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How your window sticker helps with local SEO



window sticker

When it comes to window stickers, there are a lot of different kinds. The kind that you put on the window of your shop for people to see is not one of them. There’s a difference between window stickers and window decals, window signs, window graphics, window clings and window film.

So what does window stickers mean?

Instead of window decals and window graphics, window stickers refer to a printed sticker that you put on the outside of your window for people to see. This sticker is most commonly used as an advertisement for local businesses.

Such window stickers can be made by using transparent window stickers or window decals. These window stickers can be removed and re-attached without leaving behind any sticky residue unless the window sticker is made from a different material such as window clings, which uses static to hold it in place.

Window signs that are placed inside of the window for people within the store to see while outside, window clings and window film are other window advertising materials.

Window stickers outside of your window can help your local business with its online presence because window stickers provide a window into the world that exists in front of your window for all to see.

What you can do with window stickers?

If you own a business, then putting up window decals will be one way to advertise your products or services. You can place them on any storefront windows you have or on the windows of any cars parked inside the parking lot, but make sure it is not obstructing anyone’s vision that drive by. This is a great marketing tool particularly for small businesses since they do not usually have a budget allocated to marketing campaigns. There are many companies that spend big bucks just to display window decals. One window decal can be seen by several individuals in just one day, particularly if you place it on the window of your business that is close to the road.

Window decals are not just limited for your window stickers or window signs; you can also use them as an indoor advertisement tool. You can put window clings and window film on glass doors and inside of store fronts so people who pass by will see them and consider doing business with you.

If you happen to own a car dealership than custom cut window stickers and static cling window advertising materials can be placed on the back of your vehicles so people who drive up next to you while parked in traffic will get intrigued by your window sticker’s information and turn their heads to find out more about your window sticker.

What do window do stickers say about you?

Although window decals can be used as an advertisement tool, they can also serve as a branding technique and give people the first impression of which your business is especially if you want people to see that window sign and take notice of it for whatever reason. If you work in a medical office, then window signs with bold colors and designs can show others that this is no ordinary window sign with its clean lines and lack of distracting elements (e.g.: company logo) on it. Window decals and window stickers with plenty of open space make them ideal window advertising materials for window signs like those found in medical offices because they don’t distract from the main focal point of window stickers and window signs which is to provide information.

Window decals that feature a window sign with plenty of white space to offset the black print, or window stickers that have vivid colors will be noticed by passers-by immediately compared to window clings and window film which many people don’t even notice it exists, and window signs and window graphics that contains too much information than what it can take in from one look.


Window stickers and window decals, window signs can be placed at your window to let other people know about what you do or who you are without having the need to spend a lot of money for window decorations. Window clings and window film window decals can also be used as window advertising materials in front of your business windows so potential customers will take notice before entering into your store or while driving past you while parked in traffic.

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