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Lingonberry garden: planting and care, cultivation

Mudassar Hassan




Lingonberry is a beloved fruit that gives a colorful flavor to Russian dishes, with no special effortless planting and care. Known since ancient times, especially when found massively in the taiga and forest-steppe zones, it grows in large areas and yields only cranberries. The name of the perennial plant, a low evergreen shrub with fleshy leaves, is taken from the word “bruce” meaning “red”.

Lingonberries are quite small (up to 25 cm), creeping rhizomes and steep branching stems. This sweet plant blooms with small white-pink flowers with a sweet-sour taste, fruits of fairly large size (up to 8 mm in diameter).

Lingonberries in the garden: growing features

Growing garden cranberries is gaining increasing popularity both at home and on an industrial level. Plantation cultivation requires the least investment and the return is expected to be high and in a short time. Moreover, bred remonstrant varieties provide a complete high yield (between 1 square meters – 1 kg) and accordingly high gain.

At home, growing blueberries, especially care is minimized, the main thing is to provide the plant with a comfortable growing place; the best will be well-lit areas that are not subject to regular water logging. Gutters should be avoided because they accumulate moisture and stagnate cold air.

Blueberries and blueberries: planting and care

The soil for planting these bushes should be light, sandy or peat with a high acidity. Moreover, even the most suitable for planting area can be planted; a 30 cm layer of sand is poured with added peat and sawdust. Lingonberry seedlings are planted and cultivated mostly in spring (april – may) or autumn. Seedlings deepen into the soil about 2 cm, it is recommended to place lingon with a width of 40 cm between rows at a distance of 30 cm from each other. This is suitable for both manual and mechanized harvesting of fruits. The main thing is to prepare high-quality planting material, and planting blueberries does not cause much trouble. The principle of planting blueberries and blueberries is the same. In flower beds and beds, you can plant a bush after 20 cm to completely tie its crowns. After this,

Mulching is a good harvest factor

It recommends using mulch sawdust, pine needles, straw, bark, or sawdust. In the first two weeks, the plant needs water regularly and then water as needed. Feeding starts from the second year after planting. Mineral fertilizers made during the fruited blueberry period. It does not contribute organic.

Eerie, planting and care, which, by the way, gives more joy than any trouble, has an interesting feature: it feeds on the soil, which absorbs mineral elements from its roots with the help of a fungus that lives on its roots.

Dog breeding and watering of cranberries

Lingonberry propagates by seeds or cuttings obtained by separating some of the shoots from the parent plant by roots. Harvest seedlings have done from spring to autumn.

Garden blueberries, which are very light in planting and care, negatively tolerate both stagnant water and drought in the field, so be careful with watering the plant. Drip irrigation or small drip irrigation recommend twice a week is best. Water consumption per square meter should not exceed 10 liters.

For the best moisture retention, the soil periodically loosens and mulch. Make sure you get rid of weeds; therefore, in order to avoid clogging the area, initially it is necessary to provide the plant with mulch or modern finishing materials. Coniferous chips are also aesthetically and environmentally effective.

Lingonberry: protection from the winds

Lingonberry planting and care for the gardener is aesthetically pleasing, do not like winds, so protection should be carefully thought out; it is provided optimally by planting pine and juniper.

The lack of wind ensures the active work of bees and bumblebees, the best warming of the area, and a favorable climate for the early maturation of the crop. At the same time, the moisture evaporates less; the quality of the fruits is greater, due to the preservation of the wax coating. A small breeze is very useful for airing blueberry areas after rain.

Harvest has an aim to maximize the Plant and care for lingonberries, and as bushes tend to thicken, the plants need to thin out periodically. rejuvenation of the bush is necessary to maintain the quality of the fruits and berries. Pruning cuts are excellent materials for multiplying and expanding landing areas.

Winterhard quality blueberry

Lingonberry garden does not require planting and maintenance, does not require material costs, shows excellent hardness to winter, does not require shelter in winter; during the cold period under heavy snow, you can find the dark green and shiny leaves of the plant. Temperatures below –4 ° c may adversely affect the Flower buds.

The crop expects to be in the second year with proper care. Fruit ripening takes place between August and September, depending on the region and variety. The dried, soaked, frozen, drinks and canned fruits made by harvest.

Lingonberry – the key to excellent health

Lingonberry’s health, growth, planting, care are the only pleasure – it’s just a godsend! Everything is useful in this lovely little plant: bright red fruits (it accumulates a large number of useful microelements and vitamins), as well as shoots and leaves, which are an excellent basis for a useful broth.

Lingonberry leaves have a powerful antiseptic, wound healing, diuretic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and tonic effect. This is an excellent treatment for viral diseases. It recommends using decoctions and infusions for rinsing the throat and oral cavity, which are very effective in the treatment of infections, especially staphylococci. Lingonberry is also an excellent tool for reducing the sugar concentration in the blood, which is very useful for people with diabetes. It is a valuable source of protein for dieters.

Collecting to improve the water

To prepare the lingonberry healing water, you should collect it in early spring before the leaves bloom, and you only need to take those that survive during the winter, as the young leaves turn black as they dry. In the fall, after the end of blueberry flowering secondary raw materials can be harvested. To avoid injury to the bushes, the leaves of the bushes should be slightly clogged, without cutting the shoots. After the complete regeneration of the plant repeated harvesting of leaves allowed 5-10 years. before drying unsuitable leaves should be selected: injured and blackened. The fabric spread out in a warm, dark place, the leave spread out in a thin layer For drying.

Good quality cranberries

Lingonberry uses as a diuretic and also use to treat the kidney (if there are stones in them) and the bladder (especially in case of urinary incontinence in children) basically. Also, this sour berry helps to get rid of gout, rheumatism, and diarrhea; it has the ability to lower blood sugar levels.

In addition to ripe blueberry juice, the fruits themselves are beneficial for high blood pressure and vitamin deficiency. When it comes to colds and fever, plant fruits make healing tea. The bitterness in these priceless fruits causes an increase in appetite, so for children and people weakened by diseases, this is an irreplaceable component.

Lingonberries are often planted and used for medicinal purposes, as this fruit is an excellent antiseptic that does not allow infection of the urinary system and protects the intestines and stomach from poor quality food. Prolonged daily decoctions or taking tea from fruits and leaves completely cure urinary tract infection. Lingonberry use in the treatment of various ailments. Also, the plant has a good antipyretic effect.


Although lingonberry fruits taste sour, jams and jams are great. By the way, lingonberry jam is a sweet cure for prostatitis, and tincture prepared on lingonberry will help with hypertension, fever and chronic gastritis.

Fruits are eaten both fresh and drenched. Due to the benzoic acid content, fruits store for as long as about 2-3 weeks. The valuable quality of fruit and their natural wax coating preserve for a long time by immersion in water or low-temperature frosts.

When cooking, blueberry sauce is often served with meat, as it contributes to the maximum absorption of food from it, which reduces energy consumption for digestion. In the old days, fresh meat is usually stored in blueberries.

Lingonberry-Decoction for kidneys and liver.

60 g of leaves on 3 glasses of water – boil for 10 minutes in an enamel bowl. After cooling, strain and drink 3 doses for a day.

There are several types of blueberries that are popular, give excellent yields and have large fruits. Most varieties vary in size, decoration, fruit and yield.

Strawberry varieties


This type of blueberry characterizes dark red fruits with a sweet and sour taste and weighing about 220 mg. The leaves have a smooth surface, like leather. Medium-sized flowers, white. The variety can withstand temperatures as low as -30 ° c, in spring frosts down to -30 ° c. The maturation period is late.


High yielding ornamental variety from holland. The shrub has a spherical compact structure and reaches a height of 30 cm.the average mass of the fetus is about 300 mg. Harvest yields 2 times a year, with one plant you can get 120 g of product.

Red Perl

This variety reaches 25 cm in height, characterized by round-shaped fruits that have a dark red color. Twice a year, the fruit grows in the Netherlands.


Small breed makes a bush 20 cm in height, fruits are dark red, yield is high.

“kostroma pink”

Pink fruits, about 1 cm in diameter and about 15 cm in length, ripen in mid-august.


Diversity grow in Sweden. Fruit weight reaches 400 mg; the yield from the bush is up to 300 g.

Lingonberry is a delicious fruit characterize by healthy properties and an excellent yield of fragrant sweet and sour fruits. In any case, blueberry cultivation is an interesting profession; it brings a lot of pleasure and aesthetic pleasure.

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Best Way to Get Your Product Photography Taken in Your Local City

Adeel Mehmood




Any photographer can take pictures of your products. In fact, any average Joe can use their iPhone to shoot some stunning quality images these days. Whether these images will be suitable or not for eCommerce purposes is the question. If you need to get your product images for eCommerce publications, you must hire a professional photographer who specializes in shooting commercial photography.

Why You Need to Use Product Photography?

The reason is very simple. No one is selling anything online without product photography. For buyers to buy a product, they need to see what they are buying. Since buyers cannot see the product physically while shopping online, only another alternative is to see the product image which tells them how the product will look in reality.

It is the product image that sets an image in buyer mind and appeals to them in making a purchase decision. If the product photo is not appealing or not something the buyer is looking for, no sale is being made. On the other hand, if the photo matches with buyer’s expectation and creates a positive impression, the buyer will buy that product.

Is it Wise to Hire A Local Photographer?

There is no shortage of photographers. Professional photography is a lucrative career that attracts a lot of creative minds. No matter which city you live in, there must be more than a few product photographers out there. When it comes to finding a wedding photographer, you will even find more people offering their services.

The question is, do you need to hire a local photographer for your product photography or any good photographer will do as long as the photographer is within the same country?

If you are looking for Seattle product photography, do you need to hire someone in the local city, or photographer from another town will be fine?

If you have products that are large and heavy in size, then it is best to hire a local photographer. In case that the items are small and light, then you can ship them to anyone anywhere in the country.

Benefits of Hiring a Local Photographer

If you are in London and need pictures of electronics products or appliances to be taken, there is no way you will ship containers full of merchandise to another part of the country. It is, therefore, best to hire a London product photography expert who is in your local town.

However, if you have lightweight and small items like cosmetics, jewelry, etc., you can ship them to anyone anywhere in the country as shipping these items would not be too expensive. You also have the option to just drive down to the studio and drop off the products.

As you see, you have multiple options as to whether you should hire a local photographer or someone remote. The main decision however is driven by the actual product itself.

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Why Photo Editing is So Vital for eCommerce Businesses

Nayar Malik



eCommerce Businesses

Business proses outsourcing Is nothing new. Companies have doing outsourcing their business process for the las few decades. When it comes to what is being outsourced these days, you will be surprised to know what not. Starting form medical transcription to yearly tax files, pretty much every single business process that can be done offsite is being outsourced. Photo editing is another business process that is being outsourced to professional photo editing services companies.

Why Photo Editing is Being Outsourced?

If we look at the internet today, we see pictured. It is unusual to find a website that doesn’t have any photos in it. Whether it is a personal website or a business website, it will have some kind of images. Photos are what people use to express their thoughts and showcase their products.

People or businesses that need a lot of photos as a part of their day-to-day business operation need to get those photos edited to some extent. It is therefore natural to assume that those photos will be outsourced.

Online Shopping and The Rise of Product Photography

Just before the 90s, there was no such thing called eCommerce and online shopping. Internet made is possible for businesses to launch eCommerce shops and people to shop online. Only way companies can promote their products online is by displaying the photos of the products.

Over the course of time, people started getting more and more comfortable with online shopping. More and more businesses started to launch their online presence seeing the potential. Today, the biggest companies on the face of the earth are online based.

Due to the rise of sale in eCommerce stores, more and more companies are popping up every day posting millions and millions of images online. In order to make these photos attractive to buyers, products owners are utilizing the services of professional photo editing services companies.

Why Product Photos Are Important On eCommerce Stores

Online shopping is growing by leaps and bound. In the global pandemic we are living through, only way people can shop wide range of items is to shop online. When people shop online, first thing they look at is the product photos. How the product looks like in the image is what drives the purchase decision.

If a buyer doesn’t like how the image looks online, then they will not buy it. On the other hand, a nicely retouched product photo that is appealing to the buyer will make the sale. In simple term, no sale is being made without a product photo. Boost in sale will be driven by the quality of product image.

How Professional Photo Editing Services Companies Can Help Professional photo editing services companies take the product images and make them attractive by using their photo editing skills. Professional photo retouching services experts remove the backgrounds from product images, eliminate imperfections, retouch to make the product look brighter and more colorful. Overall editing process simply makes the image look appealing to buyers which end up boosting sale.

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Which food is best for my dog

Nayar Malik



A dog needs good nutrition to stay strong and healthy. Depending on the breed and age of the dog, it needs certain vitamins and minerals. There are therefore many different dog foods on the market.

Dry food, complete meal and canned food

The most commonly used dog foods are dry food and canned food. In addition, there are also complete meal feeds on the market. The dry foods are chunks in which various nutrients, vitamins and minerals have been processed in the correct proportions. Chunks contain little moisture, but are good for the dog’s teeth. Canned food also contains all nutrients, vitamins and minerals, but it contains a lot of water. This means that the dog has to eat more of this before he has received enough.

In addition, this soft food can stick to the teeth, which can lead to dental problems. Because the canned food has a strong smell, dogs often find this food more attractive. Of course you can combine dry food and canned food, so that the dog gets the benefits of the dry food with the attractive scent of the canned food. The meal feeds are complete meals, to which you have to add warm water and let it soak for a while. This also contains all the necessary nutrients.

Junior, adult and senior

Depending on the life stage of the cavapoochon dog, the proportions of the nutrients that the dog needs differ. As a result, foods are available for puppies and juniors, for adults and for seniors. The junior diet is rich in protein, but with a limited fat content. The vitamins and minerals are balanced so that the young dog gets just the right nutrients it needs to grow.

The adult food is composed based on the needs of adult dogs. The dog gets enough of all nutrients, vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and a minimal amount of fat, which reduces the risk of obesity. The senior kibble contains an even lower percentage of fat, so that the dog is still fit and active in his old age.

Diet foods

When a dog has physical complaints, these can be reduced or even disappear completely when the dog is put on a diet food. There are special hypoallergenic foods for dogs with a food allergy. In addition, there are special diets for dogs with urinary tract and kidney disease, heart disease, skin disease, liver disease and digestive disorders. There are also special foods on the market for dogs with overweight, joint problems or diabetes.

Sweets and cookies

If you want to spoil the dog, it is best to give it a special dog treat or biscuit. Small treats can also be a godsend when training the dog. Never give the dog “human treats”, this is very bad for his health.

Bones and chews

You can also make a dog very happy with a tasty bone or bone. However, never give the bones of, for example, a chicken leg that you have chewed yourself. These bones can splinter and damage the dog’s stomach. In the (online) pet store there is an extensive range of bones that you can make your dog very happy with.

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