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Looking for how to get free NFTs and the best NFT picks? Sign up for our new NFT Pro newsletter! NFT PRO subscribers were tipped off on the potential of 2 recent moonshot NFT projects in the same edition: Art Gobblers (2 months before it launched for free) and DigiDaigaku when they were selling for less than 1.5 ETH (~$2,300). Both collections peaked at about 14 ETH ($19,000+)! If you got one of each when the newsletter was sent out that could be a $37k profit from one newsletter!

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the world by storm as some of the most famous celebrities have started to join the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. These digital assets have changed the game for digital communities and networking in general. They also provide some of the most wildly profitable opportunities (like the DigiDaigaku play above). Within these communities, some projects offer free mints or airdrops to qualifying holders, providing an exciting way for new investors to get free NFTs in 2023.

How to Get Free NFTs

There are a surprisingly high number of ways to get free NFTs in 2023. Some methods are more consistent than others. Some are exponentially more profitable than others. In order for some projects to get off their feet, they provide free NFT mints or airdrop NFTs to individuals. The best way to find free mints would be to get active in the NFT community. Browse OpenSea and Twitter to find upcoming mints.

When browsing for upcoming NFT mints, stay cautious of malicious projects or individuals. Research as much information as possible about the creators and the intentions of the project.

1. Get Free NFTs from

Are you looking for a way to get NFTs for free? We have a great tip for you. Just start using It’s a website where you can earn money by playing games, filling out surveys, or making different tasks. It’s very easy to make money. The average user earns around $20+ per day and it doesn’t take much time. You can earn money on internet activities that you’re doing for free now.

Free cash offers many different ways of withdrawing earned money. You can cash out using crypto like Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Dogecoin (DOGE), but also PayPal and Gift Cards instantly. The easiest and fastest way to get NFTs is by withdrawing earned money with cryptocurrencies and buying NFTs on OpenSea.

How to get NFTs for free:

1. Register on
2. Make tasks, play games, and fill out surveys to earn money online.
3. Withdraw earned money in cryptocurrencies.
4. Buy an NFT on OpenSea.

Just have fun with Free cash and get your NFTs for free!

2. Get Free NFTs From Airdrops

NFT airdrops occur when an NFT is given to a qualifying individual, typically a holder of other NFTs. One of the most popular examples of an NFT airdrop is the mutant veils for BAYC holders, where those who owned one Bored Ape NFT were gifted with an exclusive drop of Yuga Lab’s second project, Mutant Ape Yacht Club. As of November 2022, this free airdrop to Bored Ape holders is worth around $15,000. Unfortunately, airdrops like these are rare. Airdrops like this are the most difficult to get but are often the most profitable by far. Luckily, tons of different projects have given out free NFTs worth a few thousand dollars or more. These are rare and harder to find now that the NFT market is suffering but they still exist if you know how to find them.

This process allows for quick adoption of the project and promotes growth as individuals are often excited to receive free assets. It benefits both the NFT project and everyone who gets the airdrop. The concept of airdrops among the NFT community is also important because it gives investors something to look forward to when purchasing an NFT.  It is often difficult to find great NFT airdrops because there is so much competition for them so tools like NFT PRO make it much easier to find a good project with NFT airdrops.

3. Free NFT Mints

In order to grow quickly and raise interest, some projects offer free mints. This Giving out free mints incurs no upfront cost except for the gas fee to mint the piece to the blockchain. Keep in mind some blockchains may cost more than others; for example, free mints on Ethereum may be over $100 due to increasing gas fees. It is notoriously difficult to differentiate between a free NFT mint with potential and one that will be worth nothing immediately. However, some free mints have been ridiculously profitable like Critterz which reached a 4 ETH floor price (for a few minutes, it was stable at about 2 ETH for months) only a few months after it was minted for free. Note, floor price refers to the lowest price for any NFT in a given collection.

4. Make Your Own NFT

Some decentralized applications (DApps) allow you to create your own NFT by minting it onto a blockchain. It’s important to consider that although anyone can create an NFT, it does not necessarily give it value.

The value of owning an NFT is completely subjective, although some benefits are proof of ownership and community perks. The NFT you made is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. By purchasing these assets on the blockchain, you gain a verified ledger of all transaction history, making ownership and overall history completely transparent. Creating your own NFT project likely has the most profit potential but it is much harder to sell out your own NFTs than trading established NFTs. You can learn exactly how to create an NFT with Benzinga’s in-depth guide.

5. Get Free NFTs from Play-to-Earn NFT Games

Play-to-earn video games reward users with crypto for completing tasks or beating opponents within the game. These decentralized games are usually an upfront investment as it requires the purchase of NFTs in order to start playing the game. Although the upfront cost may be large for some games, the ability to earn free NFTs or crypto can make it a worthwhile venture. Some top NFT games are Axie Infinity and The Sandbox. Another play-to-earn game is Sorare, which combines Fantasy Soccer with NFTs and Ethereum rewards. Play-to-earn games are becoming more and more popular now after the genre exploded in popularity this year.

6. Win Free NFTs From Twitter Giveaways

If you follow any NFT Twitter accounts, you have probably seen at least a few NFT giveaways. NFT projects often build a following in part by giving away whitelist spots, free NFTs, and sometimes even crypto. Usually, all you need to do is engage with the post (like, comment on your Ethereum wallet, retweet, etc.), and that will give you a chance of winning free NFTs! Some of these giveaways are fake, unfortunately, but many of them are real and give you a decent chance to get free NFTs. Also, you should always be aware of scams and make sure not to click suspicious links.

7. Win Free NFTs From Discord Giveaways

Discord giveaways are also quite common in the NFT world and they can be a great way to get free NFTs in 2023. Most of these giveaways happen in various NFT projects’ Discord servers. This can make them difficult to find but once you join a bunch of NFT project Discord servers, you should be able to find quite a few. They also mostly give out whitelist spots instead of directly sending you the free NFTs, but whitelist spots can still be incredibly profitable.

What are NFTs?

An NFT is a digital asset that is non-fungible, meaning that it is unique and cannot be easily exchanged with an exact copy. For example, US dollars are fungible because they are interchangeable with other genuine dollars. Rare 1 of 1 Baseball cards, like NFTs, are not substantially equivalent or interchangeable with anything else. Each NFT has its own address on the blockchain that cannot be changed or faked (without taking over the entire network). This process allows for proof of ownership among the community and invalidates concerns that someone could take a screenshot of the art to try to claim ownership. This makes the tech perfect for making collectible digital art. The use cases don’t stop there, however.

NFTs allow individuals to own digital assets such as art, music, and virtual real estate. These assets also have the ability to promote different artists or musicians as some creators are able to earn royalties off future purchases.

NFT Prices

The cost of different NFT collections can vary drastically. This is why they can be both so profitable and risky. Some projects offer free claims to qualifying individuals; others have a floor value of well over $50,000. The number of different collections is growing exponentially, so don’t feel discouraged if you can’t afford $50,000 for an NFT. There are plenty of affordable options available and using a resource like Benzinga’s NFT Pro weekly newsletter could be a fantastic resource to help you pick out the best opportunities in NFTs.

Blockchains like Ethereum typically have higher gas fees than other competing networks like Solana. Using less-expensive blockchains provides a great opportunity for traders hoping to spend minimal cash on gas fees. Although fees may be higher on Ethereum, the quality of the artwork is generally superior to other blockchains. Ethereum is also the most trusted and decentralized blockchain in the world.

How to Get Started With NFTs

The first step to purchasing an NFT would be to acquire ETH or whatever coin is native to the network you want to buy the NFT from. To accomplish this step, you’d open an account on a trading platform like eToro or Robinhood.

Once you verify your account on a trading platform, you fund it with your preferred payment method. The most common methods of funding are debit or credit cards as well as direct bank transfers.

Where to Store NFTs Safely

When determining where to keep your NFTs, it’s best to consider a hardware wallet for maximum security. A software wallet like Metamask is common for holding NFTs, as it’s compatible with Opensea and other DApps, but you could get hacked if you connect your wallet to an untrusted third-party website.

Best Hardware Wallet: Ledger

Ledger is one of the top hardware wallets currently available. The device is primarily an offline hardware wallet that also connects to Bluetooth and USB depending on if you want to use your computer or mobile phone. Ledger also has an app to make it easier to secure, store and manage your digital assets.

Are NFTs a Bubble?

Considering how new and incredibly popular NFTs became earlier in 2022, they were likely in a bubble. However, after the market crash, they may be closer to reasonable valuations. These digital assets are so new and unique that it’s hard to determine the true value of an NFT in most circumstances. The quality of NFTs, like art, is entirely subjective.

Although NFTs may have been in a bubble, revolutionary innovation lies behind the core technology. Looking beyond the aspect of the art, NFTs provides an entirely new way to verify the ownership and authenticity of assets. The future holds endless possibilities for the application of NFTs, and it will be interesting to see how it unfolds over the next few years.

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