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Laser Treatment Working Procedure Acne Scars



I don’t think anyone can be found who hasn’t gotten into trouble with acne. In most cases, the acne scars remain on the face even after the acne has left. Acne or pimple scars or black spots are usually seen when the nail is pierced. Cystic acne usually causes hyperpigmentation that lasts for months, even years. Such stains and scars in many cases break one’s confidence. If you are suffering from this problem and after trying a lot but do not get any result, then laser treatment may be your ultimate solution. Our discussion today is about how laser treatment works on acne scars and different types of laser treatments. Let’s not look.

Laser treatment and acne scars

How does it work?
Laser treatment for acne scars works with the help of intense pulsed light technology. It increases the production of collagen and helps in the formation of new cells. Naturally through our body’s natural healing process it removes the damaged tissues of the skin and brings out the fresh skin from the inside.

Different types of laser treatment
1) IPL
One of the laser treatment options for pimples or acne is Intensified Pulse Laser or IPL. This laser light removes dark spots, which even out the uneven texture of the skin. In addition to acne or pimple spots, IPL lasers also treat skin wrinkles, age spots and inconsistent skin color.

2) Fractional laser
Fractional lasers work to create small zones or parts on the skin, commonly called micro-thermal zones. These small parts gradually return to the previous stage. This fractional laser accelerates the healing process of the skin. This is the most effective treatment for very deep acne scars.

At this point the procedure is usually started with a topical anesthetic. In most cases, there is very little pain, much like a needle piercing or sunburn. Cosmeceutical skincare products and treatments help in subsequent recovery.

Then you will see how laser treatment works to cure brown spots, that is, acne scars! I hope you like the post. So far today. Stay well, stay healthy!

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