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Jerry Lopez – Creating a Blockchain Ecosystem that Connects People to Worldwide Philanthropic Opportunities



The transformation of businesses is being catalyzed by the emergence of a revolutionary technology – Blockchain. This breakthrough technology which was initially invented to facilitate cryptocurrency has the potential to revolutionize several industries. Business models that have been known to lack transparency and have limited resources are now being challenged by the practices of Blockchain technology. By removing the complex and costly intermediaries and providing secure payment solutions, blockchain technology is providing businesses with a new level of freedom and security.

The emergence of blockchain and cryptocurrency has revolutionized the world, uncovering ways and possibilities that had been impossible before. One of the most innovative uses of technology was the idea of spreading wealth. Using the blockchain, people around the world were able to send donations and aid to those in need and make sure that the money was used for its intended purpose. This new method of philanthropy was welcomed by many and was seen as a revolutionary way of making sure that the donations were not lost on their way to their destination. Similar is the case with Philcoin, a blockchain ecosystem, created by an individual named Jerry Lopez, connecting people to worldwide philanthropic opportunities.

Through his hard work, Jerry Lopez has become a prominent figure in the blockchain industry, helping many organizations to benefit from the blockchain’s advantages. Jerry Lopez is a bright and ambitious young man who remained determined to leave a mark on the world. He had a special fascination with blockchain technology and its potential to revolutionize the world of business. After years of studying and research, he finally discovered the secrets of the blockchain and its amazing capabilities. He then put his knowledge to use, becoming a blockchain specialist and helping companies from various industries to utilize blockchain technology to solve their business problems. As he firmly believes in his slogan; Changing the Way Giving Happens!


Lopez is also certified as a Theoretical Therapeutic Counselor by the International Reciprocity Board of Therapeutic Professionals Counselors Certification. With his vast experience in marketing, he has set up companies in over 50 countries, providing employment to thousands of people. His organizations are built on the basis of his moral principles and he ensures a healthy work environment through effective leadership and strategic management.

By practicing his leadership capabilities, he has been striving to create a progressive culture in his organizations. Throughout his marketing career, Lopez has worked with LyfeStart International and SAVI Health International, which were merged and sold to Modere with the help of his business partners, Dennis Web, and Mike Larkins.

Lopez later saw an opportunity in the booming blockchain industry and decided to make a difference. He created Philcoin, a global philanthropic blockchain ecosystem that allows people to distribute wealth while participating in social activities and using online platforms, products, and services. Philcoin is a revolutionary platform that utilizes proprietary technology to promote access to WEB3 in rural and underdeveloped areas. Through its peer-to-peer mesh network, Philcoin can provide access to social media, e-commerce, gaming, entertainment, educational resources, and donation platforms at reduced bandwidths on cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Philcoin is committed to giving people in rural and underdeveloped areas the same access to the internet as those in more developed areas.

With the launch of PHILApp, individuals can connect and interact with diverse people, make donations, and access education courses. The PHL Foundation Inc. created Philcoin intending to help those less fortunate and provide a safe and secure platform for users to transfer payments and donations with ease. It is a critical step for those who lack access to the internet, and towards bridging the wealth gap.

The Philcoin token was introduced to promote financial inclusion, allowing people to generate financial solutions and smooth peer-to-peer transactions. Lopez’s hard work and dedication led to Philcoin being awarded the Social Impact Project of the Year 2021 at the AIBC (Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Conference) in Malta.

Jerry Lopez is a pioneer in the blockchain industry and a visionary who is revolutionizing the world of corporate finance and philanthropy. His groundbreaking ideas have brought about a wave of creative solutions, transforming philanthropy and benefiting the lives of many people. He is a leader of innovation, and his efforts are a symbol of power of the blockchain technology and its potential for good.

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