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How to Get Turkish Citizenship By Marriage?



Wiklundkurucuk Law Firm

Turkey receives thousands of immigrants from foreign countries every year, thanks to both living conditions and job opportunities. Climate, social conditions, education and health services and natural beauties are among the first reasons coming to mind to apply for Turkish citizenship. Looking at Turkish citizenship law, there are several conditions to get citizenship.

Turkish citizenship also offers the right to get a Turkish passport, which provides easy visa access to many countries and visa-free entry to many countries.

So, how to become a Turkish citizen? According to Turkish immigration laws, there are different ways to get Turkish citizenship right. Turkish citizenship can be acquired by birth, by adoption, by the right of choice, as an immigrant or depending on the residence condition. Another way to get Turkish citizenship afterwards is marriage. There are regulations in Turkish citizenship law on how to get Turkish citizenship through marriage.

Time Requirement for Getting Turkish Citizenship by Marriage

Marriage is one of the conditions that gives the right to apply for Turkish citizenship. However, the marriage of a foreign citizen to a Turkish citizen does not automatically give the foreign person the right to become a Turkish citizen. In order to apply for Turkish citizenship through marriage and get citizenship, the marriage must continue for at least 3 years.

So, foreign citizens who have been married to a Turkish citizen for at least 3 years and whose marriage is still continuing can apply for Turkish citizenship. In the application, documents need to be prepared such as the application form, photograph, passport, notarial translation of identity information, the latest residence address if the place of residence is Turkey, and if there is a final court order about her/him, approved copy of the court order must be made available.

Other Requirements for Turkish Citizenship Through Marriage

The people who apply for Turkish citizenship through marriage should live in unity of family, not engage in activities that are incompatible with marriage, and should not have any obstacle in terms of national security and public order. In case the marriage end as a result of the death of the Turkish spouse after the date of citizenship application, the condition of living in family unity is not required.

If the people who get Turkish citizenship through marriage are well-intentioned, Turkish Citizenship is protected if the decision of marriage is made. In this case, the public authority is asked whether the citizenship will continue or not.

If you are looking for a lawyer who will follow the process on your behalf to apply for citizenship through marriage, you can contact Wiklundkurucuk Turkish law firm. Wiklundkurucuk law firm provides both consulting on matters you wonder about and the execution of your legal transactions with its expert lawyer team throughout the process.

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DCTDAO Introduces the $2 Decentralized/Non-Custodial Cross-chain Bridge!



DCTDAO Introduces the $2 Decentralized/Non-Custodial Cross-chain Bridge!

The incredibly high gas fees of Ethereum have plagued crypto traders that want to trade on DEXs without the hassle of KYC and all the while keeping their funds safe on non-custodial exchanges. Hundreds and thousands of dollars are wasted on swapping and gas fees, eating away at the profits from the trade. Now with DCTDEX, users can finally trade with gas-less fees, leveraging the avalanche blockchain and beyond.

But before users can trade on a gas-less ecosystem, users will have to exit using a Bridge from the Ethereum blockchain and enter a low gas fee trading platform based on another blockchain like an avalanche, Polkadot, and more. This is more often than not quite problematic for casual traders who wanted to trade only a few hundred dollars worth of cryptos since almost all other cross-chain solutions cost hundreds of dollars in bridging fees alone.

Enter DCTD Bridge

Gone are the days of seeing your profits getting eaten away by Ethereum fees on Ethereum based DEXs. Now traders, big and small can move out from the Ethereum blockchain and trade on the gas-less DCTDEX seamlessly and affordably using the DCTD Bridge for a flat fee of $2 fees to exit Ethereum and enjoy all the benefits of the DEX, including gas-less trading as well as staking and many more options coming soon.

Key features of DCTD Bridge are :

  1. Highly affordable bridging fee of only $2 from Ethereum to Avalanche (Current rate : 0.00074 ETH). Rates will be adjusted on a weekly basis, so very small deviations from $2 will occur during the week with price fluctuations.

2. Seamless method to convert assets to the destination’s native token without having to use an external website or any centralized/custodial exchanging.

The bridging process is built in such a way to enable an easy and user-friendly bridging experience. You can get started on doing your first bridge now by following the tutorial below :


What’s Next

DCTDAO will not stop improving the bridge, the DEX, and the infrastructure of the DCTDAO ecosystem. As more promising blockchains like Polkadot emerge, DCTDAO will continue to adopt, integrate and improve the innovative tech and create the next iteration of DCTD Bridge, DCTDEX, and more!

Until then, stay tuned on our channels below to be the first to know :

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MaxExpress LLC introduces WellSend international money transfers



MaxExpress LLC

It has never been so easy to manage your finances on a global scale. Starting from June 1, 2021, MaxExpress LLC is actively developing a mobile application for WellSend money transfers.

The application will provide the users with an opportunity to send money transfers from Ukraine to Georgia and from Georgia to Ukraine to MasterCard and Visa cards. The new application will make it possible to receive money to any bank account as well as right in the mobile application on the most favorable terms.

The new MaxExpress LLC product in conjunction with a mobile application will be the best way not only to receive international transfers but also for daily financial management. By using the mobile application, users will be able to receive WellSend international money transfers, pay for utilities, as well as to manage their money without opening an online bank account.

MaxExpress LLC has already started working with a partner company that will ensure the full implementation of the new product.  They plan to offer a fully-fledged system for accepting money transfers in Georgia and Ukraine. Recipients will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to receive money online right to their MasterCard and Visa cards without leaving home. In addition, they will be able to send money transfers as well.

MaxExpress, a Georgian company, which provides financial and payment services, has launched a money transfer service both from Ukraine to Georgia and from Georgia to Ukraine for private individuals. Earlier MaxExpress became a member of the international payment system Wallsend (Ukraine). This service is available to customers from January 1, 2019.

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Best New Websites to Buy Instagram Followers in 2020



For the past few years, I’ve noticed many websites offer low quality, spammy looking Instagram followers for high prices. Buying fake followers may hurt your account in the long run

So it’s better to buy Instagram followers from a trusted website with real followers and the highest overall service

With that said, here are the best places & site’s we were able to find in terms of follower quality & retention has clearly mentioned what they are offering in terms of Instagram engagement. They have a really good pricing structure compared to other websites in the market. And one thing I like the most is their 24×7 live chat support

They offer full-service Instagram enhancement and say that they are great value for money. They have many real customer reviews on their website. That’s a plus one from me will help its clients buy Instagram followers with their instant delivery and mass ordering system so that you don’t have to wait around for your new following for too long.

There is no doubt They claim to be the cheapest and best place online to purchase your new followers, and they can help you get started from just $1, which we think is pretty good. As well as offering instant delivery, they can also automatically refill your order, and they have pretty good customer support too in case something goes wrong. They also support Paypal payments that are a plus from me

With positive reviews on their website, we can’t see what could go wrong from trying them out.

Instjool, as you may have gathered from their name, is super similar to Massgress because they offer their clients instant delivery and awesome customer support with live chat.

They know that sometimes, you can’t wait around for your follower count to increase, so they wanted to solve this problem by getting their followers to their clients as quickly as they could. As far as I know, they are the oldest and one of the most reputed websites to buy Instagram followers, likes

You can get started from just $2, and expect to pay as much as $99, which could be our best brand on here.

Digi SMM

Digi SMM knows a lot about increasing your follower count on Instagram. They know that you care about how many followers you have, which is why they offer real Instagram followers that are going to boost the credibility of your account straight away.

What’s more, they have a chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner, so you can chat with someone if things aren’t quite right. They have many different package options so that they can cater to all different kinds of budgets, and we really like that they are https secure too.

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