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Pros and Cons you should consider before becoming marketing specialist



A marketing specialist specializes in marketing, including SEO, social media, email marketing, research marketing, influencer marketing, branding, paid media, copywriting, content marketing, and so forth.

Content specialist focusedon developing social media content and campaignson Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which increased consumer engagement on these digital platforms making a business thrive with more success.

Pros and Cons of becoming amarket specialist


High Salary Range

Themarketing specialist has a high earning potential as the average salary estimated in 2021 is said to be more than $82,146. However, as a professional, you will get this whopping salary with other benefits, but if you are a beginner, you might have to live on the average pay rate. Other than that, this salary also depends on the organizations you work for.

You will get to work in a comfortable environment

It is reported that most people hate to do typical office jobs because of the toxic work environment. That is why when you are a marketing specialist,you will have your own working space where your authority can be exercised, but again all these will happen when you become a specialist;at the start of your career, you have to be patient.

You can work from home

You can work from home as a marketing specialist or a beginner in the 21st century. If you want to avoid working in the office, it will be best to go for your dreams of becoming a marketing specialist, as you will get to work virtually from home comfortably.


High competition in the market

When it comes to becoming a professional and expert in any field, be it marketing, business, or medicine, etc., You will face competition. You can avoid it, as in marketing jobs, there is also a high level of competition for jobs. You might have towork on a low pay scale at the start of your career, but you will eventually overcome it if you are consistent.

The job involves long working hours

Becoming a specialist is good because you will enjoy different benefits and perks as a professional. However, the other con of becoming a marketing specialist is working more than 40 hours weekly.

There will always be pressure to meet deadlines

When you become a specialist, remember thatyou become a pro when you learn how to deal with pressure. But no matter how good you are at coping with stress, there will always be pressure to meet deadlines, which makes your work environment stressful.

Now that you have learned the pros and cons of becoming a marketing specialist, you might be contemplating whether or not you should become one. There is a person who, despite knowing all these cons, becomes the most significant marketing specialist example. That is Luke Hodson.

Luke Hodson

Luke Hodson is an award-winning marketing specialist, speaker, podcaster, and entrepreneur.Hodson is passionate about placing brands at the heart of street culture while empowering the grassroots communities that drive it. Forbes and Campaign 30 Under 30 Winner, founder of youth culture marketing agency Nerds Collective and Dyslexic.

Luke set his sights on understanding how to engage the support of brands that might be willing to facilitate these emerging sub-cultures by studying Brand Management at MMU.

Distracted by the gravity of his extracurricular endeavors, club promotion, street marketing, and battling alcoholism and drug addiction, Luke failed each of the three years of his degree and was kicked out. Not one to take failure lightly, Luke got clean and sober in 2010, campaigned to get back on track with his studies, and was invited to retake his final year. He passed and was awarded a scholarship for his efforts.

Doubling down on his mission to facilitate youth culture, Luke founded NERDS Collective in 2013, focusing on marginalized, unrepresented, and under-resourced youth and seeking out brand partners that share his purpose and vision.

Today, Luke has collaborated with the likes of Nike, Puma, Chivas Regal, JBL, and Foot Locker in their efforts to connect more meaningfully with Gen Z. Luke is the go-to authority within global youth culture and has won various awards, Forbes 30 under 30, Campaign magazine 30 under 30 winner, to name a few.To learn more, please visit:


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