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How to Reduce Open Pores Problem



Many people in the cosmetics inbox want to know how to solve the problem of pores and what products to use to quickly reduce this problem. Many people are worried about open pores of facial skin, it is quite embarrassing and common skin concern. What is the function of pores in our skin, what causes pores to grow, is it possible to reduce it at all, how to keep pores clean or minimize them, how much do you know about these things? In order to get the solution to the problem, it is necessary to know a little deeper about this first. We also know that skincare routines vary with age. Today we will know how to take care of the skin, the open pores will vanish.

What is Porus and what is its function?

Pore ​​means hair follicle, it is present in all human beings by birth. With age and other reasons when it starts to be visible in the face, especially around the nose and cheeks, then we say that the pores have gotten bigger or there is a problem of open pores! We have about 20,000 hair follicles on our facial skin, and we have it all over our body, it’s natural. But whenever we see a few big open pores in our face, then our thinking starts! Well, do you know what the work of this pore or pore? Let’s take a look at them.

1) The main function of hair follicles is to remove sweat from our body

2) Balancing skin oil production and moisture level through sebum secretion

3) To control the temperature of the skin

Then you understand, Porus is a very important thing for us! Porus is not possible to remove permanently, but it can be minimized, its visibility can be reduced. So our target should be how to keep the pores clean, how to reduce the big pores, above all the proper skincare.

What are the reasons for the growth of the pores?
As the skin ages, elastin and collagen usually begin to loosen with age, then the pores of the skin become visible. In addition, sun damage, blackheads, excess sebum, ie oily skin, hormonal issues, not taking care of the skin can cause open pores.

How to control pore size?
It is not possible to reduce the problem of pores growing overnight, it does not mean that it will be removed in an instant! However, its visibility can be greatly reduced. If you take proper care of your skin according to your age, you will not have to worry about the problem of open pores even if you get older.

Teenage skincare
Now many people can say that open pores are not a problem at such a young age, teenage skin is just as beautiful. Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. But due to hormonal changes or if you are in the sun for a long time or if you do not clean your face properly, open pores on the skin can wear out very quickly. Let’s not know what can be done at this age to keep Porus in good health.

1) Serum cannot be kept in skincare before 20 years. Double cleansing, toning, skin type moisturizing, sunscreen are enough.

2) Dead cells, black heads, white heads should be cleaned once a week with mild exfoliator, there will be no fear of pore clogging.

3) 1-2 days of weekly beauty treatment can be applied on the face by making a pack with multani soil, rose water, aloe vera gel and tokadai. The skin will be beautiful, taut and clean.

Skincare after 20
All of us have different skin type, skin quality as well as pores structure. Many people have open pores on their face at a very young age. The sun’s harmful rays damage the elastic and collagen layers of the skin, so for those who do not apply sunscreen properly, this problem goes away very quickly. And those who have extra oily skin, because their sebaceous glands are much more active, the visibility of the pores is higher, especially around the nose. Now we know how to take care of skin at a young age.

1) In addition to basic skin care, choose the serum according to the needs of the skin and do not forget to understand the rules of using the serum by talking to a beauty consultant or expert.

2) Niacinamide works great to minimize pores. Retinoids reduce the size of pores by helping to repair skin cells. Salicylic acid and glycolic acid act as chemical exfoliators to break the bonds of dead skin cells, keep skin healthy, and reduce excess sebum production. This eliminates the problem of brown, black heads and open pores. You need to know which ingredient works best with your skin type.

3) To clean regular skin, you need to use oil cleanser and foam face wash. If you do double cleansing, the pores will be clean from inside. If you have blackheads on your nose, clean them with a nose pores strip 1 day a week.

4) 1 or 2 days a week you can use clay based masks that are effective in reducing the size of the pores. Ice massage will also be quite good for you. If you have problems with open pores or oily skin, healing clay, multani mud, volcanic ash will work well for your skin and you will instantly feel that the visibility of pores seems to be much less.

5) When toning, the pH balance of the skin is right, the pores are tightening. So the toner can’t be skipped! Also use sunscreen with SF F50 during the day but must.

Skincare in pregnancy
Hormonal factors can cause the skin’s oil glands to become over-active at this time, resulting in a number of skin problems that may not have been noticed before! So at this time you need to be careful about skin care product selection, because many ingredients can penetrate the placenta and harm the fetus. Seek expert advice on this and use products with mild and natural ingredients for the skin. There is no reason to worry, if there is a problem with the skin due to hormonal reasons, it will go away automatically after the baby delivery!

Skincare in middle age
As I said before, big pores appear on the skin with age, but if you take proper care of your skin, this problem will not bother you much! If you have been following the anti aging skin care routine from the age of 22-25, your skin will look like 30 even at the age of 40. Many also have open pores problems due to genetic reasons. We now know how to do skincare at this age.

1) Cleansing, toning, moisturizing, sunscreen, anti-aging range application must be done regularly. Do scrubbing twice a week. Put the serum in the skincare to understand the skin type and problem.

2) Make ice cubes with cucumber juice, rose water, aloe vera gel. Ice massage works very well to minimize pores.

3) Check if your regular skincare products contain retinol, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, niacinamide, these will work well for your skin. These ingredients are heat and sun sensitivity, so be sure to use sunscreen before or after cooking.

This was the discussion about Porus. We learned what Pores does, how to keep it clean, and age-appropriate skincare guidelines. Proper skin care can help you to get rid of many skin problems. At the same time, drink plenty of water, follow a healthy food chart, and get adequate sleep. If you want, you can buy authentic skincare products from two cosmetic physical shops, one located in Jamuna Future Park and the other in Border Square, and if you want to buy online, you can buy from Everyone will be fine, will be healthy, will be beautiful.

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