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Makeup Removing Causes 9 Skin Problems



Whether it is daily makeup or party makeup, if you do not apply makeup at the end of the day, the experts will say that the skin will play twelve times. However, many of us do not remove makeup properly. I have seen many people only apply makeup with face wash. Many people fall asleep with makeup. On the other hand, they have no idea about the damage to the skin. Makeup is beautiful all day long. At the end of the day, the mind does not want to bother so much about removing makeup. Is that so? Wait, but this article is for you. Today I will tell you, if you do not remove makeup properly, there can be 9 skin problems. So let’s not exaggerate, I don’t know the details about 9 skin problems.

9 skin problems that can occur if you do not remove makeup properly

1. Pimples and breakouts
He wore make-up all day and went to bed at night without removing his make-up. And waking up in the morning to see a mouth full of pimples. What? Matching? I have to go. It is normal to get pimples and breakouts if you do not apply makeup properly. Responsible for all day dust, dirt, sweat, makeup.

2. Por clogging

It is scientifically proven that if you go to sleep without removing makeup, it closes the pores. Which results in skin problems. So it would be wise to go to bed wearing makeup.

3. Skin drawing
As a result of applying makeup, our skin becomes dry. Because, having makeup on the skin throughout the day, it absorbs all the moisture and hydration from the skin cells. However, if the makeup is kept overnight and this process is done often, the skin will gradually become dry.

4. Premature aging and wrinkles
One of the reasons for skin aging and wrinkles at an early age is not applying makeup properly. The time has not come to read wrinkles on the skin, but how would you feel if wrinkles were seen on the skin? Would it be nice to see your aging skin in front of a mirror at a young age? Then you have to pour a lot of money behind the anti-aging cream. It is better to spend a few minutes removing the makeup properly.

5. Inflammation of the skin
As we all know, makeup products are made with different types of chemicals. It is not uncommon for these chemical products to cause skin irritation, blackheads, whiteheads, etc. if left on the skin for a long time. Speaking of my own, I have been using makeup for 7-8 years but I have never dared to go to bed with these chemical products.

. Falling eyebrows and eyelashes
Although mascara, eyelash glue, eyebrow pommede, eyebrow pencil etc. make the eyes look beautiful, there is a possibility of eyelash and eyebrow hair falling as a result of keeping them for a long time.

. Irritation in the eyes
Not removing eyeliner, eyeshadow, kajal, mascara, glitter etc. can result in eye irritation, swollen eyes, red eyes and watery eyes. So, just why would your valuable assets do so much damage to the eye. Isn’t it better to remove eye makeup properly?

. Skin infections
Leaving makeup on the skin overnight or not removing the makeup properly can lead to skin infections. There may not be a direct skin infection. However, small bumps, pimples can be considered as a sign of skin infection. Which may gradually increase.

9. Dry lips

There is a lot of use of liquid lipstick nowadays. No matter how good a brand of liquid lipstick is, if you keep these for a long time, your lips will feel dry. And if you keep it overnight, you will get the gift of rough dry lips in the morning.

Here are 9 skin problems that can be caused by not removing makeup properly.

It takes a lot less time to remove makeup than you give for flawless makeup. So no matter how tired you are, to avoid these 9 skin problems, please do not go to bed without removing makeup. And just stop removing makeup with face wash. Use good quality moisturizer water or cleansing balm. Then remove makeup with wet wipes, then wash face with face wash and apply toner and moisturizer.

And if you don’t want to do that, then you have to accept these 9 skin problems. Stay well. Stay healthy and beautiful.

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