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Keep your patio furniture looking brand new with these tips



patio furniture

Patio furniture is very durable and long lasting patio furniture that will last years of use. However, patio chairs might be subject to some damages since it faces harsh weather conditions.

If you want your patio chairs to have a longer life span, cleaned on a regular basis and treated with proper patio chair covers you will add many years on the life of your patio chairs.

1) Preventing Rust from Forming

If your patios chairs are made from wrought iron or steel make sure you clean them very frequently in order for rust not to form on them especially during winter time when there is high amount of humidity in the air which will cause rust formation on metal materials. You can prevent rust by removing all dirt and debris before entering your patio.

2) Protecting your patio chair from harsh elements

In order to extend the life of patio chairs, patio furniture covers are a must have. In case it is left out in winters patio set covers help as insulators and protect patio chairs from snow and rain which will cause damage if patio chairs aren’t protected by patio chair covers. Also, don’t forget to bring patio furniture indoors when fall comes around since it can be damaged by nature’s elements such as rain, sleet or snow. Also during winter months you should store all patio furniture items that you won’t be using for a long time so they could gain longer life span because being placed outdoors for a long period of time only increases the chances of them being damaged.

3) Clean patio chairs with mild detergent and water

When patio furniture items get dirty, you need to clean them. The best and safest way to clean patio furniture is by using mild dish soap in warm water. After the patio chair has been cleaned let it dry under direct sunlight so no moisture remains on any surface of patio furniture which might cause future rusting or discoloration. In case your patio furniture gets damaged consult a specialist who could help you determine what method will be used in order to fix the damage done. If your patio chairs have been exposed to snow or rain cover them immediately after use in order for them not to receive more damage that they already have suffered from previous harsh weather elements such as sleet or snow that might damage patio chairs if they aren’t covered.

Protecting patio furniture is the best way to increase patio chair’s durability and overall lifespan of patio chairs. A patio set can be expensive and no one wants to spend money on patio furniture only to have it damaged very soon after purchase. If you want patio furniture to last for many years make sure you take care of your patio chair covers, avoid harsh weather elements such as sleet, snow or rain that might cause permanent damage or rust formation on metal materials such as steel or wrought iron which are used in manufacturing process of most patio chairs available on market today. And always remember that cleaning patio chairs with mild detergent will help prolong their life span since debris left over from previous seasons may cause patio chairs to rust.

A patio set is expensive patio furniture that needs to be taken care of properly in order for patio chairs to last longer without being damaged by nature which will increase patio chair’s lifespan. Take good care of your patio sets and they’ll last you years of enjoyment outside!


Patio furniture covers protect patio sets from harsh weather conditions such as sleet, snow and rain which may cause permanent damage if patio chairs aren’t covered. It is also important to clean patio furniture frequently so rust doesn’t form on patio chairs made from metal or wrought iron materials. Avoid exterior exposure of patio furniture items that won’t be used for a long time in order for them to prolong their life span since they might get damaged by exterior elements such as snow, sleet or rain.


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