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Mental Exhaustion Removing Yoga



Mental depression is inextricably linked with human life. It’s like the back of a coin. It’s hard to find people without tension. Many people forget about mental health when they look for physical well-being. But mental health is not something to be neglected. We become more or less exhausted due to the pressure of work all day long. Feeling tired after returning home from work. Many times the mood feels bad and the cause is stress. We become depressed both physically and mentally. If we are not careful about our mental health, we are at risk of various mental illnesses. So yoga is very important to get rid of various mental problems and stay healthy. It is possible to live a vibrant life by pushing away stress through yoga. Yoga helps one to achieve complete self-realization by developing one’s inner strength in a balanced way. These exercises help to improve or improve the physical structure as well as mental health, increase concentration, and reduce anxiety and anxiety.

Yoga to relieve mental fatigue

At one time yoga was known as the exercise of the saints. But now yoga is no longer limited to saints. It is now under the control of the common man. Yoga is the best exercise to ensure mental health. You have to concentrate on yoga in a secluded place. It will increase mental strength and concentration and will remove stress.

3 exercises to overcome mental fatigue

1. Uttanasana
In yoga, asceticism is an intense forward stretching process that stretches and flexes the muscles of the back of the whole body deeply. Elevation increases the amount of oxygen in the body, activates blood circulation, and quickly reaches the brain, from where the blood flows directly to the heart. Regular upliftment calms the mind by removing anxiety and worry.

1) At the beginning you have to stand straight. Then keep the knees straight bend up to the feet and touch the fingers of the hand along the toes.

2) In this case the knee should not be bent at all, it should be kept straight at once and the head should be tilted along the knee.

3) Slowly touch the ground or the ankles of both hands as much as possible. In this way, you have to stay for 20 seconds and take normal breathing.

5) Then slowly lift both hands touch the waist and stand up straight. Even if you do less in the beginning, you should gradually increase the time to 1 minute.

2. Viparita Karani

It is a very simple seat but this seat plays a very effective role in reducing anxiety. The body relaxes and calms the mind and stimulates the nervous system. Viparita Karni normalizes blood circulation and eliminates depression and insomnia.

1) Lie down on the side of a wall and straighten your legs up against the wall. The back, waist, and head will be on the floor and the legs will be straight up along the walls.

2) In this condition, if you put a blanket or cushion under the waist and head, you can get comfort.

3) Leaving both hands straight on both sides of the body, keep the toes tight. In this case, you have to stay for 5 to 10 minutes.

4) Keep in mind that the legs should not be bent in any way, the ankles of the two feet should be kept together the face should be kept straight upwards and normal breathing should be done.

3) Sabasan

This seat is the last seat of yoga. This seat works well to keep the mental health good and the body relaxed.

1) Lie down straight in a flat place and keep both hands relaxed on both sides of the body.

2) Keep your eyes closed keep your face straight and breathe normally. In this way, you have to lie down comfortably for 10 minutes. This is Sabasana.

There are some things to be aware of before starting yoga.

1) Those who have high blood pressure, breathing problems, or arthritis must start exercising with the advice of a doctor.

2) Besides, since yoga is a little difficult exercise, so before starting this asana, you have to know about the asana well and then start.

3) It would be better to start learning about this subject through a good instructor. Otherwise, if you do not understand, various physical problems may occur.

4) No results will be obtained even after a few days of exercise. If you practice yoga regularly with patience, you will get very good results. It is necessary to do yoga at least once a day to get rid of mental fatigue.

You see, you can easily get rid of mental fatigue with the help of some yoga. Do these seats regularly. Take care of yourself. Stay healthy and beautiful.

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