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Korean Skin Care 7 Steps



As soon as I think of Korean girls, a face of healthy, radiant, poreless, and dewy type skin comes to mind. They are already popular in the beauty world through beauty awareness and step-wise skincare routines. Everything from their products to skincare and lifestyle is unique. K-Beauty or Korean Beauty Trend but now reigns over the world. We are all interested in Korean skincare steps. Let’s not know but about Korean skincare!

7 Korean skincare steps

If Korean skin care routine can be brought into our daily life, how about it? It is true that we cannot fully maintain all the steps of their beauty routine due to different weather conditions. This is how you can take care of your skin at home by simply following the Korean skin care routine.

1) Cleansing
The first step in the Korean skin care routine is to properly clean the skin with oil and foam cleanser. In Double Cleansing, oil based cleanser cleans the skin sebum and pollutants and foam cleanser removes dirt and keeps the skin clean. You will find foam and oil based cleansers of different Korean brands in their skin care range. Take time to gently massage from bottom to top with your hands. Then dip a thin cloth in warm water and wipe the face with it.

2) Exfoliate

Many people know about the use of black sugar as an exfoliate in Korean skin care. Exfoliate removes blackheads, cleanses the skin from the inside out and gives a radiant look. Hand movements are also important in facial massage. Can’t be rubbed too much. Apply with your fingers in a circular way, when the black sugar has melted, splash your face with enough water and wash off.

3) Toning
The part of skin care that many of us skip is toning. Koreans mix different ingredients in their toner which deals with specific skin problems. Ingredients can be botanic ingredients, hyaluronic acid, milk or T-tree element. Toner maintains the pH balance of your skin, repairs roughness and keeps skin tight. So, to get healthy and radiant skin, toning is a must. Apply the toner well on the face with a cotton pad. This is the toning part!

4) Essence application
“Essence! What is that again ??? ” I know, this is what many are thinking. Applying Essence is a step towards Korean skin care. It may seem new to you, but applying essence is a basic part of Korean skin care. You need to choose this product from the skin care range of different Korean brands for DUI and soft skin. But what is in this essence? Essence is usually made with various herbal / plant extracts and fermented components that repair the skin from the inside out and give it a healthy glow. Apply on your face with two or three drops of essence and massage with light hands. Busy! Apply your essence!

5) Apply sheet mask
Sheet mask is an essential part of the Korean skin care routine. Berry, honey, aloe vera, tomato, green tea and many more ingredients they have added to the collection of sheet masks! In a word, a sheet mask is a packaged facial mask. It is pre-prepared which means a packet contains a mask soaked in essence or serum. After 15-20 minutes of applying the mask on the face and absorbing the serum on the skin, the mask has to be removed. But then there is no need to wash your face. The properties of different sheet masks are different, you can choose their variants according to your skin from the collection of sheet masks. If you are a working woman or a university / college student, then this will be the easy solution for your BG life!

6) Moisturizing
Korean skin care means moisturizer but not just a box of white cream. They have sleeping gel, over-night mask, aloe vera, cream, vitamin-E and many more. Proper moisturizer seals the layers of the previous step and your skin will get the highest benefit. We all know the importance of moisturizing more or less but there is something extra in Korean moisturizer. For example, tomato, grape, snail extract which will definitely nourish your skin and minimize pores.

7) Protecting
Skin care did, this time to protect the skin from the sun. They have a collection of two types of sunscreen – physical and chemical. Physical sunscreen is usually mineral-based which creates a white layer on the skin. Chemical sunscreen quickly settles the skin and protects the skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Many of them have moisturizing properties in sunscreen. You will never want your skin to darken in the sun or wear fine lines. So, be sure to apply sunscreen before leaving the house.

This is the secret of Korean’s young-looking and glowing skin. There are other steps in their skin care routine that we skipped because they do not suit our country’s weather. Now the question is where can I get the original Korean skin care product? has K-Beauty category. It has various collections of brands named after Korea. You can buy authentic skin care products online from You can also shop at two physical cosmetics shops, located at Jamuna Future Park and Border Square. So far today. Stay well, stay healthy!

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