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Loss 5KG Weight In a Month Through Running



Controlled weight guarantees a disease free and beautiful life as well as makes us more confident. In order to keep ourselves slim, we also take some time out in our busy lives to do some dieting, walking, a little free-hand exercise. But a vacation came in front of me in a hurry, now the thought is how to lose excess fat in less time to be slim! This is the beginning of searching on the net “How can I lose weight in less time?” Often the wrong diet plan, extra work out, the so-called herbs on the market can do a lot of damage to our body. You have to be fit but not torture the body. Also keep in mind that there is no shortcut way to lose weight. But running is a very effective way to lose weight. How to lose 5 kg weight in 1 month by running, that is the advice in today’s event. Let’s not know then.

How to lose weight fast by running?

Running is a type of exercise that burns a lot of calories per minute, so you don’t have to wait long to lose excess fat. According to experts, weight loss is not as much a matter of running as it is of running. When we run fast, our muscles get tired and it takes energy to regenerate. And because of this the body consumes extra calories. The body’s metabolism improves rapidly by running away from any exercise. Studies have shown that the levels of a hormone called peptide YY in the blood increase after running. It plays a role in reducing appetite. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. So if you want to lose at least 5 kg weight in a month, you need to burn more calories immediately and running properly may be the best solution. Running is a very effective way to lose weight.

Ways to lose weight by running

You know, the faster you walk, the more calories you burn per minute. And when you start running completely without walking, the rate of burning calories increases even more. It is possible to reach the goal only if there is a combination of effort, interest and perseverance. To lose 5 kg weight in one month, you must run according to the correct rules, let’s take a look at them.

1) Start by walking smoothly

If you run for the first time, you will get tired very quickly and you may get health problems like joint pain, chest pain, leg muscle strain etc. Prepare your body by walking smoothly at first. Gradually increase walking speed and time. Choose a specific time in the morning or afternoon to run. Choose comfortable clothing and appropriate shoes.

2) Prepare the body by warm-up

Be sure to warm-up before exercising as it increases your heartbeat and prepares your body for running and exercise. Neck rotation, standing in place, jumping, arm circulation (Arm Circulation) can be warmed up through these.

3) Run to lose weight so start stretching

Neck, arms and legs should be stretched well. This will reduce the physical inertia, as well as your muscles will be well-formed. If you know yoga poses, get started. Side Stretching, Forward Blend.

4) Diet as well as running

If you want to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you eat, so pay attention to the plate of food. Oily foods, sugary drinks, extra carbohydrates, ice cream, and cheesy fast food can all ruin your efforts to lose weight. Many people are seen eating sugar syrup or tea-singara after walking or exercising in the morning, but this cannot be done at all. Look for protein by reducing carbohydrates for rapid weight loss. Do not eat more than once, eat a small amount after a while. Eat nuts, eggs, fresh fruits, vegetables, fiber and foods rich in vitamins. It is best to talk to a nutritionist and make a diet chart.

5) You can jog occasionally

Jogging is essential for physical fitness and strong cardiovascular system. Many people get short of breath after running, in which case you can go jogging. After a three minute walk, jog for five minutes. Then walk again. That way when you start walking to lose weight, your stamina will gradually increase. Then you will quickly get used to other workouts and running.

You know, there are many more health benefits to running as well as losing weight! As the knees become stronger, the risk of cancer decreases, the blood supply to the muscles increases, and diabetes is under control. Running reduces stress and increases concentration at work. Then it became known the details about running to lose weight. So far today. Stay well.

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