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Light Bulb Camera Review



If you’re looking for a great video security system, you can’t go wrong with a light bulb camera. With the bulb camera, you don’t have to look through endless security footage just to get peace of mind. In this article, we’ll cover the HIJUNMI Light Bulb Camera, the Amaryllo Zeus, and the Feit Electric A23. This device is also capable of recording video in Full HD 1080p resolution.

HIJUNMI Light Bulb Camera

The HIJUNMI Light Bulb Camera is an inexpensive and convenient way to monitor your home and business. It has an easy-to-use app that you can download. You can also view recorded footage and live video on the app. You can also receive instant alerts if motion is detected. You can also customize settings, such as recording time and resolution. The camera comes with a 16GB Micro SD card and is compatible with both 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi networks.

The HIJUNMI Light Bulb Camera is powered by a standard E27 socket. It is compatible with AC power sources of 100-200V. You can install it inside or outside your home. Make sure it is placed on a surface that is covered to prevent the camera from accidentally falling. It has night vision capabilities. This camera captures high-quality video in a compact, discreet form.

This video surveillance camera is designed to mimic a standard light bulb. It records videos at Full HD resolution. The HIJUNMI Light Bulb Camera supports 2.4-GHz WiFi networks. It does feature a microSD card slot that supports up to 128GB. If you plan to store your video recordings on a cloud, you may want to purchase additional storage space to use on the cloud.

The HIJUNMI Light Bulb Camera supports a Micro SD card of up to 128GB. It has a built-in speaker. In addition, it supports two-way audio. The HIJUNMI Light Bulb Camera has a wide variety of features. The camera is simple to use, and provides excellent surveillance. This camera is ideal for indoor use.

Amaryllo Zeus

Amaryllo Zeus Light Bulb Camera is an innovative security solution that screws into a light socket. Its advanced biometric technology tracks objects 360 degrees in real time and sends an alert to your smart device if it detects a human face. The camera has the capability to recognize more than one human face at a time and provides instant voice alerts if it detects a face that is unfamiliar.

Amaryllo Triton is another excellent light bulb camera. It provides HD views and features biometric tracking support. It is also designed to detect fire. It can identify humans and pets and follow extended movement. This camera is easy to install and requires no additional hardware. The camera requires no wiring and can withstand rain and other harsh weather conditions. It can also be mounted on walls and ceilings. For installation, all you need to do is screw in the carrier light bulb.

Amaryllo Zeus Light Bulb Camera is powered by standard indoor light sockets. This camera screws into the light bulb socket and requires no wiring or installation. It supports 360deg auto tracking, allowing it to monitor any area in real time. Unlike other light bulb cameras, Amaryllo Zeus Light Bulb Camera can recognize a human face in seconds and can even distinguish between family members. It can be operated remotely using a free Amaryllo mobile app. The app offers motion alert notifications, live streaming, and two-way communication. Users can also upgrade to an Amaryllo service plan to unlock advanced A.I. capabilities and unlimited cloud storage.


The Besder light bulb camera has several advantages over other security cameras. Besides being cheap, it’s also made of plastic. Its wide-angle lens and 360-degree coverage make it suitable for monitoring large spaces. It also comes with a night-vision feature to see what goes on in the dark. This surveillance camera can cover an area of up to 400 square feet. Its remote viewing feature makes it suitable for home monitoring.

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With a WiFi IP spy bulb camera, you can keep an eye on the entire house without having to install a separate camera. Its easy-to-use design means that you can place it anywhere you want and still use it for monitoring. This security camera can be accessed via the internet or stored locally on a micro SD card. You can also choose to have the recorded videos sent directly to your electronic device. In addition, you can record events and people and get alerts via email.