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Learn Why Women From Russia Are So Popular



This topic has been debated many times but the question still exists: “Why do many single men choose the best Russian women, beautiful girls, Russian women looking for men?” Frankly, I am often asked this question. What’s special about a Russian woman?

If you ask yourself these questions, you might find useful information in this article.


According to the latest census, Russia is home to 10 million more women than men, said the Head of the Statistics Committee of the State V.Sokolin.

The number of women in the 30s exceeds the number of men significantly. After divorce, women with a child (or without a child) have a few opportunities to remarry in Russia, according to the sociologist.

There are no men in Russia to get married: Male mortality rates are very high working age.

Considering these statistics, check your dating opportunity in Russia too. You will be surprised by the quality of Russian women looking for men.


The proverb ‘beauty is in the eyes that see it’ confirms that it feels different. The woman who is considered beautiful is a beautiful woman, the others might think she doesn’t. Easy grace … charming smile … good … beautiful cheekbones … Fair hair and skin …? Difficult to choose … maybe, it makes an unbearable mixture.

Let’s look near a man’s eyes. This is the way Western men describe a true Russian woman: “Tilt to the eyes …”, “I can’t withstand this amazing beauty …”, “Russian woman is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen” …

Should anyone be added? However, no one can judge only by beauty. Let’s look at the quality of other best Russian women.


The age of women’s marriage in Russia is around 23-25 years old. That means a woman is married to relatively young. At least he tried but failed (see census). It seems unusual if a Russian woman at the age of 30 is still not married. He also felt uncomfortable.

This is a daily fact of the lives of Russian women:

*Being highly educated, he prefers a stable and happy family than his career;

*Tireless commitment to the person he loves, he raises the household itself;

*Her husband is a partner and not a competitor;

More facts?

Love and romance aka biolovematch.

‘Sweet romantic’ Russia makes her look for a happy, satisfying and loving relationship. He is very feminine, healthy, sexy, excited, sensual and grateful.

Making love is not a hard work for him: this is the pleasure and beauty of reciprocal satisfaction. The truth is that Russian women when making love really make love … she wants to see the excitement in you, so give it to her! You will not regret.


You will be surprised by the best Russian women’s education level looking for men and American marriage. Bachelor or college degree is common. That’s not a cliff.

Don’t forget they are spiritual. The tradition of reading a book, attending a concert, the museum is still alive in Russia.

Beautiful Russian girls are very easy to teach: You will not believe how fast they can start speaking new language and adjust to new situations.

Do you think it’s easy to leave the country of birth, relatives, friends, jobs, and native language? Try … this is very difficult.

Ideal picture? This must be a common portrait of the best Russian women, beautiful girls, Russian women who are looking for men and marriage abroad.

If you take into account the general quality and concentrate on true women for an affair, you will be fine. Start focusing on the woman given, communicating with him, asking and answering questions, tell him that you are sincere. Be yourself, tell him that you care about him – any woman wants to be treated – how can you be wrong with that?

The idea of ‘Russian women’ including women from Ukraine and Belarus as well, because they have a lot of similarities.

There are exceptions that you must be very careful in your choice.

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