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Irsa Faruqui Building an IT Empire by Proactively Working at ABTACH Ltd



The world of IT has changed the perspective of businesses and has eased the process of the work mode. It has shifted from traditional marketing. It helps businesses in setting up their management, network, and computing system. IT makes the function of a business more efficient and helps in communicating with the customers and fulfilling their needs effortlessly.

One of the companies that offer IT services is ABTACH Ltd. ABTACH is an all-rounder company that takes over the stress of a business by catering to them in digital and IT services. The firm is a global name that serves its services world without looking at the geographical barriers. The company has risen from the depth of oceans, has made it to the top.


The company and its great leader keenly focus on establishing a company for all. Great leaders make a great team and ABTACH has made it by working miraculously. The firm started its name organically and made it a top company by engaging its employees. The president of ABTACH, Irsa Faruqui, has emphasized the growth of the company and its employees together. She mentioned that;


“We are a firm that believes in growing together, making a healthy work environment, and planning to work strategically, face challenges and carry out the operation with a vision. – Irsa Faruqui”

This is the era of IT and digital marketing; businesses use it for their internal operations and for servicing customers. The survey and studies suggest that about 90% of the businesses rely on technical tools and mechanisms. The usage of technology is not limited to big corporations only, it has expanded to small businesses and now about 77% of small businesses are inclined towards technology.

Irsa Faruqui And Her Seamless Dream

Many IT companies came into being and vanished within some years. Miss. Irsa Faruqui and her team stood still with their aim. Looking at this scenario, led the great IT enthusiasts to build a multifunctional IT firm. That caters to businesses and provides them with smooth IT and digital marketing services. Over the years they tackled every little to giant challenge to make infinite possibilities.

ABTACH values the present and futuristic importance of IT and digital marketing. Irsa Faruqui systematically works and strikes with staggering strategies and involves futuristic components in her work.

The Abundant Digital Marketing Services of ABTACH Ltd

The premise of any business comes to one point and that is digital marketing. It keeps the pace of the business running at a constant velocity and does not crash. Digital marketing requires smart minds and fingers to knit a virtuous digital marketing strategy. At ABTACH it is just a small matter as they are fully armed with sterling digital marketing services.

1)      Manages The Socials

Social media is the revenue generator for a business as it is the commonly used medium for marketing. It is the ideal platform but it is not easy to keep up with it. ABTACH has been the one that has been competitive in keeping up with the latest trends and techniques. ABTACH has been revolutionary in picking out social media marketing strategies and has given highly-effective results.

2)      Strikes With Meaningful Videos

Animation is powerful to attract the audience by making creative characters and videos. People are attracted when you tell them a story and they can learn about a brand or a product in just seconds or minutes. If the video strikes in the right tone, it is a premium booster shot for any business. This is the reason ABTACH emphasizes their clients to indulge in video marketing to their business.

3)      Ranking Up the Websites

Search engine marketing is the emperor of digital marketing, it takes up business to a height of success. This is the era of SEO and ABTACH knows how to break the locked codes of SEO. The SEO team is skilled in the techniques and matters of SEO. They cater to businesses with highly efficient and targeted Keywords and elevate the website or content to a significant rank on search engines.

4)      Designing The Logos of Imaginings

The logo of a brand or a business is their identity and defines who they are. At ABTACH, the creative minds and vision of the designers create what the business imagines. The brand’s logos sit perfectly with their name and are meaningful. They have the knack to develop a completely new design. They also re-brand the design and change its face.

5)      Develops Pristine Applications

Applications are the best revolutionary inventions of technology. Today’s world has become an integral part of running any business. It has impacted the world at large. Now, ABTACH is the pioneer in making pristine applications that are enabled with AI features. The global market of AI is expected to grow by $60 billion. Realizing the futuristic value of its Irsa Faruqui has been positively working in the progression of AI technology and applications.

The End Note

The dynamics of ABTACH are changing massively, and ABTACH has been efficient in keeping up with it. It is due to the passion of the leaders and employees of ABTACH. The highly efficient and productive environment has helped in the staggering growth of the firm and they are making a positive shift.