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Neogen Surmedic Azulene Soothing Cream Review



Well, if you stand in front of the mirror and see that the skin is dry, if there are acne and acne scars on it, tell me how it feels. Many of us apply moisturizers for acne, skin blemishes, and irritation without realizing it. Which is not effective for our skin. But it is better to get a moisturizer that will not irritate the skin. At the same time will remove skin blemishes and irritation. So today I will talk about such a Korean moisturizer. NEOGEN – Surmedic Azulene Soothing Cream is such a cream.

I have been using this NEOGEN – Surmedic Azulene Soothing Cream for several days now. My skin had been very dry for some time and I had acne. Then I started using this cream. So let’s share my experience without delay.

What’s in Surmedic Azulene Soothing Cream?

This Korean cream has all the great ingredients that are good for the skin. Which helps to hydrate the skin and keeps the skin moisturized by reducing pigmentation and acne. Some of the important elements are-

Sintella asiatica extract
Asiatic acid
Avocado Oil
Jojoba Seed Oil
Shea butter
Licorice root extract
Lavender Flower Extract
Sodium hyaluronate
Now let’s say, one of its main ingredients is ‘Azulin’.

Someone is showing the texture with cream on the fingers

What is Azulin?
This product is written by Azulin. But what is this again? Many of us do not know. It is taken from chamomile extract, which is a very beautiful blue color. And this is exactly the reason why the color of this cream is a beautiful blue. Azulin contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients, which give the skin a soothing effect and help reduce skin irritation. The use of Azulin on the skin helps to remove skin blemishes and repair skin cells. And at the same time reduces acne and pigmentation.

The effectiveness of the cream
1. Reduces skin irritation
The ‘Guaiazulene’ ingredient in the cream gives a soothing effect to the skin. As a result, it reduces the tendency of the skin to get irritated or irritated when exposed to the sun.

2. Improves skin barrier
If the skin barrier is not strong, the skin’s moisture decreases. The ‘Ceramide’ ingredient in it helps to improve the skin barrier.

3. Keeps the skin hydrated
The cream helps to hydrate our skin for a long time. Because it contains ceramide, avocado, and shea butter. Keeps skin moisturized as well as hydrated.

4. Use of natural color
No artificial colors were used in the cream. The color is taken from chamomile extract, which is a very beautiful blue color. This is exactly the reason why the color of this cream is also blue.

5. Reduces the tendency of acne
The azuline in the cream has anti-acne properties, which help to get rid of acne and acne blemishes on the skin.

. Soften the skin
The cream contains shea butter, which nourishes and softens the skin.

. Reduces pigmentation
The ingredients in this cream help to reduce acne scars or any pigmentation on the skin.

. Helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles
There are anti-aging benefits to using azulin. This cream is very effective in reducing wrinkles, fine lines, or wrinkles on the skin under the eyes.

One is standing with Neozen Azulin soothing cream in hand

What kind of skin can be used?
This cream can be used on all skin types. And for those who have sensitive skin, this cream is also perfect. Its use does not cause any irritation to the skin.

When to use?
I use the cream twice a day and at night. Also, I don’t apply it whenever my skin feels tight.

Thinking about the smell?
Many of us do not like any kind of smell or smell when using the product. And there is no extra smell in this moisturizer.

Packaging and price
I like the packaging of this cream. The color of the inner cream is bluish, which is very nice to look at. Although the price of all Korean products is a little higher, I would say that the usefulness of the product along with the price is also very good. The price of this moisturizer is only 1850 rupees, which is very good in terms of its effectiveness.

One is showing applying cream on the skin

I like that thing
The best thing about this moisturizer is that it gives a great soothing effect to the skin after use, which I like very much. And the color of this cream is also my favorite.

Where to find?
First of all, I can find out about this product online. I bought it from Many times there are discounts on this product. You can also visit two cosmetic physical shops, one located in Jamuna Future Park and the other in Border Square. We hope you enjoy the review. Everyone will be fine, healthy, beautiful.

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