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Meet Mateeas Cioaca From Romania, A Lofi Music Artist On The Rise



Mateeas Cioaca was born and raised in Romania. He has been writing and singing since he was five years old, and when he combined his love of hip hop and lofi, rap became his passion. Mateeas has built a unique persona for himself.

An album by Mateeas Cioaca is currently being worked on, and it will likely be released soon. He answered back, “I get my inspiration from all kinds of up-and-coming artists; I’m always rooting for the underdog.’” When asked who most inspired him, he said, “I’m always rooting for the underdog. Someone else doing the remix that I heard inspired me. We all really liked the song and how it sounded after I wrote and recorded it in the studio for two hours, so the next day I released it!

“The greatest achievement in my journey to being a musician is honestly just making it off the street. Personally,I feel like that’s a huge achievement alone. I know many artists know what it’s like to make it off the streets, but everyone’s situation is unique and mine gives me strength. It may not seem like much to many but I’ve met so many talented artists give up or get into other things like drugs and end up in jail and lose the chance to even try. Not going to lie that drives me to being the way I am, seeing that makes me work harder each and every day.”, said Mateeas Cioaca.

Mateeas is excited about his newly released album “Money Music”. He has been working with the Cat Music Romania and planning to bring more new EP and Lofi songs. He is pretty mush inspired by the 50Cent. He would love to work with him. We will Mateeas a good luck. By considering his journey so far, we can say we will surely break all the records.

Mateeas Cioaca’s music is available on all major music streaming services, such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, etc. You can check his music on your favorite music apps.

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