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Mistakes Thats are Responsible for Early Aging Sign of Skin



Folds and lines can be seen on the face like a geometric line, it is normal to be upset! Fold under the eyes, fold off the forehead, fold by the side of the nose! Well, I used so much, I took so much care of the skin, then how did the impression of early age? I hear such questions from many of my sisters and friends. We are following all the steps in skin care, yet the impression of age is being left at an early age due to some mistakes made unknowingly or unknowingly. So let’s find out, what mistakes cause premature age on the skin!

What mistakes in regular life are responsible for the early aging sign?

Several factors are responsible for the premature aging of the skin. We may be making mistakes every day without realizing it. If you can be aware of those mistakes from adolescence, then the impression of premature age will not be visible on the face. As well as those whose aging sign has already arrived, they should also correct those mistakes.

(1) It is wrong to use sunscreen

Follows all the steps of skin care and also applies sunscreen when out in the sun. But if you are at home, what is applied? Many of us do not apply sunscreen at home. It can be seen that the heat of fire is felt on our skin while cooking, it also damages our skin. The heat of the sun or any heat source reduces the collagen production of the skin day by day. As a result, the impression of age begins to fall. Again, sunscreen is not being applied all day long. But your skin is not protected!

Whether at home or outside, sunscreen should be reapplied every 3-4 hours. Another thing we should keep in mind when it comes to sunscreen is SPF. If you are at home, SPF will be 15 to 30, but if you are out in the sun, SPF must be above 30, if it is 50, it is very good and you must re-apply from time to time. You have to use sunscreen from teens so that wrinkles or fine lines do not appear on the skin prematurely.

(2) If you do not clean the face properly or over-wash

After coming home from outside, many of us do not clean our faces properly due to laziness. If you clean your face only with face wash, your face will not be clean. Repeated application of sunscreen or makeup, whatever it is, is important to clean it properly. Double cleansing is a must. Also, if you are at home, you must clean your skin after waking up in the morning and before going to bed. Many of us clean our faces again and again, as the skin loses its natural oil and moisture. As a result, the impression of age falls quickly. So you should understand the skin type and choose a good quality face wash and oil cleanser.

(3) Extra makeup

The use of extra makeup products is one of the reasons for the rapid appearance of age marks on the skin. Yes, that’s right. Do the makeup, but a little understanding! When the brush is rubbed hard on our face, it affects the skin tissue. If we rub on our skin every day with a brush, then the elasticity of the skin is lost, and the skin starts to be damaged, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines falling under the eyes quickly. So for those who have to do makeup every day, try to do makeup with the right makeup tools and without putting too much pressure on the face. And you have to use good quality products, there is no chance of skin damage. Do makeup but give the skin a little rest.

(4) Neglect to take care of the skin around the eyes

Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way. It is seen that even though moisturizer is used, we do not take care of the thin skin under the eyes. And because of this negligence, aging signs come first in the eye area. Therefore, for the sake of teenagers, I say, cut cucumber or potato thinly 2/3 days a week and leave it in the eyes for 10 minutes. For those who have already started wearing black spots and wrinkles, use eye cream. And adults can use the serum. Gently massage the thin skin under the eyes with your fingers.

(5) Wrong in facial massage
Many of us like to do facial massage, whether it is at home or in a parlor. Massage improves blood circulation to the skin. Whatever moisturizer or cream you apply on your face, apply it without rubbing it hard. The direction of massage should always be done in a circular motion from bottom to top. Because gravity also works in face massage. Due to the collagen and normal elasticity of our skin at a young age, this downward tension does not have much effect. With age, the skin becomes loose. So massage from bottom to top. Gently massage under the eyes with the ring finger. If you massage properly every day during skin care, the firmness of the skin will be fine.

Do you understand why the impression of early age can fall on your face? Correct mistakes during skin care. Make sure your skin care product is tailored to your skin type and authentic. Drink plenty of water and follow a healthy diet chart. And for some, as a baby gets older, he or she will outgrow this. I always trust to buy authentic hair care and skin care products. Order online and get the product at home. There are also two cosmetics outlets, located at Jamuna Future Park and Border Reserve. So far today. Stay well, stay healthy.

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