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Experience Comfort & Luxury by Booking a Premium Car on Rent in Kolkata for This Festive Season Celebrations



The younger generation is progressively turning away from private economies and more towards “shared” systems on a global scale. The trend in Kolkata is following the same route. Responsibility of having a car is becoming less and less appealing to the urban professionals, who now choose to use self-drive or chauffeur driven cars on rent in cities like Kolkata. People are hiring chauffeur-driven cars for road trips as well as city riding, for weekend getaways and vacations during the festive season in Kolkata. Gen Z is choosing to live carefree due to the fact that owning a car is expensive and involves a number of responsibilities. Car rental Kolkata can be a superior, savvier, and environmentally beneficial alternative to buying a car.

It is a well-known fact that owning a car entails a number of long term commitments, including EMI payments every month, insurance, maintenance, and annual depreciation of value. Living in a Tier 1 city has its own challenges; therefore, it makes perfect sense to limit one’s liabilities. Chauffeur-driven car rental service providers like Avis India are beneficial in this situation. Users are free to operate the vehicle however they see fit and are required to pay a rental fee. It makes perfect sense for working professionals with travel-intensive jobs and those who want to commute to and from work every day to opt for chauffeur-driven cars instead of spending lakhs of rupees on a new vehicle.

One of the most persistent and bothersome transportation issues in modern Kolkata is road traffic congestion which is getting worse by the day. People look to avoid the public transport and come up with solutions that can end.

rental kolkata

Help ease the commutation by hiring a Chauffeur driven car and leaving the trouble to expert chauffeurs who have the patience to drive through the congested roads as Kolkata approaches its peak festive season during Diwali

Meanwhile, a startup culture is emerging, and people are hence relocating in search of employment and better opportunities. Additionally, they do not want to remain motionless in a new city. The desire for better services at the best costs will multiply as the average Indian grows to be more informed.

It is interesting to note that the trend of renting chauffeur-driven and self drive luxury cars is increasing, especially in cities like Kolkata, even as car ownership declines as a result of the population.

Currently, those who wish to rent self drive cars in Kolkata for both personal/professional reasons and for short excursions to nearby locations constitute the majority in this urban city. This also appeals to having access to expensive luxury vehicles without the hassle of ownership.

You can rent a car in Kolkata and explore the city at your own leisure without the hassle of providing multiple documents or going through lengthy procedures when renting a self-drive automobile from Avis; the booking process is pretty straightforward.

Chauffeur-driven car rental businesses have flourished over the past couple of years, giving customers an option of traveling in a premium vehicle. We now have seen that over the past few years, the perspective towards renting a self-drive car in Kolkata has experienced a paradigm shift as well. Kolkata is now prepared to make the transition from being a very close-knit car market to one that is open to exploring alternatives. They realize that owning a car is a liability rather than an asset.

Final verdict

Along with the status symbol, high interest rates that make financing expensive, undulating Indian roads, and nightmarish parking situations in Indian urban cities like Kolkata are all reasons that are pulling people away from car ownership. Even monthly car leases are less expensive than outright car purchases. That’s why car Rentals in Kolkata are a much safer and cost-effective option for people traveling during rush hours or busy festive seasons. So, what are you waiting for? This Durga Puja, rent a car in Kolkata on to gain access to premium chauffeur-driven cars for your travel plans. Avis India is a  premium car rental service that caters to all your needs, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious journey.

At Avis, we are taking all necessary safety precautions to guarantee the security of our clients when they are traveling during the festive season in Kolkata. We ensure to make the most out of our global market expertise by offering the best price guarantee, round-the-clock customer care, excellent discount packages and customer satisfaction.

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To book a self-drive car this festive season for an upcoming road trip, visit or download the Avis app on your smartphones. To know more, write: or call: +91 124 4724 850/ +91 882 6782 828.