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Making Money from Staring a Blog is Easier Than You Think



A lot of us have a dream of owning an online business. A typical day job is not for everyone. A lot of us want to be our own boss and do not like to deal with the hassle of getting up early in the morning and fighting traffic. Also, a lot of developing countries do not have enough qualified jobs for recent graduates which makes it difficult for people to make a living. With the world of freelancing and internet marketing, everyone seems to be leaning towards either blogging for money or becoming a YouTuber. A very common question nowadays is how do bloggers make money.

Blogger vs. YouTuber

If you had a choice, which one you would rather be? Given that the money you make from blogging or being a YouTuber is the same, would you pick blogging or being a YouTuber?

It can go either way. Some will pick blogging, others will pick YouTubers. Depends on individual personality. Some are good on the cameras. They like to be YouTubers as successful YouTubers mean publicity. A lot of people will know you. When you go outside to shoot a video, people will line up around you. This has a bit of a celebrity image. Not quite like a celebrity, but some form of publicity nevertheless.

blogging on the other hand requires subject matter expertise. You need to know about a subject matter inside out and be up to date to be able to blog about it. Not only being a subject matter expert is enough. You need to have good writing skills to be about to write journalist-style content. While many bloggers in English-speaking countries can make it easily due to English being their native language, it is not so easy for people in developing countries where English is not their native language.

How much money can you make blogging or being a YouTuber

Would it shock you if I say millions? That right! There are bloggers and YouTubers that are making million of dollars a year or even more just posting videos or publishing blog articles. There are some people who are really ambitious and searching to see how to become a millionaire by 30. A lot of these people find being a blogger or a YouTuber can get them to their destination of a millionaire.

It is a little difficult to grasp that a blogger or a YouTuber writing blog articles or posting YouTube videos would make a million dollars a year. It is in fact a very big pill to swallow. How do you even make money from a blog, let alone a million dollars a year?

It is advertising and cashing on your traffic. If you have a popular blog that brings in million visitors a month, you can cash in on those visitors. You just run advertising on your blog or promote affiliate products on your blog. It is only common sense that some of those million visitors will end up buying something as long as they are relevant to the blog content. There will be some free sign-up offers which will appeal to a lot of people. How much you make depends on how many visitors you have and how many sales you make per month. A properly monetized high-traffic blog can easily make a million per year.

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