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Posnel Aristene In Favors Of Media To Influence Our Personality



Media is the primary source of mass communication through which we disperse information in the form of news, journal, movies, and other promotional messages all over the world.

Media personality refers to a person who works in the electronic media to get information about the day-to-day affairs of public fascination. The media persons like broadcasters, journalists, and comedic collect a lot of information about the influence of the ordinary world as a media personality. People who present TV shows are also media personalities. People who run podcast services are generally quite active every time with access to the internet, which can be a figure to the part of this platform.

Media influence our personality

The use of networking sites like Facebook reflects our personality. It is just because of the excessive use of the internet, which results in severe anxiety. Media impact us in both negative and positive ways. It totally depends on how people use the internet and their intent.

Four major types of media personality:

Let’s discuss the types of media personalities.

We have these best personalities on the top. These are;

  • The leader.
  • The liker.
  • The lurker.
  • The loner.

These four personalities play a massive role in consuming their content and have complete knowledge to engage with online brands. Now, we study these personalities one by one.

  • Leaders.

The leaders are the content creator media personalities. These personalities spread their good and bad viewpoints on media. Leaders express their opinions in the form of content and broadcast them. Leaders are also businessmen because they spend most of their time writing content sitting in their rooms. If you want to get in touch with these personalities, make them write content for you.

  • Likers.

The likers do not write content because they only can have the right to share and comment on the leader’s written content. Likers determine whether the content is accurate or not, and they will not disregard it. The likers have the ownership to comment on the leader’s content. You have to create a brand on which they comment to win over the likers.

  • Lurkers.

Lurkers represent an online community who notices your content but does not answer you. You are always in observation even when you are not online. They are internet users that not take part in online websites but keep an eye on your postings. They do not participate online because they think browsing is sufficient for them.

  • Loners.

Loners are those media personalities who do not include themselves in media but are associated with leaders, likers, and lurkers. These personalities lengthen themselves online. The lurkers should keep in touch with the loners to connect them to media. The contact of loners with media is not solid, so the likers and leaders talk on social media when offline.

These personalities play a massive role in creating the practicable web. They struggle together to keep an impression on each other.

Famous media personalities Public Viewpoint

The people who want to become famous can get the help of these personalities because they are well-known about the affairs and strategies of media. There is a massive increase in the discussion of prominent media personalities about their behavior on media. People have different viewpoints about these media personalities. Some people consider them ideal some have negative comments.

By Posnel Aristene

Port St Lucie, FL

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