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Marco Castelli-Taking the Fashion Industry by Storm



Female models have always dominated the fashion industry for a long time, while many male models have struggled to establish themselves, particularly in Italy. However, things are changing slowly as more male models are becoming successful nowadays by facing and overcoming unique obstacles.

While we may be aware of famous female supermodels like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, or Kaia Gerber, little do we know of the universe of male fashion and modeling and how it works. In this female-dominated industry, Marco Castelli is one of the few male models and celebrities who have recently gained prominence thanks to their appearances in high-profile campaigns and on runways all over the world. In this cutthroat modeling industry, he has achieved success by showing a keen eye for success and exhibiting a strong sense of fashion and style.

Even though many men aspire to become successful models, only a few talented individuals like Castelli make a mark in the industry and achieve their goals. Becoming a model is not everyone’s cup of tea, and like any other job in the creative industry, one might encounter a lot of challenges and obstacles on their way to success.

Obviously, the fashion industry has certain criteria and standards, but things have improved recently, and the requirements are now less stringent than they were in the past. There are various types of attributes, traits, bodies, features, and numerous other strong points that would benefit an aspiring model in becoming a professional model. However, regardless of how tall, attractive, or thin you are, these factors don’t ensure that you have what it takes to climb the ladder of success in the fashion industry.


Marco Castelli has earned the reputation of a top model, philanthropist, and fashion designer because of his numerous contributions to the industry. He was born on 7 June 1990 in San Cataldo near Caltanissetta in Sicily. After graduating from the Nicolò Gallo School in the field of commercial and tourism services in 2010, Castelli soon stepped into the professional world of modeling. He rose to fame instantly when he was selected by the Parisian fashion house, Chanel, as a testimonial of the Bleu de Chanel fragrance and was later approached by one of the largest modeling agencies in Milan.


In a very short period, he became a worldwide sensation and did multiple assignments and projects in various countries such as Italy, Stockholm, New York, Japan, and China (Beijing and Shanghai). During his time in these countries, he got the opportunity to work with international brands such as Gianfranco Ferrè, Zegna, Neil Barrett, and C.P. Company. Later that year, he was also selected as the brand ambassador for New York-based OVVO Optics and walked the ramp at the New York Fashion Week.


In his illustrious modeling career, Castelli has collaborated with various big names in the industry, such as John Varvatos, Giuseppe Zanotti, the Rossetti brothers, Philipp Plein, Corneliani, Bigotti, and Fratelli Rossetti, and has been featured on the covers of several magazines such as Flaunt Magazine, American Salon, Cosmopolitan, Uomo Collezioni, L’officiel, JON Magazine, L’uomo Vogue, Deux Hommes, Da Man Style, Lab-A4 Magazine, GQ Style Russia, D’Scene Magazine, Cosmopolitan Italy and FSHN Magazine, to name a few. Apart from these, Castelli is also the face of the social media campaign of the Fendi & Safilo Group.


After tasting success as a model, Castelli came up with his first men’s clothing line in 2016. In April 2019, he did his first conference at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar and presented his collection in a temporary store at Al Hazm Mall. He founded his own clothing and design company called the Marco Castelli Collection and began combining modeling and high Italian tailoring. On January 16, during the men’s fashion week, Marco Castelli presented his new collection at the historic Bagatti Valsecchi Museum house, located within the Milanese fashion district, which was the representation of his vision of life and his artistic spirit.

In June 2022, Castelli introduced his footwear at the Open Space area, in front of Brunello Cucinelli Stefano Ricci and Tombolini. He worked on his new footwear project to expand his horizons in the fashion industry.

His brand is based on the principle of eco-sustainability to create high-quality products using only refined materials with low environmental impact for their production, both during production and disposal. The design of his footwear is innovative, which can be used casually but has a luxurious touch. Footwear designed by him is entirely handmade with high-quality leather, which is comfortable to wear and ideal for a busy lifestyle Through his brand, he wants to promote characters who are powerful and full of life. Castelli, whose brand has become popular all over the world, is on a constant hunt for new adventures.

Castelli is currently signed with I Love Models in Milan (signed in 2010), New Madison Paris, GH Management Mexico City, Sight Management Studio Barcelona, Sun Esee Model Management Hong Kong, and Muse Management New York.

Since the beginning of his career, Castelli has never shied away from helping underprivileged communities. Castelli and the non-profit voluntary association, Amici per il Centrafrica, which he is an ambassador of, are currently working in collaboration with Istituto Secoli, a fashion school to support the education of children in Bangui through the proceeds of Castelli’s shoe collection that will be held in Singapore. The revenue earned through the sale of each pair of shoes will be used to make bags for the school of Africa.


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