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Is Zorbing Dangerous? A Complete Guide



Zorbing, as you are probably aware, is a high-intensity physical activity. And, as with any other extreme activity, one of the most critical considerations is safety. Some have suggested that zorbing is a risky sport with inherent risks.

That is only partly accurate, as the bulk of the dangers are directly related to the decisions you make. Whatever form of zorbing activity you choose (downhill zorbing, zorb soccer, or water walking), you must be aware of the safety concerns related to each of these activities.


You’re undoubtedly aware that zorbing takes place mostly on land and that there are two sorts of rides available (aqua zorbing and regular dry zorbing). Aqua zorbing is a sort of zorbing that includes adding a layer of water inside the zorbing ball. You can get such zorbing ball from like me.

As the big inflated ball travels downward, the rider may slide on the bottom of the inner ball. Aqua zorbing balls vary from typical zorb balls in that they do not have a leash.

Furthermore, the ball’s opening is rather modest in diameter, ensuring that neither the water nor the rider leaves while it is going.

Remove any jewelry before the voyage, wear summer clothing/swimsuits, and the total weight of all passengers should be less than 180 kg.

Dry Zorbing

Regular dry zorbing, on the other hand, is accessible. The spheres utilized in this exercise feature straps for your chest and feet, as well as grips that you may clasp with your hands. One of the most crucial things to verify before riding on this is that the harnesses are tightly fastened to the ball and that you are securely belted in while inside.

There have been times when the harnesses were not correctly attached, resulting in significant damage during the ride. Another thing to bear in mind when going harnessed zorbing is that this sort of ride is made for two people to ride at the same time.

These balls have two passenger seats that face each other. For a good ride, both seats must be full. If only one passenger comes and buckles himself in, the sphere will be unbalanced geometrically, and the ball will act like a flat tire, bouncing unevenly, springing all over the place, and maybe wandering off track, resulting in damage.

So keep that in mind; it’s a crucial issue to remember.

Another thing to consider in both kinds of zorbing is whether or not the ball has been appropriately inflated. To make the ball glide smoothly downhill, use an electric pump to fill it with the necessary quantity of air.

A badly inflated ball will have a weak trajectory. Finally, if you are prone to motion sickness, avoid harnessed zorbing; the combined weight of the riders should be under 180kg; jewelry should be removed prior to the ride; and, last but not least, try to eat lightly in the hours leading up to the ride, as the tumbling sensation may cause unsafe results otherwise.


All of the following facts should be reviewed whether you have your own zorbing ball or visit a zorbing amusement park. Inquire with the park’s operators if everything is in functional condition. It’s absolutely normal to suggest that they double-check the harness’s tightness.

Also, if you’re riding your own personal ball, double-check yourself.

If you decide to go zorbing by yourself, be extremely selective about where you go.

Choose a hill with a small slope that leads to a lengthy flat area where the ball will naturally stop rolling. You should avoid zorbing near rivers, pits, sinkholes, or any other potentially dangerous terrain.

People have attempted to zorb from the top of a mountain on an undeveloped area like ski slope, with no safety netting in place at the ending of the route, there is just a single operator who would reportedly recover the ball.

All it needed was a slight disturbance in the snow for the ball to swerve off course and accelerate down the mountain, resulting in calamity. So you should never do that


Of course, regarding zorbing risk factors, it all comes down to the people who follow the rules and apply caution while zorbing. If you follow the basic methods given above, zorbing is a 100% risk-free sport.



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