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Major Reasons to Set-Up WI-FI in a Restaurant



WIFI in restaurants in metro cities is one of the requirements to attract more customers these days. However, not many are completely aware of how necessary the wireless network is for the customers’ comfort. As per survey records in Mumbai, 75 percent of the customers consider having one of the best WIFI plans in Mumbai to be the most vital attribute of a good restaurant or café. You may now wonder why people need WIFI connections in restaurants or cafés. To easily connect to social platforms, a strong WIFI network can help. A survey by the consulting firm, Hartman Group confirms about 29 percent of people use Twitter or Facebook while dining. 

Here are some top reasons to set up WIFI in your restaurant – 

To know your target audience

Different people visit restaurants for different reasons, it may be a break from work, a quick lunch, or a happening dinner. However, whatever the reason is, more than half of the customers tend to connect to the WIFI network. 

When a user connects to your network, cookies accumulate that allow you to show them Google Ads, and Facebook Ads in the future. Also, when customers login to your network, you tend to receive specific customer data, which you can use to personally contact them to know their queries and recommendations and offer discounts. 

Marketing via referrals

WIFI transforms any average restaurant into a modern meeting space. Through the WIFI, customers can share their present location on their social news feed and tell their companions about the restaurant. If each customer has nearly 300 friends on Facebook and at least 20 people per day view this, the info may get to nearly 3000 people per day through mutual dissemination on social networks. Isn’t this a lot? As per stats, 50 percent of individuals learn about cafes and restaurants through social media, making WIFI a necessity for restaurants. 

Building loyalty

Wondering how a WIFI network and customer loyalty cross paths? One of the surveys found that 60% of diners may have higher customer loyalty if they offer a free WIFI network. Another survey found that 65% of restaurants witnessed repeat business on installing WIFI connections. However, if you think about this even a little, you will find this to be understandable. Customers are already attached to their phones and would appreciate it if they receive free WIFI service from outside to share drool-worthy photo shots with their friends on social media networks. 

Building customer loyalty is important to entice more customers. For this, focusing on WIFI is one of the ways of doing so. If customers leave an opinion, then you directly can contact them, provide offers and bonuses etc. to attract them towards your service. By offering special discounts and offers, you can even make the same customer come back.  

More time, more money

The longer customers spend time in your restaurant, the higher the chances of them ordering more and you generating higher profits. Here’s where WIFI can help you. Providing free WIFI connections may make customers spend more time in your restaurant.


It is necessary to take benefit of this situation where customers use a wireless network, and this can simply be done by installing a good WIFI connection. As restaurants are B2C businesses, to get the best internet networks, you can use leased line internet. Leased line internet is a dedicated connection with fixed bandwidth. This would allow customers to connect to the internet in a reliable, secure, and highly efficient way with maximum resilience, download capacity, and uptime.

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