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How to sell real estate with Facebook



Why advertise on Facebook?

  • Relatively low investment with the possibility of defining the type of audience, day and time of the week, in addition to allowing something very important: interaction;
  • It allows several publication formats such as promoting the page, sponsoring posts, specific offers, making surveys, sales announcements, publishing live videos and webcards, external links and more;
  • Integration with other social media like Instagram;
  • Complete arsenal of indicator management tools, with real-time reports on your real estate marketing campaign.

Maybe you need a little help, so come on! It all starts with your page (not a profile, but a page!). It is necessary to have a specific page for your company, it is not good to mix personal profile with sales. Creating a page is a simple process, we will show you an initial step by step for you to better understand how to advertise on Facebook. 1) In this new update, the platform has relocated the “Create” option very close to other tools that are widely used, in the top bar; 2) When clicking on Create, you must select the “Page” option; 3) Then, the option “Start”, in the section “Business or brand”; 4) Name it and define the branch in which your business belongs. For the real estate area there are several options, select the one that best fits your proposal.

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What types of ads are there on Facebook?

In the first case, it is possible to create ads of various types to communicate with customers.

Simple images

Ads achieve greater reach when they are composed of a single image with little or no writing. The range in these cases is much greater than an image with a lot of writing, for example. A good photo of one of your properties can be a good idea in this case. It is important, of course, to dedicate yourself to the photos so that they are attractive.


An ad possibility is the carousel. On the carousel you place several small related ads and spread them together. For the real estate market this is a great alternative. This is because this type of ad is ideal to advertise several properties at once. However, it is good to gather the properties by some theme or characteristic in common. Posts with very different purposes and audiences tend to have less reach on Facebook.


Videos also generate good engagement on Facebook. Producing videos for your page can be a good strategy to engage your potential customers. There are several types of video content that you can produce for your social networks. For this type of media, on Facebook, it is important not to use links. Links have little reach, while videos posted directly on the platform have a higher reach.


Avoid placing links alone. Thumbnail links have a low reach. Place the links next to the images of your properties and they will have a greater reach. In addition, this is a way to encourage your Facebook followers to log into your real estate website . So you get more leads (potential customers) and increase traffic to your site, which goes better with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

What should you explore on Facebook?

The presence of a company on the internet is based on its joint actions on different platforms. A well-designed marketing strategy considers what is most effective for the channel you are using. Therefore, your real estate marketing should consider a specific plan for each channel. If you made an ad for the newspaper and want to take advantage of it on Facebook, it may not be a good strategy. First, newspaper ad formats are different from Facebook. Second, Facebook ads work best if they are more targeted and objective. Unlike the newspaper, where there are usually advertisements for several properties at the same time. According to the Kissmetrics website, posts that combine text and image have 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more clicks. Then, take the time to illustrate your publications well and be able to attract more engagement from your audience. For this you can hire an advertising agency or a freelancer who works with art direction and / or social media. This professional will create content and manage your page, issuing reports about her performance and helping to optimize her work. A good tip is to create infographics with current affairs, they generate a lot of shares.

Personalize your page

If you haven’t already, start by defining a good visual identity for your company and apply it also on social networks. In the digital environment, your profile works like your business card. That is why it is important that your client is faced with a visual that is pleasant and that makes clear the positioning of your business. Instagram, which now also belongs to Mark Zukemberg, showed through recent updates that, to be relevant, it is necessary to have good content and not just good likes. We’ll talk more about relevance later. Back on Facebook, the cover of the page and the images of the publications need to be thought and worked out strategically. As we speak here a few times, there is already much of the same. Therefore, it is (very) worth making your real estate business professional, serious and authentic. Facebook establishes some basic rules for images, so search for more on dimensions on Google. For the profile photo, for example, we recommend that you use your logo. The minimum resolution must be 180x180px so that there are no distortions. The cover photo is a complement to the profile photo, a shallow synthesis of the company. This photo can (and should) be changed from time to time. Expose offers, a picture of the current marketing campaign, or a cause that your real estate agent is supporting, for example. This photo can (and should) be changed from time to time. Expose offers, a picture of the current marketing campaign, or a cause that your real estate agent is supporting, for example. This photo can (and should) be changed from time to time. Expose offers, a picture of the current marketing campaign, or a cause that your real estate agent is supporting, for example.

Describe the company!

How to do this? Click “About” on the left sidebar of the page. There, you will have access to various customizations of information about the page and about the company. It is contact information, such as address, phone, email, website and other useful details, such as company description and related topics. You also need to define a username. This will customize the URL of your page within Facebook, for example,áriasuacasa. This is important so that not only will the lead find you more easily, but also for Google to recognize your name on the internet. Along the page you will see other elements, with 3 columns, one that is fixed (on the left), the middle column where you post your stuff and the right column where there is information about, videos, events and others. In the “custom tabs” on the right, there are several categories that you can choose to appear there. Think about what information a Facebook visitor needs to make their purchase decision. From that, you can already build your page. An interesting tip is to look at the page of other real estate agencies that are a reference (in Brazil and / or in the world) to get some ideas.

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