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Will There Be A No Game No Life Season 2?



Will There Be A No Game No Life Season 2?

The fact that the No Game No Life anime only has one season has nothing to do with the anime having a large audience. So, will the anime continue with a season 2?

One of the first popular series for the ongoing Isekai anime, manga, and light novel trends. No Game No Life remained quite popular despite its erratic broadcast schedule. The anime has fans, especially its accumulated fans, and critics who like the character designs and vivid animations, and color choices of the series.

However, the series is still very popular, especially the original light novel form of the series. The No Game No Life anime only has one season. This probably has nothing to do with the popularity of the series. Instead, it’s because there isn’t enough content for the series to continue. Here’s what No Game No Life fans need to know about why a potential season 2 is taking so long.

Origin and Origin Story of No Game No Life Anime

The story is about two introverted half-brothers, Shiro and Sora, who are known for their dominance and success in the multiplayer game world. Their superior skills in games enable them to beat even the interdimensional god Set at chess. Set rewards Shiro and Sora by letting them live in a game-based world called Disboard. 

In this world, disputes are settled by gambling and games. Different kingdoms are represented by certain winners. Shiro and Sora team up with Stephanie, the duchess of the Elkia kingdom, and establish a reputation for themselves by beating everyone in this land in different games.

It began broadcasting in 2012 as a Light Novel by Yuu Kamiya. It has already reached 10 episodes with the manga adaptation since it started broadcasting. Madhouse produced an anime adaptation in 2014, but the anime only ended with a 12-episode season.

Will There Be A No Game No Life Season 2 Anime?

The closest the series has come so far to a continuation is the 2017 anime movie No Game No Life: Zero. As the name suggests, this movie is the anime’s prequel series and is the anime adaptation of the sixth episode of the light novel. Despite the lack of a second season, the broadcasts are still very popular and profitable. 

The biggest reason Light Novel’s broadcast schedule is so erratic. Only six episodes of novels have aired since season one aired. The last few chapters of these aren’t even about the continuation of the story. So this long period between season one and a potential second season makes sense.

Creator Yuu Kamiya suffered from unfortunate health problems during the creation of the series. That’s why he was initially asked to do light novels instead of visual manga. These health issues have kept getting worse and are probably the reason why no new light novel episodes have aired since 2018. 

This situation does not leave enough content for a second anime season, especially since the producers are afraid to catch up with the content source again. For this reason, the No Game No Life anime needs more than just the second season of the series’ light novels.

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