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How to Take a Men’s Hoodie From Street to fashion




Do you need to warm up through the winter months? There’s nothing like wearing a hoodie to keep heat in and stay cozy. We know that you usually wear it because it’s what you go for when your getting ready in the morning, but maybe you need help taking it from street to stylish.

This article will give you five easy tips on how to take a men’s and make it look more fashionable:

Make Sure It Fits!

A mistake that many hoodie wearers make is they buy one too large. This mistake can really kill an outfit so please avoid this at all costs! When choosing a size of the sweater try some on or just estimate according to your height and weight proportionality. You want to aim for a slim fit that still allows you to move easily and without restriction.

Layer, Layer, Layer!

The layering of clothing is a huge trend right now so why should it be any different with your hoodie? If the first layer to go on is a dress shirt or button down than there’s no stopping what you can put on after that. Think of the possibilities if you were to wear a leather jacket over top too! The sky’s the limit with this one, but make sure you know what works together before taking it all off.

Invest in Good Accessories

After laying out all of your pieces continue by adding accessories like scarves, watches, gloves, etc. This is a great time to show off your personal style and make it different from everyone else’s. It’s always refreshing to see someone who has a bit of flare in their own right fashion

Keep It Simple with Your Jeans

This tip isn’t as hard as you think, simply wear dark wash jeans or black pants with your men’s. This will greatly compliment the outfit because wearing too light of colors can detract from the item itself. In this case you’re trying to keep as much attention on the hoodie as possible so the darker colors help enhance that idea.

Now You Have Two Options!

You have two options here now, either leave it at that or take a look at some of the new and interesting styles of men’s hoodies that have been released this year. Sometimes after all the layering, accessories, etc. that you try to achieve from your usual everyday hoodie can be quite a challenge. Luckily there are hundreds of different types out there just waiting for you!

Thank you for reading this article on how to take a men’s hoodie from street to stylish . I hope it helped with your fashion needs.  Please check back soon for more great articles on life hacks and personal style tips for fashion.


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Conclusion paragraph:

If you’re looking to take your men’s hoodie fashion from street wear to stylish, these tips are just what you need. You can start by wearing it with a suit or cardigan for an elevated look that will have heads turning in the office. For more casual looks, try pairing your new favorite piece of outerwear with jeans and sneakers for a fresh twist on at leisure wear. No matter how you style it, this article has taught you all about taking your men’s hoodies from simple to sensational! What other outfits do you think would be perfect? Comment below if we missed any styling ideas!