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Planning On Proceeding With Your At-home Pot Plants



Planning On Proceeding With Your At-home Pot Plants

If you’re planning on proceeding with your at-home pot plants, the next step is setting up a budget and figuring out the cost of growing cannabis at home. While growing instead of buying your weed is ultimately the cheaper option, it’s important to note that the upfront cost might seem a little startling. With Your At-home Pot Plants But I guarantee that, for a heavier cannabis consumer, in the yearly cost comparison of buying weed versus growing weed!

Whether you plan to grow indoors or outdoors, the basic items you’ll need to get started are:

Marijuana Seeds: They’re usually sold for anywhere between $15 to $30 each.
Pots: A regular 20-40 gallon pot is roughly $20.
Soil: Shouldn’t be any more than $20 as well.

Keep in mind, though, that all of these expenses are based on the average cannabis grow. With Your At-home Pot Plants If you have an unusually high electricity bill or are growing from a DIY grow box then the cost of growing weed at home may vary. You can also compost your soil to save money, find old pots for sale, or save seeds you find as you grind. There are a ton of ways to save money and reduce the cost of growing weed at home — it just depends on how thrifty you can get! So, with that in mind, let’s jump into the price you pay for growing your cannabis, both indoors and outdoors!

How Much Does It Cost To Grow Marijuana Indoors

As far as the cost of growing cannabis indoors goes, it tends to be the more expensive option because of the lighting setup and subsequent electricity bill. While outside grows benefit greatly from the natural sunlight available, cannabis grown indoors requires sophisticated lighting rigs to keep the plants alive and healthy. And since these grow lights can range anywhere between a few hundred to a thousand dollars, it’s essential to consider carefully how much you want to invest in cannabis. Factor in the bump to your electricity bill and the cost to grow cannabis indoors spikes!

Otherwise, indoor plants need less water than outdoor plants, so you should save a bit on your water bill, at least. High-quality nutrients for indoor cannabis plants can typically cost around $30, and a well-nourished cannabis plant is essential. Pesticides for your plant are also less of a concern when it comes to indoor grows, though always be prepared to drop $20 or so on one if need be!

Outdoor Cannabis Growing Costs

Growing cannabis outdoors is the less expensive option, but you’ll ultimately end up putting more time and effort into your plants. With exposure to all the elements and pests, weed grown outside requires special care and attention. So if you have some time to spare, but not money, this is a great way to go! You’ll still need to invest in plants, pots, and gardening supplies, but the lighting expenses are thrown out the window.

Since growing outdoors does allow for more sunlight, you will ultimately spend a little more on your water bill. You will likely spend around the same amount of money on nutrients for outdoor grows as for indoors, though you might need a bit more pesticide for outdoor climates. Otherwise, the biggest cost to grow cannabis outdoors is your blood, sweat, and tears.

The Best Cheap Way to Grow Cannabis at Home

There are so many benefits to using a grow box kit. Grow kits tend to be compact – even if you have a tiny apartment with minimal closet space, you can easily set up a complete weed-growing kit inside. Browse products at Homegrown Cannabis Co. and check out great BOGO deals on seeds.

Kits for growing

In addition, the best grow tent kit will be comprehensive.  You’ll have everything, including a light, hangers, a circulation fan, filters, and even nutrients for your plants. All you’ll need to do is purchase your seeds!  A weed growers’ starter kit which will also be portable. You can do it with you wherever you go. If your housing situation is not permanent – or if you simply decide you don’t like the current location of the grow tent – you can easily get up and move. This makes purchasing a pot-growing kit an excellent investment. Finally, using a complete grow tent kit will make the transition from non-grower to grower easier.

Most of the best grow tent kits come with detailed instructional videos and manuals to show you not only how to assemble your tent, but also how to begin growing marijuana. Some of these good grow tent kits even come with soil and containers to help you get going! So, now that you know the costs of all the ways to grow cannabis at home, it’s time to decide whether or not you’re ready to invest your time and money. All-in-all, the cost to grow cannabis at home is around $500. This includes expenses such as paperwork, permits, seeds and clones, nutrients, gardening supplies, pesticides, lighting setups, utility bills, and more!

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