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Lilac Vitamin C 10 Review



I have been noticing for a long time that the glowing look on my face is diminishing day by day. Skincare routine I was maintaining well. Even then there seemed to be nothing. Last month online I found out about 10% of Lilac’s Vitamin C Serum. And knowing how important vitamin C is for our skin, I thought let’s add vitamin C to our skincare routine!

I have been using Lilac Vitamin C 10% for the last one month and am slowly realizing the change in my skin. So I thought I’d write a review about 10% of Lilac’s Vitamin C. Why I am using this serum, why I like this serum so much and its effectiveness.

Lilac Vitamin C 10% Serum contains Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. The two ingredients in Vit-C and HA are very effective in skin repairing. And when the two components are combined, their effectiveness is multiplied. Let’s not know, about the effectiveness of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid.

Efficacy of Vitamin C.

(1) Vitamin C helps to keep skin healthy. It contains a lot of anti-oxidants, which protect the skin from the effects of harmful sunlight and inhibit the extra melanin production of the skin. Which makes the skin glow from the inside out.

(2) As we age, our collagen production decreases. As a result, wrinkles, wrinkles under the eyes and age marks start appearing on the skin. Lilac Vitamin C increases collagen production in the skin, which helps reduce the appearance of age on our skin.

Efficacy of hyaluronic acid in it
(1) Vitamin E, which helps in the production of new cells and reduces pigmentation.

(2) Hydrates and moisturizes the skin from the inside.

(3) Effective in reducing the impression of aging.

(4) Removes dullness of the skin and makes the skin vibrant and soft.

Why does it contain 10% of Vitamin C?

The amount of vitamin C for the skin is 10% to 20%. If the ratio is less than that, it may not work on the skin. Again, due to the sensitive skin of many people, if the ratio is high, various problems can occur, including skin rashes and burns. So 10% Vitamin C is suitable for all skin types.

I am talking about 10% of lilac vitamin C serum
I really like the packaging of Lilac Vitamin C Serum 10%. The serum is contained in a 30 ml small glass bottle. It can be used on all skin types. And lilac vitamin C serum is quite light weight. So it blends in quickly with the skin. And according to its effectiveness, its price seems very reasonable, only 600 rupees.

When to use vitamin C, day or night?
I apply 2/3 drops of it daily on cleansed skin after cleansing. Lilac Vitamin C Serum is best used at night. And after using the serum, you have to use sunscreen when you go out. The serum should be kept in a cool place or in a cool place.

So this was a 10% review of Lilac Vitamin C Serum. Hope you like the review. I bought Lilac Vitamin C 10% Serum from Cosmetics for authentic products is my hope. If you want to buy authentic skin and hair care products, you can visit two cosmetic physical shops, one located in Jamuna Future Park and the other in Border Square. And if you want to buy online, you can buy from Everyone will be fine, will be healthy, will be beautiful.

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