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Loki episode 7 release date and time



loki episode 7 release date

Loki fans will have gotten used to the growing excitement that builds up before each Wednesday. This is when the latest MCU TV show is scheduled to be released. With the sixth episode having now ended, it’s surely time to start anticipating the seventh, right? Well, here’s the need-to-know information about a Loki episode 7 release date and time.

When is the Loki episode 7 release date and time?

The Loki episode 7 release date and time would be Wednesday, July 21. However, this is not the case as the sixth episode was the finale.

Loki fans who watched the ending of the sixth episode and were left hungry for more will be disappointed. There is no Loki episode 7. The sixth episode was the final episode of the season, meaning there will be no Loki episode released on July 20.

Technically, Loki episode 7 will release with the launch of season 2. Ther is now word that a second season is in the works. With the positive reception enjoyed by the first season, a second season is surely a safe bet for Disney and Marvel. A release date isn’t yet known, however.

While Loki is over, there are more MCU Disney Plus shows to look forward to. Next up is What If…? which is scheduled to premiere on August 11. This will have 10 episodes.

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