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Pfizer unveiled the Corona tablet, claiming surprising success



The US pharmaceutical company Pfizer has come up with a tablet for the treatment of patients infected with the coronavirus, which is up to 69 percent effective.

The agency claims that it can prevent serious patients from being hospitalized or dying. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, I’ll tell ya.

Pfizer made the announcement a day after receiving approval for a similar tablet invented in the UK. Pfizer, a US pharmaceutical company, once again brought a message of hope against Corona.

They have discovered a tablet called ‘Paxlovid’, which is effective in up to 69 percent of patients with corona. Researchers claim that this tablet can prevent hospitalization or death in the elderly and patients at high risk of serious diseases.

It works great in patients with covid nineteen, said a Pfizer researcher. If applied within 3 days of the onset of corona symptoms, it is found to be 79 percent effective.

If the patient takes this tablet 5 days after the infection, then 75 percent effectiveness is found. This drug from Pfizer acts as a protease inhibitor.

The researchers said that the tablet was able to block the enzymes needed to reproduce the virus. The chairman of the company claimed that Paxlovid’s results in the initial trial run were so positive that they closed the clinical trial ahead of schedule.

They will soon submit the results of the interim test to the FDA, the US drug regulator. “This is good news for us,” said Albert Borla, chairman of Pfizer.

I believe Paxlovid will bring about unimaginable change in tackling the epidemic. We are hopeful that it will play an effective role in saving the lives of billions of people.

Earlier, the United Kingdom was the first country in the world to approve coronavirus tablets. However, despite the approval, the British government and the National Health Service have not yet confirmed the rules for using the tablet in patients with corona.

Meanwhile, Pfizer, a US pharmaceutical company, made the announcement a day after approval of a similar tablet invented by UK drug company Mark. Paxlovid works in a slightly different way than MSD tablets, the researchers claim. The United Kingdom has already ordered two and a half million courses in advance from Pfizer. At the same time, the country has ordered 480,000 MSD tablet courses.

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