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Omar Abou Nassif: Knows the art of cooking



Nassif was brought into the world in Michigan, United States. Since the beginning, he showed interest in the realm of cooking. “Whenever I was 12 years of age, I saw my mom plan food consistently, and I focused on subtleties, the fixings she utilized, the cutting procedures. Despite the fact that she was not a specialist, watching the entire cycle to have a plate of food on my table, started my advantage in cooking. ”

Gastronomy is occasionally called the specialty of good food. Despite the fact that it can likewise allude to a cooking style from a specific locale. Overall, gastronomy frequently alludes to the food and cooking of a territory. Nearby food is created in a restricted geological region in which separated social components and a bunch of privately delivered fixings that are effectively available are involved.

At 22 years old, he started to concentrate on Cooking, to work in Arabic Cuisine. “Middle Easterner food is extremely shifted, it utilizes exceptionally different fixings like onion, garlic, tomato, aubergine and cucumber. Of oats and grains, wheat semolina with which the renowned couscous is made, rice, sesame, which can be found in treats, for example, cubarda, as well as pine nuts, pecans and almonds. Among the flavors we have curry, mint, thyme, oregano, saffron, turmeric, parsley and cinnamon. While among the organic products we can track down citrus, figs, dates, peaches, grapes and nuts. ”

At 17 years old, he took an International Gastronomy Course in England, ending up being truly outstanding in his group. “There in England I took in the principal methods that a cook ought to be aware. I additionally met great instructors to whom I owe part of who I am today. ” Right now, Omar is chipping away at opening his own eatery, where he will set up the most well known dishes of the way of life and gastronomy of the Middle East.

Whenever we discuss Arabic cooking, we mean one of the most extravagant on the planet. This is on the grounds that Arabic food is the arrangement of a wide assortment of cooking styles having a place with the Middle East like Turkey, Morocco, Israel and Lebanon. Gourmet specialist Omar Abou Nassif is a specialist in Arabic food, and he educates us a little regarding his experience both in the investigation of it and practically speaking.


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5 Pro Tips for Cleaning Your Air Force Ones – The Right Way!



Are you a sneakerhead with a collection of Air Force One shoes? Shoes are the first to show signs of wear after daily use, but that shouldn’t stop you from cleaning them.

Keeping your Air Force Ones in tip-top shape isn’t only for looking presentable. These shoes are one of the holy grails that can serve as good investments. Nike Air Force Ones have a high resale value, so remember to keep these shoes in mint condition.

Part of getting that return is keeping your investments clean and fresh. Keeping your Air Force 1 shoes clean and tidy is important for the best look for you or a potential buyer. Here are five pro tips for cleaning your Air Force Ones!

  1. Soapy Water

When it comes to cleaning your Air Force One shoes, handwashing is the way to go. This method is a tried and tested method and requires little to no equipment. All you need is soap, some water, and your hands!

There are many kinds of soap to choose from, but the first one is dish soap. Get a bowl of water and add a few drops of dish soap. Then, get a clean toothbrush and scrub the stains away!

If you are on a budget, you can reuse old toothbrushes too! Ensure to clean them before using them on your Air Force Ones, though! If you want to splurge, you can also get a soft bristle brush.

Remember not to scrub like a maniac. Air Forces are delicate, so you have to clean them that way. Be light with your hands, and wait for the stain to disappear.

Remove excess soap using a microfiber towel damped with warm water. You can air-dry your sneakers, but it is best to leave them out in the sun to dry! Make sure to dry them out where sticky hands can’t reach them!

If you are big on being organic, castile soap is for you. Mix Two teaspoons of organic pure castile soap with 1/4 cup of water. And then repeat the steps above to scrub, rinse and dry!

Laundry Detergent in a bar or powder form can also qualify for this method. Instead of using dish soap, use laundry detergent! All the steps are the same; all you have to do is pick the best for you!

Laundry detergent is best if you haven’t cleaned your Air Force One hasn’t in a while. If your shoes suffer only the daily wear and tears of life, this is the best method!

  1. Sneaker Cleaner

Expensive shoes deserve expensive treatment. If you are not on a budget, you may want to buy sneaker cleaners. Sneaker cleaners are the perfect cleaners designed for that sole purpose.

Sneaker cleaners have components of them tailored to all shoe cleaning needs. They also come in different forms like soap, powder, and wipes. Wipes are perfect for on-the-go cleaning.

  1. The Washing Machine

If you have a busy schedule or are too tired to hand wash your Air Force Ones, throw them in the wash! Make sure to only do this rarely, as putting your Air Forces in the washing machine wears them out. Before you throw your Air Force Ones in the washing machine, there are things you need to remember.

First, you should remove the shoelaces of your Air Force Ones. You should also consider investing in a shoe tree. Shoe trees are a good investment, as you can put them on and off the washing machine.

The second method is to put a shoe tree in your sneakers. Shoe trees help preserve your shoe shape. Without shoe trees, your shoes may crease or become misshapen in the washing machine.

If you have other clothes or shoes in the laundry besides your Air Force Ones, put them in a laundry bag. This prevents any scratches from collisions from other things such as buttons.

Take them out to dry. Make sure to place them in an area that is not humid or has sunlight hitting it. Too much sun can cause shoes to shrink, so remember to put them in a warm, dry place.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Are your white shoes starting to look not so white? Yellowing is the number one enemy of sneakerheads. If you have white shoes, chances are you’ve noticed that they turn yellow after some time.

In a small bowl, mix 1 tbsp of baking soda, 1/2 tsp hydrogen peroxide, and 1/2 tbsp water. Mix until it creates a smooth paste. This paste will serve as your cleaning solution.

Clean the shoes first. After that, you can use a toothbrush to apply one coat of paste on areas with yellowing. Clean the paste using a cloth damp with warm water.

If the yellowing isn’t gone yet, apply a coat of paste and remove it with the dampened cloth. For severe yellowing, you can leave the paste on for 3-5 hours.

Don’t remove the paste until it completely dries and starts cracking off. After applying the paste, it is also important that you put your shoes under direct sunlight—the brighter and hotter, the better.

After that, you can brush off any excess paste, and you are sure to have white sneakers looking white and brand new!

  1. Stain Removal

Bleach is the wonder solution for all kinds of stains. Be careful, though, as this is only best used on white sneakers. Mix one part bleach with five parts warm water.

Using a sponge or a clean toothbrush, apply the solution to stains. After that, you can use a warm, damp microfiber towel to remove the bleach. Then all you have to do is leave it out in the sun to dry!

Cleaning stains can be hard. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, some stains won’t budge. If you ever need a new pair, you can buy Air Forces here.

Step In Style With Fresh Air Force Ones Today

Cleaning shoes can be a hassle; that’s why we’ve gathered these top 5 tips for you. Who knew cleaning your Air Force One only needs your hand and a bar of soap? With these tips, you’re sure to have the freshest Air Force Ones in town!

Strike a pose with your Air Force Ones today! Looking to expand your shoe collection? Check out our other blog posts to discover the latest trends.



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Surprisingly Innovative Uses of Reverse Image Searching



reverse image search

Search engine developers are constantly looking for new ways to make it easier and more rewarding for users to navigate the World Wide Web for the best results. Perhaps one of the most pioneering advances in online browsing has to be the reverse image search.

Reverse image scanning allows you to upload personal photos as well as scan image files from obscure corners of the internet and quickly retrieve matching results ranging from an important few to several hundreds of thousands, making it easier to search for content by images.

Google Images vs Lens

There are a great many players in the game of finding search results that effectively use reverse image searching to their advantage, like Yahoo! and Bing. However, as usual, Google remains the frontrunner in this area as with so many others.

Google’s “search by image” option has been a handy tool for gathering several matching results from a single image. Google Lens is a more recent technology that takes it one step further by meticulously scanning different aspects of an image for more thorough results as well as for locating specific components, like logos, from across the web.

While Lens certainly has its advantages, people often find Google Images to be more reliable for simpler tasks where Lens’ advanced algorithms might be a bit overkill.

3 innovative uses of the reverse image search

You might have become familiar with reverse image scanning when you’re searching for products online or if you want to find the same image in a larger resolution. All of these are creative ways of using search engines or browsing services on their own, but there’s a lot more to this technology than you might think.

Reverse image searching can be used in a number of previously unconsidered fields where the ability to scan even the smallest details in a .jpeg or .png file can deliver valuable results. Let’s go through some areas of interest where image-based searches can be useful.

1. Digital marketing

In the online marketplace, the success of your brand depends not just on the popularity of your own site, but on how many of your links are touted on other pages. This is usually seen with backlinks, where your content gains popularity through appearing on multiple external sources. However, this isn’t just true of URLs or written content.

If you own the rights to an image for commercial or advertising purposes, you can use it on your website. If it is then used by others, reverse imaging is a great way to find out the pages that have done so which can be used to promote your brand even further through image-based backlinks.

2. Plagiarism testing

Stealing someone else’s work is seriously frowned upon in many fields, like marketing and academic research. Even though there are increasingly effective methods for checking originality, people sometimes find loopholes. For instance, people often steal written content, screenshot it, and post it as an image file to bypass text-based plagiarism software.

Thankfully, reverse image search technologies like the one used by Lens have the ability to detect text samples from images and make them digitally readable. This detected text can then be matched to the original content through conventional writing-based plagiarism detection, making it harder to pirate someone else’s hard work.

3. Forensic investigation

This one’s a bit more ambitious but worth considering given the potential for good. Reverse imaging often employs facial recognition technology for finding exact or matching results. With this principle, it can be used to find missing persons or criminal suspects from witness photographs or mugshots by scanning private or publicly-available online CCTV databases.

Though not as thorough as forensic facial recognition, with proper application and regulation, it might help save lives.

The bottom line

The ability to retrieve search results through images has no shortage of benefits for internet users. But simple uses like the ones we’re already accustomed to are merely scratching the surface.

Reverse image searching is an underappreciated tool whose capabilities outside of basic image finding are perhaps so much more than we realize, and definitely worth considering given that this service is available for free.


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A Quick Guide to Choosing the Perfect Enduro MTB Model



While everybody will have their own unique preferences on bikes, there’s no doubt that you’ll find the one that’s perfect for you if you take the time to search for it. For example, for those who prefer more challenging trails and fast descents, enduro bikes tend to be some of the best options. With so many makes and models out there though, you may not know which one to choose. Don’t worry though, as we’re here to give you a helping hand in making the right choice.

What are enduro bikes generally best for?

These types of mountain bikes are specifically geometrically designed to pick up maximum speed when going downhill.

Usually, any good enduro model will also be equipped to make pedaling back up easier too, which is another bonus of these kinds of bicycles. They’re also ideal for more challenging trails, making them a great choice for biking enthusiasts who want to take on more difficult terrain.

Things to consider when choosing an enduro MTB bike

There will often be quite a few things that set quality bikes apart from the rest and you may find that it’s not too difficult to spot the differences for yourself if you know where to look. Here are a few examples of the things you should keep an eye out for:

  • The material of the frame
  • The suspension platform
  • The bicycle’s geometry
  • The pedals, dropper post, and cockpit
  • The brakes and drivetrain

Choose a custom bike

Sometimes, those who want the most powerful bikes will find that building their own will be the best option. You can easily find a store that will make the process easy; from offering high-quality parts, to putting everything together for you. Better yet, there are quite a few bikes customize services out there, so choosing the right one for your needs may not be too much of a hassle.

Where to find the perfect enduro bike

Purchasing the ideal bike, whether it’s a custom or a quality model, should be fairly simple – especially if you do some research and go online.

It could certainly be worth checking out what’s on offer at Bike Builders if you’re interested in some of the offers they have on custom enduro MTB models. For Evil Bikes unlike any other, this is the place to be. You can pick the gear that suits you and build your perfect bike, optimized to your unique preferences, or simply purchase a popular model as is.

Whether you’re conscious of a budget or simply want a unique model that you can call your own, there’s a good chance that these custom bike builders can help you.

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