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Night Time Skin Care Routine For All Skin



When we return home after finishing all the work of the day or those who sit down to rest after finishing thousands of chores, our body also goes into relaxing mode. When we go to sleep fresh, our skin cells start repairing the skin on their own. This is why we call a good night’s sleep a beauty slip. But if we do not take care of our skin, especially facial skin, then the skin can not breathe, and as a result, our skin gradually becomes dull and dirty. So before going to sleep at night, you must do skin care according to the needs of the skin. According to the skin type, there are some steps in nighttime skincare. I will discuss them today.

Nighttime skincare according to skin type

Dry skin

Due to dry skin, the skin gets old very quickly. Wrinkles appear on the skin. In many cases, the skin of the skin is sagging. So dry skin needs care according to its needs.

Dry skin should be kept hydrated at all times. So do deep cleansing with oil oil-based cleanser as a cleanser and then clean your face with a very mild sulfate-free cleanser. Honey-based cleansers are best, as they cleanse dry skin very well.

It is to clean the skin! Then comes the turn of toning. In the case of toning, good hydrating toner should be used so that the skin can be well rehydrated, at the same time it will tighten the pores of the face and prepare the skin for the next step.

The most important step in dry skin is moisturizing. Lack of adequate moisture in the skin makes the skin dry. So if we use a good quality moisturizer to keep the skin moisturized then we can wake up and get beautiful hydrated skin.

Combination skin
We often get in trouble with combination skin. Because some part of the skin is dry and some part is oily. So before buying skin care products, you have to choose very careful products.

If you use sunscreen or makeup, you must do double cleansing before going to bed at night. First, you need to use oil-based cleanser as usual and then a mild water-based cleanser. Gel wash or foaming cleansers work well in this case.

You can also use natural homemade toner for toning. Such as rose water, and ginger mint toner. It will keep the skin hydrated and feel fresh.

Aloe vera gel is very effective as a moisturizer for combination skin. If you want, you can use it by collecting gel from aloe vera bought from the market. Apply aloe vera gel for a while, then apply a very light moisturizer with an antioxidant to finish your nighttime skin care.

Oily skin
The biggest problem with oily skin is that it is very oily all the time, which can easily absorb dust and clog the pores of the face. So in case of oily skin, it is very important to keep the skin clean at all times.

Double cleansing is essential for oily skin. Many people do not use oil-based cleanser suits on oily skin. So a safe option is Missile Water. The skin should be cleansed first with a mixer of water and then washed with a water-based cleanser. And since oily skin is more prone to acne, a cleanser with salicylic acid is a good option for the skin.

Toner helps to keep your skin’s pH balance right. So toning is a very important step for any skin. There is a very good quality toner in the market for oily skin. The skin is smooth and fresh to use.

Toning is followed by moisturizing. Moisturizers for oily skin are very lightweight and have a water-based formula. If the moisturizer is heavy, oily skin becomes more oily or acne can be a problem.

As a rule, you can use regular cleansing, toning, and moisturizing at night as well as serum or night cream as per the need of the skin. For example, any serum specific for spot treatment or pimples, vitamin C, or niacinamide. Since everyone’s skin and skin issues are different, you can customize the skincare routine according to your needs.

This is for the skin. But what do you think of eye and lip care? Let’s not know then.

Eye care
The eyes are more sensitive than any part of our skin. So eye care will be a little different. Regardless of skin type, you can use eye cream for eye care. Naturally, you can take potato or cucumber juice on a cotton pad and leave it for a while with your eyes closed. This will remove the dark circles under the eyes and make you feel relaxed.

Lip care
There are several types of lip balm for lip care. During cleansing, you can lightly exfoliate by mixing honey with sugar 1/2 times a week. This will remove the dead cells of the lips and the lips will be smooth.

You know how to take care of it, but when will you do it? Just before going to bed?

Not! Many people make this mistake. In this case, almost everything you use in skin care will stick to the pillow. So do nighttime skincare just twenty to thirty minutes before going to bed. Until then, your skin will absorb everything inside the skin care.

Then you know how to take care of facial skin at night. Hopefully, the article was helpful for you.

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