyst.

What is your business analysis experience?

If you want to earn a certificate, you must have at least 5 years of 7500 hours of business analysis experience. You have to show that you have 900 hours of experience across four of the six knowledge areas. Many people have been working as business analysts for many years but they do not know about the CBAP Course. When you document your experience it boosts your confidence. If you have not completed a sufficient number of hours as a business analyst and still want to get certified, there are other ways. You can get the level 2 certificate that is termed as certification of competency in business analysis or level 1 certificate that is termed as an entry-level certificate in business analysis.

Work for appropriate professional development hours

It is the second step to obtain the CBAP certificate. You must have 35 documented professional development hours when applying for CBAP certification. You have to choose a CBAP course for earning professional development credits.

Prepare and submit your CBAP application

The next step is to submit your application to IIBA. There is a full page on the website that you have to fill out. The page includes your work experience and professional development hours. You also have to meet the minimum educational requirement which is high school equivalent. You also have to give two references.

Become familiar with the BABOK guide

After earning a certificate you become a senior business analyst professional. If you want to earn this certificate, you must understand the contents given in the BABOK guide. Every aspirant needs to read this guide thoroughly and understand the terms and material given in the book. You may have to read the guide thoroughly several times to fully understand the contents of the book. You can also join a BABOK guide study group to understand the information given in the book. Study groups that mainly focus on reading and discussing the BABOK guide information can help you in a better understanding of the book. You must use exam simulators to know about the preparation for the exam. This will help you to know your ability to answer the questions asked in the exam. Exam simulators are important for the candidates to test their preparation.

Pass your CBAP exam

After your application gets approved, you must schedule for exam preparation. You must have 2-3 months to prepare for the exam. If you do not pass the exam, you can reschedule the exam and prepare for it again. When you sit for the exam try to do your best.

Requirements for CBAP certification

If you want to get the CBAP certificate, a candidate must have the following requirements:

Eligibility criteria

CBAP certificate is for people having significant experience in the field of business analysis. It is an ideal certification for people who have worked as business analysts for more than 5 years. It is the most advanced level certification offered by the International Institute of Business Analysis.  You have to work in business analysis for 7500 hours and have work experience of 10 years. You must complete a minimum of 35 hours of professional development in four years. You have to provide two references. Agree to code of conduct and terms and conditions.

CBAP certification cost

There are three parts of certification cost. First is the membership fee, second is an application fee, and third is an exam fee. The membership fee varies from country to country. The application fee is not refundable and the examination fee is less for members and more for non-members.

Know the syllabus for the CBAP exam

You must acquaint yourself with the syllabus for the CBAP exam. The syllabus is given in the BABOK guide. It includes everything important for CBAP exam preparation. Different subjects included in the BABOK guide to prepare for the exam include:

Elicitation and collaboration

Business analysis planning and monitoring

Strategy analysis

Requirements life cycle management

Solution evaluation

Requirements Analysis and design definition

Know the exam pattern

As a candidate, you must know the exam pattern. The exam of CBAP certification includes multiple-choice questions. The questions are asked to test your ability to use the concepts given in the BABOK guide. The questions are based on a scenario and case study. The case studies are large and multiple-choice questions are asked from the case studies. A total of 120 multiple choice questions are asked. The duration of the exam is three and a half hours. There are four options for every question and candidates have to choose one correct answer for each question. The paper does not have a negative marking for the wrong answer.

Tips to prepare for the CBAP exam

Candidates who wish to clear the CBAP exam and earn a certificate must use the given tips to prepare for the exam:

The best study material used for exam preparation is the BABOK guide. Therefore, candidates must read and understand the information given in the BABOK guide. They should try to mug up the information and concepts given in the book if they wish to clear the exam.

Prepare from other study guides and study material available in the market. This could be a useful resource to prepare for the exam.

Candidates must try to attend preparatory training sessions for the CBAP exam. This will help them to understand the concepts and prepare in a better way for the exam.

Solve as many sample question papers for the exam as possible. Most questions asked in the CBAP exam are based on scenarios and case studies. Therefore, candidates must practice sample papers and try to attempt simulation tests to gain confidence and ensure that they prepare well for the exam.

It is a difficult exam and one has to prepare for it systematically. Candidates must set a schedule for exam preparation. They must read the BABOK guide every day to get a good grasping of the information given in the book.

Candidates can give separate tests for each chapter to get a stronghold on the chapter. They must give separate tests for scenario-based questions and case study questions. This will help in a better understanding of the exam pattern.

Keep a track of your performance by giving multiple simulation tests and try to improve in every test so that you can get a good hold of the topics and questions asked in the exam. You can also join study groups to enhance your understanding and knowledge of the exam pattern.

Keep yourself calm and relaxed when preparing for the CBAP exam. Try to get a good sleep a day before the exam and make revision notes for the last-minute revision.

CBAP exam can help an individual to receive better growth opportunities in the field of business analysis. Hard work and commitment can help candidates to achieve their aim and grow further in their careers.

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